Thursday, 25 November 2010

Musings on life, love and glee

Wemma babies have so much of my attention that I didn't see it coming ... the possibility of Werri babies! Aaargh!!!! There I was busily trying not to be dismayed by Will's behaviour once again (you love Emma, Will, what do you think you are doing???) when crawling in to the periphery of my mind came a crazy eyed, shrieking Werri baby!!! Oh poor Emma, you do not need this complication.

Clearly Miss Holiday's leggings were the least of anyone's worries. But I can't help but wonder how Will performing Toxic attracted so much criticism and then there's Holly sitting in a rather unladylike fashion on the piano in a very short mini skirt and doing a cartwheel wearing nothing more than a bit of fringing.

I really miss 'How would Glee wear it?' That's all. Anybody else?

It sounds like Glee are definitely performing on the X Factor semi-final show!!! I'm so excited. For me Glee + X Factor is televisual heaven, it could only be better if I actually had tickets.

So I was reading an article about how couples met and one guy said that he spotted his future wife wearing a yellow coat and was immediately smitten. I like this story because it strengthens my theory on the power of a really great coat, but is it a good reason to fall in love? I guess it could be as sensible as any other.

The last year has been crazy tough and as silly as it may sound it would have been a lot harder without Glee. It's made me laugh, it's made me sing, ok sometimes it's made me mad but mainly it's made me gleeful. And yes I may be a tiny bit obsessed but it's an obsession that's made me happy. So I'm thankful for Glee, even though I rant about it occasionally (and I still will). I'm thankful for the people I love, my health and Glee in that order. And it doesn't really matter if it sounds daft because it's true.

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