Thursday, 17 May 2012

There are things I'd like to change

If I had just one wish for Emma I think I'd be really torn on how to use it. I mean on the one hand I think I'd wish for her to not be marrying a guy who she thought was a loser until he won a show choir championship. Okay there's actually a whole mess of things there I'd like to change, like the fact that I'm actually having trouble liking and respecting Emma right now. Let's not go there. But on the other hand I would still really really like for her to start a fashion blog. So she could share such things as...ooh, I don't know maybe her best dresses from this year's Met Gala!

Sure there were those two beautiful girls who look astonishingly similar to a couple of girls in the glee club but I think Emma would only have eyes for Christina Ricci's Thakoon dress and that giant bow.

The pretty guipure lace in black looked dramatic over the delicate peach underlayer and that's before you even look at the oversized ruffle at the bodice and the statement bow and train. A dress with a huge ruffle and one of the biggest bows I've ever seen was a winner for me and i'm goint to assert that it would be for Emma too. I could mention that this is actually a bandeau top and high-waisted lace skirt and that I could do without the exposed midriff, but I really don't want to fault it at all. And I love that this look is such a work of art that it even seems to have won over many a non-bow-lover too!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Anthropologie Sale Shopping for Emma

I'm always excited to see the fresh cuts in the Anthro sale, even more so when there are things I think would suit Emma! I mean she must be a dedicated sale's the only explanation for her fabulously expensive wardrobe. Here's what I think she might be picking up this week.

My favourite piece and I feel a definite yes for Emma is the dice notation skirt by Leifsdottir. I love buttons, Emma loves buttons, really who doesn't love buttons? Buttons make a whole lot of things better and they've definitely been put to good use decorating this white pencil skirt. It'd be easy to pair it with a black and white print blouse or cardigan (of course Emma has her amazing Moschino Cheap & Chic one) for a monochromatic look or almost any colour for a look that's colourful and stylish and slightly quirky.
Dice Notation Skirt $99.95 (was $168) 
With it's modest cut, pleated ruffle neckline and Pillsbury-friendly coral and mustard colour combination I think Emma would love the pink lemonade swimsuit. I'm thinking honeymoon. Maybe Emma is too. I mean I know she's not a beach person but perhaps she'd just read a book and enjoy the view.
Pink Lemonade Maillot $99.95 (was $208)
The edged bow belt in natural leather might be a touch more Quinn than Emma it's true but I think Emma would find it a useful to add to her collection of predominantly shiny patent belts.

Edged bow belt $19.95 (was $38)
The pointelle diamond sweater tee is such a beautiful springtime shade of blue and that and the delicate design would suit Emma, well, to a tee. It would be perfect with any number of her pencil skirts but I'm thinking it would especially suit the coral shades!
Pointelle diamond sweater tee $49.95 (was $88)
The zagged stripes skirt is another Anthro offering with a very wearable full a-line shape and the blue and white print certainly looks crisp and cool for hot summer days. The unusual print conjures up the thought of the patterns light makes refracted by the ripples in shallow water. Whatever it is there's a feel of the nautical about it and I think Emma (and I) would enjoy styling it that way :) It's certainly another one that Emma should snap up quickly though before she loses out to Quinn again  as she did with the mountain time a-line and nubby stripes skirt!!!

Zagged stripes skirt $59.95 (was $98)
In fact now that it's had a second cut the nubby stripes skirt is a complete bargain and with Quinn leaving next year anyway I think Emma should scoop this one up too (safe in the knowledge she won't pass its twin in the halls of McKinley). I've always loved the directional use of stripes (and no the pockets don't stick out like they do in the photo!)
Nubby stripes skirt $39.95 (was $69.95)

Also since I've not been keeping up to date with the Anthro sale here are a couple more things I think might make their way into Emma's wardrobe. The blushing flounce blouse by Moulinette Soueurs certainly has some potential for Emma with the ruffled neckline and I could see her wearing either the white or delicate pink under a v-neck cardi to give the look that Pillsbury signature style.

Blushing flounced blouse $49.95 (was $98)
Emma may not have worn a skirt as short as this since her Tibi calligraphy mini but I think the dramatic print and unusual colour combination of the brimming borders mini might persuade her.

Brimming borders mini $99.95 (was $198)