Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Need a Betsey Johnson dress for sectionals tonight?

Yup, New Directions love Betsey Johnson and Vocal Adrenaline wore Betsey too. That makes her the go-to designer for show choirs.

You can of course get THE dress New Directions will be competing in at Sectionals this year or last years Regionals dress (in silver) but there are so many other show-stopping dresses to choose from.

I love the sequinned dresses - especially the appropriately named Eve Quinn dress (is that a nod to Glee Betsey?) - and the shimmery metallics - love love love the gold Jingle Bells, frosty Southern lights and Snow Queen dresses. I like the lace overlays too, particularly in black and white (top row third from left) and the full skirted prom dresses like the white organza dress with black flowers scattered over the skirt and bodice (third row, far right). There are so many performance-worthy dresses from Betsey Johnson I think we could easily be seeing many more on Glee. Just remember to add that halter neck if you're going to be dancing.

Some of these dresses would perfectly suit the individual characters style - prom dresses maybe or Christmas dance? The pale pearly pink dress with layered frill skirt and bow and the white tiered dress with duck egg blue sash would suit Quinn's sweet look. The metallic pewter leopard print prom dress might appeal to Mercedes too
How about some Betsey Johnson shoes too? I love these ones and they're wedges - perfect for dancing.

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