Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ramblings of a gleekie mind

It really annoys me when people describe Emma style as 'dowdy' but it also makes me wonder if they've ever actually seen Glee. Because since when was bright and colourful, individual style, ruffles and quirky prints dowdy???? And how could anyone say Emma dresses like a little girl? I've never seen a little girl in a pencil skirt. Not that I would mind seeing mini Emma in a pencil skirt ...

Anyway I'm pleased Emma wore the pick a bunch cardi because it was my favourite look of RHGS, although it had a lot to do with the impossible to find ruffled blouse she wore underneath, and also because it was one of the four cardis I picked out from the Anthro knitwear this season. And that's good news because it means my Emma picks draw level with my Rachel picks for season 2. Yay!

I was also so happy to see Emma in the Kate Spade studio mona coat - although I'm a little sorry to say I only gave it 2 bows because I thought it looked a little too Mad Men for Emma. But I love it and she looks great in it so it's all good. I'm always happy to see Emma in Kate Spade. But even better, is that Emma wearing sunglasses for the trip to sectionals because she wants to look sexy!? I do hope so.

Recently I witnessed a ladybug massacre! Eight ladybugs flew in to the wet paint on our freshly painted window frames! I tried to rescue them by carefully lifting them off the paint but they're so delicate I couldn't really clean the paint off and some of them couldn't be saved!!! :( I hope Emma never has to see that but I think it must be a freak event - I'm sure I've never seen that many ladybugs in one place before.

Cleaning really is more fun when you channel Emma. Who knew dusting could be that entertaining?

I was given a mix cd this last week and it reminded me just how special they are. Maybe Will should just stick to the simple things to win Emma back, instead of expensive cars and controversial high school musicals.

Random thought, apropos of ... ooh I don't know ... but sunglasses really are kind of sexy aren't they? Or do I mean biceps?

Also continuity dammit!!! Let me get this straight in Brittany/Britney a teacher performing with the students was a real no no, but in RHGS it's okay to rope in any old random dentist and by the substitute they're basically giving a teacher all the songs and having her perform in wet look leggings as well??? WTF?!

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