Friday, 31 December 2010

And a gleeful new year!

Want to dress like Glee to celebrate the new year? I've picked out some party dresses in the style of the Glee girls. For Quinn we have pretty pastels in vintage inspired designs, Brittany would choose sparkles or something sweet like the 'Play your cats right' dress I think and Tina likes her gothic lace whether in black or white.

Affordable Anthropologie

So I've been shopping in the sales at Anthropologie for Emma. Here are some things I think she might be looking at.

I love the 'In for a frill' cardi with its ruffles and peter pan collar, the 'Sun spiral' jacket with its pleated felt collar and embellishment, the ruffled silk 'Mascarpone' top and the 'Au fait' cardi with its polka dotted chiffon pleats. I think the yellow ruffle-edged  'Glad rags' t-bars would be perfect for Emma too. And the felt 'Chouchin' necklace combines great Emma colours.

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Gleeful Christmas Presents

A little late for Christmas presents? No, it's never too late for gifts. Here are some of my suggestions for the Glee characters. Hover over each gift to see what's inside.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Kate Spade and Emma Pillsbury: A Special Relationship

Well we already know that Emma loves Kate Spade (oh okay Lou loves Kate Spade too) but I love when there are little signs that suggest a closer, symbiotic relationship. Like this Kate Spade 'ingrid' cardi. You see it comes with a cardi clip and that really doesn't happen that often. I do like to think that Kate Spade herself has been influenced by Miss Emma Pillsbury's style.

And this, well this has nothing to do with Emma really but I'm sure I saw this Kate Spade 'ela' coat in a Christmas ad for Walgreen's and really I feel if it's going to be on tv it should be on Emma.

Sunday, 26 December 2010

On the third day of Christmas

I would give to Emma this pretty jewellery (because I'm a little late with things like this but it's the thought that counts and really I'm kinda sad that advent's over and I still wanna look for more jewellery).

Yup, I'm pretty sure there's no way that can be made to fit the tune but anyway this is the gift I would give Emma if she were my friend and not an *ahem* fictional character (I really don't believe that, I just say it to make me seem a little more sane. I realise it probably isn't working)

What's the gift? Well a twelve days of Christmas brooch set of course!

For the first day of Christmas, this gold tone partridge in an acrylic pear (sold)

Saturday, 25 December 2010

Friday, 24 December 2010

On the 24th day of Advent

Emma got this Santa brooch. (Ebay $9.77) And he's carrying lots of parcels. That's a good sign. Hopefully they're full of Kate Spade, Milly and Marc Jacob's goodies that we'll soon get to admire.

On the 23rd day of Advent

Yep Emma did it again, she forgot to open her most awesome of Advent calendars. I guess she was super busy preparing for her Christmas party. I hope it went well. I wonder if Will went. Anyway on to the important business of jewellery.

On the 23rd day of Advent Emma got this sweet stocking brooch. I wonder what Carl's putting in Emma's stocking? $12.95

Wednesday, 22 December 2010

On the 22nd day of Advent

I finally got around to making Emma a proper Advent calendar. Just hover over each number to reveal what's behind each door.

And if it's working for you, you should be able to see that today Emma got this lovely vintage Kramer New York Christmas lamp post brooch.  Ebay $49.99

On the 21st day of Advent

Emma got this vintage Christmas angel brooch with gold stars. Ebay $5

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

My first ever trip to J. Crew

Yesterday was a momentous day for me, for it was the first time I had ever knowingly crossed the threshold of a J. Crew store. It would quite possibly never have occurred to me at all if it weren't for Miss Emma Pillsbury but over the last eleven months, ten days and nine hours since I first saw Glee, I have increasingly become aware of Emma's love for this brand. And so it was with genuine reverence that I stepped inside to be greeted by neat stacks of Jackie cardigans in an array of pretty colours and as familiar to me now as any old friend.

On the 20th day of Advent

Emma got this vintage cherub brooch. Etsy $12

Monday, 20 December 2010

On the 19th day of Advent

Emma got this pretty vintage enamel Christmas wreath brooch. Ebay $7.95

Christmas has come early

Well it always feels like Christmas to me when there are pretty new clothes to admire at Kate Spade. Let's look at the new-in dresses.

I, of course, love the Jillian polka dot dress with bow front tie and the black and white floral print Josie dress would look lovely on Emma for a dressy occasion too. But I love the polka dots the most ... and the red shoes Emma's wearing with both.

The Violetta shirt dress is gorgeous with its stripes and ruffles and would not only look perfect on Emma but be perfect for a day of guidance counselling at McKinley. If I had to put my money on one of these dresses this would be it.

The Sharon sweater dress has a sweet all-over stitch pattern and I love the contrast detailing but I'm never sure how Emma would feel about a sweater dress. They're fine for Rachel but I can't help but think for Emma they'd be a little unstructured.

Which brings me to the striped Briella dress. I like the combination of stripes and ruffles but we've never seen Emma in a silhouette anything like this. So if she were to wear it I'd have to think the worst and assume there was a little Howell on the way. Still at this stage I don't think anything can really shock me.

There's a bit of a nautical theme going on at Kate Spade with lots of stripes and rope inspired accessories. I love Emma in stripes and this sweater with one of her favourite colour combinations, blue and yellow, would surely appeal. It's styled here with the doodle pen necklace, which despite Emma's progress with her OCD would surely come in handy, but I'd be tempted to wear the gold 'know the ropes' necklace. I like the Jacquard Julie skirt it's shown with - I like the touch of metallic. And I'd love to see Emma in the striped Piper skirt too - it has a gorgeous pleated waist reminiscent of the paper bag waist on Emma's Anna Sui trampoline skirt.

The Sandpiper Sierra blouse has a delicate bird print that I think Emma would like. And the coordinating bags, bracelet and necklaces are lovely too. In fact I love all the Kate Spade jewellery especially the gold short bubbly necklace and the long colourful bubbly necklace in both blue and yellow. I think Emma needs some idiom bangles because I'm sure she'd like the cheerful inscriptions and they add a perfect pop of colour. This yellow and white polka dot one would suit so many of Em's outfits.

The striped flower t-shirt has, well, stripes and flowers - two things Emma loves. And I know it's a t-shirt but what with Emma embracing all kinds of new things I figure she may like some casual outfits for chilling out at the weekends with the new hubby. (I don't really like this idea that much.)

Most Kate Spade shoes are perfection and these two are no exception - the duck egg blue Gloris are t-bars with bows and Didis are polka dot mary janes with corsages. I wanted to put lots of exclamation marks there just because they make me so happy. I. love. these. shoes.
And now for the jackets. I think they're probably all possible for Emma though I'm not *whispers* that taken with any of them yet. I have to admit saying  that gives me a panicky feeling that Emma will wear one in the next episode and I will realise that I don't know her at all anymore. Maybe they'll grow on me and anyway I'll love almost anything (but not that crewelwork cardi) on Emma. The one I like best at the moment is the Jacquard Renee jacket with its lurex diamond pattern.

 Finally we have the Briella blouse, which I adore and with its ruffled neckline could hardly be more Emma, and the mod squad Kylie skirt. Despite the Emma-esque bright colours, I wasn't sure about the skirt but now I see it on Emma, I think it looks lovely. Everything looks lovely on Emma though.

I really need these red shoes

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Saturday, 18 December 2010

Dear Santa

I'd love to find these things under my tree so I'm sending you my Christmas list.
In an ideal world or a pretend tv one for that matter, Santa, you'd bring me this lovely peacock brooch from Kate Spade ($179). But if you can't, and I have a feeling that's the case, I'd really like this peacock ring from River Island (£12.99).

And if I open my stocking and find this pretty golden finch birdcage pendant from Kate Spade ($125) I'd be delighted.

But if that just can't be I'd be happy to find these birdcage earrings from Topshop ($28) instead.
Or this necklace from Etsy ($12)

And I seem to have a bit of a bird theme going here so how about this Kate Spade Sandpiper Sierra blouse? It's $265. Is that okay?

If not maybe you could get me this bird print blouse from Dorothy Perkins ($50)
Or this one with a tie neck from Warehouse ($89)
And these little gold sandpiper earrings are cute ($45 from Kate Spade)
 But you could always get me these adorable gold duck earrings instead. ($1.99 from Ebay)
And this next thing - it's not Kate Spade but I like it anyway. It's the cashmere intarsia sweater dress Rachel wore in 'A Very Glee Christmas' and it's $160 from Brooks Brothers. I know because The Possessionista told me so.

But it's from the children's department which I kind of object to on principle so perhaps you'd get me this lovely sweater dress from Louche ($76) instead.

And then there's this dress from New Look for $39. I know it's out of stock online now but, Santa, with your magic powers maybe you can find it in a store.
And finally for some festive fun I'd like this jingle bells headband from Kate Spade ($75). But if you're budget doesn't stretch to that maybe you could just bring me some jingle bells so I can glue them to an alice band. Thanks, Santa.
p.s. That ReWalker you got Artie for Christmas was awesome!

Looky Emma's decorating for her Christmas party!!

I do hope Emma's wearing this Kate Spade dress for her Christmas party. It couldn't be more perfect for her. Love the shoes too. It does look a little messier over at the Pillsbury-Howell's than I would have expected. I guess Emma really is getting more chilled out.

On the 17th day of Advent

Emma got this beautiful snowflake brooch. Oh, okay, maybe she didn't get that exact one because it's a diamond Faberge brooch. Maybe she got something more like this Swarovski crystal one from ($30)

Or this one from (£15)

Both are lovely and just a little more affordable.

Friday, 17 December 2010

Musings on life, love and Glee

In addition to the many many other things I don't know, it really hadn't registered that Kate Spade made china too. How did I not know that? I have no idea ... probably because I'm shoe obsessed ... but anyway it brings me to the important question - why would Emma elope when she could have stayed in Lima and had a gift registry? She would have to choose between many lovely designs though - like the polka-dotted Larabee Road or bow-adorned Belle Boulevard. Perhaps it was just too tricky.

Along with the many things that Emma has taught us, including why you really shouldn't marry the rebound guy, I realised in this last spell of icy weather that mysophobia actually teaches you some excellent defensive hand positions. An unexpected bonus.

Driving home today, the car in front had the number plate '2 CLEAN'. That really should belong to Emma. Maybe Carl will get it for her for Christmas. A vanity plate seems like the kind of gift he would buy.

I love you Emma but I really think when it comes to your love life you're a complete mess okay? You gotta sort it stat.

I'm so pleased to know that another item of Emma's clothing came from Forever 21 - and not just any item but one that we all love and everyone thought was vintage. It makes me feel vindicated in spending far too much time browsing online and that it's not a complete waste of time. Yay! Reason enough to carry on.

Never did I think that my coat addiction could become life-threatening, but when I'm waiting on a crowded tube platform and giving more of my attention than is truly sensible to the details of my fellow travellers' coats I think it just could be. Must get help ...

Visiting my aunt this weekend, I realised (and I don't know why I didn't before) not only is she the grinch who stole Christmas (as usual) but she really is a lot like Sue Sylvester. Only Sue is a lot funnier and nicer I think too.

Wearing yellow always makes me feel better. I think it really could be the secret to happiness and if it is then our Emma might just have stumbled on to something wonderful - perhaps not a cure for cancer but head to toe yellow might just bring world peace.

On the 16th day of Advent

Emma got this jingle bells brooch with holly, red ribbon and sparkles. $19.99 from

Party dresses with Pillsbury style

If you're still in search of festive frocks for your holiday happenings, here are some suggestions that I think Emma would be happy with. Just don't wear them to the Pillsbury-Howell holiday party please - I'm boycotting like Will.

I love the green Lucy bow dress from Jovonna. It's a great colour and the bows on the shoulders are so Emma. The red Lipsy dress with asymmetric bow is perfect for the upcoming festivities - just add a cute cardi to keep warm. In midnight blue with a velvet bow, this dress from Vila would look lovely with Emma's blue PMJs. And what could be more Emma (and holiday appropriate) than a red shift dress? This one has pretty asymmetric ruching on the skirt.

We have more berry red options - the Oasis dress with laser cut detail at the hem, from Hobbs a pleat front dress with draped neck, the pleated pencil dress from Warehouse and from Oasis the tulip sleeved dress. And jewel coloured offerings in the form of the amethyst bow shoulder detail dress from Hobbs, teal pleated and tucked dress (again from Hobbs) and the wine coloured Max and Cleo dress (from Modcloth).  As well as dresses adorned with Emma-esque bows, ruffles and corsages - I adore the detailing on the Oasis dress with its tucks and corsages and draped ruffles (it also comes in a royal blue) and the ruffled corsage neckline of the nearly electric blue Vienna dress by Fever. Also from Fever is the Calligraphy Lace dress, which makes me think of Emma's Marc Jacob's Brodie dress because of the shape, the collar and the ribbon belt - it's just that the plaid is replaced by lace.

In fact Fever have lots of Emma-esque dresses, from simple pencil dresses in bold colours to dressy occasion wear. I love the high collar and pleats and ruffles of this ruby red Onassis dress.

And in the course of my shopping I've seen many dresses that are almost Emma but not quite. I'm including them here because even if they aren't perfect for Emma, they may just be perfect for you. So here are a collection of dresses with elements of Emma but which get ruled out on the basis of being strapless, one shouldered or mini.

So many gorgeous oversized bows, pleats and ruffles. The six (!) bow prom dress from Oasis screams Emma, even though it's strapless and I'm sure she'd look gorgeous in it. It also comes in blue.

And to round off we have an outfit I put together using the red tulip sleeved dress from Oasis. I'm crazy about the coat, gloves and shoes.  I think that might just be the Pillsbury-Howell residence in the background, all decorated for the upcoming festivities.

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

On the 15th day of Advent

Emma got this glittering  snowman brooch . $65 from

On the 14th day of Advent

Yes, Emma didn't open her Advent calendar yesterday, I dunno maybe she was travelling or just too busy shopping or organising her Christmas party or something. It must have been something important to keep her from opening an Advent calendar like this but nevermind I always liked those days when I forgot and had to open two windows at once.

Emma got this vintage pinecone brooch and earring set.