Saturday, 30 April 2011

An Emma look: blue and yellow

Well I haven't made an Emma doll for what seems like forever but I was inspired by the clothes from Mango so we have a blue and yellow Emma outfit. The skirt and cardi are from Mango, the white bow top from French Connection.

Shopping at Mango for Emma

I think Mango might be my new favourite store to shop at for Emma. They have some truly Emma-esque tops and skirts.

The coral top with the waterfall pleat bow could not be more perfect for Emma. I think the pale blue turtleneck with bow detail and taupe blouse with ruffled placket are great basic pieces. I can see Emma wearing the coral top with polka dot scarf and the floral ruffle shirt. I think she'd like the bright pleated floral blouse too and of course the floral cardi. The heart cardi might be a little more Miss Berry but I think it would look great on Emma too.

I'm so pleased to see another white a-line skirt like Emma's and the similar navy version could be worked into some of her outfits easily. The sunny yellow self-tie skirt would surely appeal to Emma and a taupe pencil skirt with paperbag waist is always useful. The multi-coloured print skirt is a little more unusual but it's fun and I don't think Emma's afraid of having fun with her clothes but my favourite (and possibly Emma's) would have to be the blue and yellow colourblock skirt. Emma might even like to accessorize it with the blue and yellow two-tone belt.

Friday, 29 April 2011

Emma's royal wedding dreams

Even if we didn't know that Emma had harboured the childhood ambition of wearing Diana's wedding dress, I feel certain she'd be watching the royal wedding for a number of reasons : there are lots of brooches and if you're not wearing a brooch you're probably wearing a medal (and they really are a lot like brooches) and of course I think she'd like the fairy tale romance of it all - the toy soldiers and the carriages in particular since everything's polished to a high shine.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

A prom dress for Quinn

Or I guess I should say another prom dress for Quinn. Because of course she already has one and it's pretty, it is, it's just that I don't *whispers* like it that much. I'd prefer to have seen her in a dress that was less Disney princess and more  in keeping with her retro style, but I guess that's the sort of dress she pictured herself in as she was growing up, dreaming of being prom queen. Still here's the dress I've picked out for Quinn. I think it's pretty, it's vintage inspired and the metallic thread and net underskirt add touches of princess without being over the top. It's the sort of dress I would dream about wearing.

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Not Emma's pretty posies necklace

coloured necklace 7 GBP from Peacocks

It's not Emma's necklace but it is pretty and it does have flowers and butterflies. It would also look perfect worn with a turtleneck and pencil skirt and add a touch of spring to the outfit. Oh yes, it's really not expensive either.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

White tops worthy of Emma

Many of Emma's outfits rely on the perfect white blouse to make them fabulous whether it's for a pussybow peeking out at the top of a cardi, a decorative yoke framed by a v-neck and a faux-bow sweater clip say or a peter pan collar for those cardi clips.

So here's a selection of white (and off-white) blouses that are worthy of an Emma outfit.

And of course don't forget the very lovely Alexandra blouse from Oasis.
Alexandra blouse 35 GBP from Oasis

Friday, 1 April 2011

Emma shops at Urban Outfitters

Well, it seems she does - it is where she bought some of her new shoes after all. So I thought I'd see what else they have that she might like.

 There's this Kimchi Blue peter pan collar pointelle cardi ($20) which I think Emma would like.
And I love this Cooperative scalloped striped sweater ($30) and with the sweet scalloped edging and stripe plus polka dot combination, not to mention the little row of buttons on the shoulder, I'm certain Emma would too. I think her only problem with it would be the same one I have - choosing between this colourway and the navy and white.
I think she'd almost certainly take a look at the various Cooperative conversational (print) peter pan blouses ($39) like this bird print one.
And if Emma were looking for some new skirts for spring perhaps these would catch her eye.
Cooperative textured knit skirt $59
BDG tie-waist skirt $54