Monday, 28 February 2011

Black and white and Tina all over

Just as Tina's a totally underrated performer in glee club, I think her clothes are underrated too.  She's worn some great dresses - I love the black dress with white peter pan collar she wore in Silly Love Songs - so I thought I'd look for more dresses suitable for Tina. And Tina styles them her way but that shouldn't stop you wearing them anyway you want. Myself, I'd definitely go with mary janes instead of Doc Martens.

I adore the cream and black Bonsui tuxedo dress but the Sunray pleat dress from Warehouse is a bargain in the sale as is the black dress with contrast peter pan collar from Fashion Union.

From Fashion Union there's also a great dress with decorative crochet panels and the lovely white dress with ruffle trimmed sleeves and neckline.

Asos have another dress similar to Tina's and New Look have a white version with black collar.

If you want more of a gothic look the Bonsui Victorian bow dress is great. There's also the lace option - Topshop have this all black lace dress.

I like the dress from River Island because not only does it have a peter pan collar but it also has a large bow and I think that makes it especially lovely.

One of my favourites though has to be the white dress with oversized black peter pan collar from Rare Fashion. And I have another favourite in this more flamboyant 'Swinging Sixties' dress from Modcloth. It has pleats and a ruffled bib and is now a bargain at $20.99.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Cherry for your thoughts?

When Emma wore her cherry earrings in Power of Madonna they were the perfect accessory for the storyline. But since she became Emma Pillsbury-Howell it seemed reasonable to believe that she might not be able to put them to such symbolic good use again.

With recent revelations suggesting this may not be the case I thought I'd celebrate by putting together a whole post full of cherry clothing and accessories.

First up we have some pricey Dolce&Gabbana ss11 offerings.

 silk cherry blouse 329 EUR, cherry dress £320, cherry print silk cardigan £240

Even if, as for me, they're well out of your price range, there's reason to be thankful as this season's designer trend has given us many an affordable interpretation.

Oasis has a great cherry print cardi for £40 (for Emma of course). It comes in black and white. There's a rather wonderful cherry print prom dress, which come to think of it is the perfect item of clothing for this print, don't you think?

Emma & Laura

I haven't shopped at Laura Ashley for years. Mainly because I'm not six any more and I don't need pinafores. But I think Emma would shop there and here are the reasons why.

Friday, 25 February 2011

For Brittany

Because she's awesome. And I'm sure you are too. So you should have a t-shirt that says it for you.
"You look terrible. I look awesome" t-shirt a.k.a. awesome floral crop tee $15.80
I'm so happy for Brittany that she got to sing a Ke-dollar-sign-ha song and in celebration of that I've picked out some more Brittany-esque clothing.

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Emma shops the British high street: Newlook

Well, since watching 'Blame it on the Alcohol' I pretty much feel like I'm walking on air and have a goofy grin plastered on my face. The soundtrack in my head is a mash up of 'He loves her, he loves her, he loves her' and edited highlights of THE message. Let's just say the words 'sexaay ladaay', 'crinkle', 'kerazy', 'hay' and 'thinking of you' come round a LOT.

And what do I do when I'm happppeeeeee? I shop ... um, basically a lot like when I'm not happy. Ya. But anyway as unlikely as it may seem to think of Emma shopping at Newlook here's a selection of Emma-esque clothing I found there.

I'm starting with this bow print cardi. I just love the way it has cute little bows and it's in colours that I love (yes pretty much everything like that is currently being said in my head in Matty's drunken drawl).
Bow print cardigan £15
And here's an outfit with this lovely sexaay cardi

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

A Kate Spade-alike

My love of Kate Spade is no secret ... if it were it would be a poorly kept one. But as much as I love almost everything Kate Spade, in the absence of a limitless lifetime gift certificate, so many lovely things must go on the 'to be admired but not owned' list. 

The 'bourgeois bow' ring is one such shiny pretty item. I would have loved to add this last finishing gift wrapped touch to my outfits over the holiday season and now next year, thanks to Modcloth, I can. This similar yet silver ring is a mere $15
3-2-1 Gift Off Ring $14.99

Monday, 21 February 2011

Emma shops the British high street: Miss Selfridge

There are some fabulously Emma-esque tops around right now and I think this selection from Miss Selfridge demonstrates that quite nicely.

I do so adore the combination of polka dots and bows and this navy and white polka dot top with a pussy bow and slight puff sleeves could hardly be more perfect. The blush knit with a peter pan collar trimmed with a row of shell-like fans is just begging to be worn with a pencil skirt. I've mainly chosen the chartreuse blouse for the colour but I think Emma could make the lace ruffles work.

A tan pussybow blouse is a great basic for creating those gorgeous taupe/coral ensembles and I love the colours, and I think Emma would too, in this floral blouse.

Two more firm favourites for me are the black sweater with pearl embellished peter pan collar and the sleeveless bird print blouse with contrast collar. I think both of these tops would look fabulous as part of an Emma outfit.

Bows are always good ... and I think this belt, court shoe and ruffled pencil skirt show that well.

And now for accessories.

I think the stacking flower rings are lovely and a little like Emma's Juicy stacking rings as well as being suitably Emma-esque colours. I love the turquoise bead bracelet with the coral rose and it seems like something Emma could well choose. I like the gold bracelet with the little owl charm and I just can't resist the bee charm bracelet and the dragonfly necklace.

I'm not sure if Emma would wear the winged unicorn brooch but there's surely some symbolism there? Speaking of symbolism, I like the idea of Emma replacing her wedding and engagement rings with the frog ring.

And all the earrings are delicate drop earrings that I think Emma would like. My favourites are the apples.

Here are some suggestions for outfits using a few of my favourites
Emma already owns a white pencil skirt and with her perfect blue PMJs, she'd just need to select the jewellery for a sublimely simple yet elegant outfit.
I love the print of this blouse and the peter pan collar with a blue pencil skirt (this one's £45 from LK Bennett).

The colours in this blouse are so lovely I think Emma would like to pick them up in the jewellery. The pencil skirt with bow is from Oasis

Saturday, 19 February 2011

Emma shops the British high street: Topshop edition

or, ya know, in the US or pretty much anywhere online ... it's a small world these days

Oh my shopping for Emma is so much fun and so easy with the current trends for vintage inspired, prim clothing. I've picked out some tops from Topshop that I think Emma would like.

The pleat collar blouse in coral and peach has the most divine details and could be perfect worn over a cardi (somewhat a la the RHGS pick-a-bunch cardi outfit). The purple floral print shirt has a sweet ruffled collar and tie neck and I think Emma would love the coral flower print of the sleeveless blouse with twist detail.

The white tab side top has a subtle self-stripe and I love the old-fashioned simplicity of the slight puff sleeves and peplum. There's a pussy bow blouse in a deep purple print and sleeveless floral blouses with peter pan collars in both navy and black prints.

I love the short sleeved daisy knit top and think it would be great for Emma worn over a blouse with cardi clips and with a coral skirt. I had to include the coral coloured knitted bobble top since it's a colour Emma loves and it would look lovely with a colour coordinated necklace like her J Crew 'primrose garden' necklace.

I adore the yellow scallop edged blouse with contrasting collar. It might just be my favourite and it comes in a black and white version too which makes it hard to choose between them. I do really like the pale pink tiered blouse with peter pan collar as well *sigh*.

Okay on to accessories.

I just have to start with the super sweet necklace with tiny ladybug and leaf charms. The yellow and blue (fave Emma colour combo!) deckchair stripe pussybow scarf is perfect for adding a dramatic bow to a plain blouse and bright belts are of course a favourite way of Emma's for adding a pop of colour to an outfit.

I absolutely adore the giraffe studs as well as the rose wrap ring (I have it in red and it's even prettier in person). The bow and pearl drop earrings and pearl cluster statement ring are gorgeous accessories for dressing up a dress and I love the jewellery combining turquoise and coral ... again it seems such an Emma colour combination. A brooch is always good and this sailboat one will be good for channeling the nautical trends of the coming season.

And the Ee purse ... well that's cute ... and self-explanatory.

For some inspiration here's the daisy sweater in an Emma outfit
Sweater and earrings from Topshop (see above), skirt from J Crew, shoes from Modcloth Pot of gold heels $89.99, pleated placket blouse from River Island £29.99, cardi clips made using coral flower earrings

Friday, 18 February 2011

A Rachel Berry star buy

Star charm necklace $1.50
If you like Rachel's style but can't afford her $195 Ryan Ryan star necklace here's a super budget version from Forever 21 with a dinky 0.4" rhinestone encrusted star charm. It's funny isn't it how Rachel's jewellery is almost always so subtle unlike herself.

I'm going to go look for Emma clothes now before I have to change the name of this blog to 'What would Rachel Berry wear?' ... although I'm pretty sure that's probably already trademarked, as it should be.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

So you still want to dress like Rachel Berry? Skirts

It's pretty simple, if you want to dress like Miss Berry, you will need skirts and they must be mini. That's the most important rule. Other than that you may choose plaid, polka dots, prints, stripes or denim.

So here we have a selection of Berry-esque skirts - there are kilts, flippy skirts, button-through skirts and skirts with bows. There are florals, diamond prints and dots. My favourites are the ones marked with gold stars - the plaid skirt with pockets, the stripe button-through skirt, the navy a-line tie-front mini with contrast piping, the floral button-through and star print button-through, the tangerine paperbag waist skirt, the yellow circle skirt with gold buttons and the navy diamond print skirt.

Of course there's always a multitude of minis suitable for Rachel at Forever 21. Here are just a few of them

And of course we shouldn't forget Rachel's other favourite store - Urban Outfitters.

Untitled by shinyprettythings featuring skirts from Urban Outfitters

The Cooperative printed skirts are at least very similar (if not identical in style) to the simple floral and bow print skirts Rachel wore in "Grilled Cheesus". I really like the Cooperative buttoned skirts too and the Kimchi Blue paperbag skirts, as well as the contrast-edged button-up skirts.

Just add a Rachel Berry worthy top or knitwear (also here) and you'll have yourself a Rachel outfit. To complete the look add coloured tights, knee socks, legwarmers or ankle socks (as you see fit). And loafers are the footwear of choice, of course.

Hello, Emma!

It was lovely to see you again, even if briefly and, ya know, rather disappointingly not with a storyline of your own. I really want to know, what's going on with you? The whole marriage thing, you and Carl, how's that going? This last couple of months, being newlyweds  ... that's all new to you and I'm wondering what you're thinking about it all ... maybe you could tell us sometime soon? But nevermind for now I just want to say hi Emma, hello again.

And I saw this necklace yesterday and it made me think of you. Well telephones always do ... in jewellery form that is, and vintage ones, not all telephones, like mobiles and ... anyway I digress. I saw this necklace in Accessorize and I thought of you.
Antique telephone long pendant necklace £12
It's not, quite obviously, a brooch like the one you wore in Bad Reputation, but I like it and I thought it would look nice worn with a blouse - something with pretty pleats or a vintage feel, like these ones perhaps.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Emma makes her comeback!!!

And oh my goodness I'm so excited to see Emma again!!! I just wish I had her Kate Spade floral josie dress to wear to express my excitement ... or this slightly cheaper dress from Hobbs would do.
Accessorized with a coral belt, chunky bead bracelet and brooch, you'd have a very-nearly-almost-as-gorgeous copy of Emma's latest outfit.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Perfect Valentine

kissing frog belt from Kate Spade $125
How perfect would this kissing frog belt be for Valentine's Day? For a gift, if you were lucky enough to have a valentine who could find their way to Kate Spade, or for the finishing whimsical touch to your Valentine's Day outfit, I think this bubblegum pink patent leather belt with sparkling frogs clasp would be perfection.

Love bugs

Emma loves ladybugs, I love ladybugs, who doesn't love ladybugs? In particular who doesn't love this ladybug dress by Milly?

It's so pretty I really can't imagine who wouldn't want it. But affording it, well that's quite another matter. So how about this bug print top with pleated neckline and bows on the shoulders?
Bug print top £26
And here it is in an Emma-esque outfit because I'd love to see it accessorized with her ladybug bracelet and yellow PMJs. Ladybug earrings would be totally optional.

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A date night dress

 Even though Emma will hopefully be dating Will again soon she won't need this dress because it's so similar to some she already owns. But that's exactly why you might want to buy it.

ASOS tailored twist front pencil dress £22
Get the red (it's discounted) and add an orange belt for a much much cheaper version of Emma's red Valentino date night with Will look. Or go for the orange, cobalt or blackberry  - they're all great colours - and add a coordinating cardi and shoes for a monochromatic date night look, like Emma's yellow outfit with her Merona Hailey twistneck dress.

So you still want to dress like Rachel Berry? Tops

A good t-shirt, be it a simple white ruffled puff sleeve tee, a striped or polka dot top or something with a bow, is an essential component of Miss Rachel Berry's wardrobe. So I've selected the best of what's available now and all you need to do is add a (short) skirt and some loafers and you'll be good to go.

I think Rachel would like the taupe and black dot top with peter pan collar, the navy and pink striped top with pink bow, the red and white stripe top with large bow and the white tee with ruffled placket (all from Newlook). I think she'd love the navy 'Gull Wing' tee with double white tipped ruffles and navy and white striped tee with puff sleeves (both from H&M). The red and white polka dot and blue heart print 'Vita' tops from Oasis would be perfect for Rachel too as would the polka dot t-shirts from Forever 21, especially the one with the big bow on the shoulder. Talking of bows, I think Rachel would adore the 'Love you Longtime' t-shirt with oversized striped bow. I really like the asymmetric buttons on the 'Ruffled Waters Ahead' top from Modcloth and the multicoloured stripes and tiny ribbon bows  of the long sleeved top from River Island.

Tuesday, 8 February 2011

How to dress with more certainty than talent

Oh, okay, um no ... not really. I just love that quote. And I get very very excited whenever I find an item of clothing that will stand in for one of Emma's hard to find pieces. This tulip sweater from Miss Selfridge is one such item. It's been a long time since we saw Emma in Acafellas in her scoopneck short-sleeved tulip print sweater cleaning her pot plants and declaring that it takes 'more certainty than talent to be a star. I mean look at, um ... look at John Stamos'. But in all that time I don't think I've seen a better stand in than this tulip print top.

Angora floral print top £36
It's got the tulips and it's in a very similar coral colour. While the sleeves are long and the neckline doesn't come quite as low (though both those things could be altered if you really wanted), paired with a coral pencil skirt and a white shirt underneath with gold cardi clips, you'd have a fabulous approximation of this outfit. And you could always remove the belt although I think Emma would like it. Bows are always good.

And here's my tribute to this vintage Wemma scene. I do hope for more like this. It has so much I love - Will/Emma interaction, white gloves, Emma telling it like it is, cleaning her pot plants, the bang swoosh, the awkward Ken-Emma-Will love triangle, cardi clips and Emma's insistence that everything with Ken is 'great. It's great. It's wonderful. Um, you know he's flawed but he knows who he is and that's great. There really is nothing sexier in a man than ... than confidence, you know.' And the look on Will's face.

My only disappointments - finding out they weren't being serious about the Stamos and never seeing Emma shoes.

An Emma look a day: Day 29

Emma wears Milly Piave dot Adrianna dress in midnight. There's an ivory version of this dress where the top is white with black polka dots, which is lovely too but I like this yellow polka dotted version best I think. In fact I like this dress so much it made me want to carry on my 'Emma look a day' series that I'd intended to finish with the hiatus. Still Emma's not back on our screens yet so that seems like a good reason to continue. Well that and all the pretty clothes Emma likely won't get the screentime to wear. Anyway I think this dress would be fabulous on Emma - all she needs is her yellow PMJs, her Stella and Dot ring, maybe a cardi.

I really love that rock'n'roll

When I saw this grey and yellow polka dot skirt from People Tree it seemed to me that it really needed to be part of a Hot Patootie RHGS outfit. It's name is the 'eddie' dot skirt - coincidence? I think not.

Eddie dot skirt £25, pussybow blouse £27, ochre bow skinny belt £6

Then all you need to do is add a yellow flower brooch and hopefully those PMJs and you're good to dance with the Carl or a dentist of your choice.

Monday, 7 February 2011

So you still want to dress like Rachel Berry? More knitwear

We have some great bow adorned knitwear here that would suit Rachel. Cardis with bows on the pockets or at the neckline like these ones from H&M and Wetseal, the striped 'to the patisserie' top with its oversized bow and the fabulous periwinkle 'present moment' sweater from modcloth with its large polka dot bow - which I love and feel sure Rachel would too.

There are more animal sweaters like the adorable 'bunny you're mine' black and white sweater and the 'so berry excited' jumper (okay I chose it mostly for the name).

And there's more of Rachel's favoured fairisle too - I particularly like the colours of the People Tree cardi (and it's on sale). And a nice selection of cable knits including the yellow People Tree 'molly tank' and red 'clara' shawl cardigan with toggle fastenings. I think the yellow curve hem cardi from Miss Selfridge would fit very easily into Miss Berry's wardrobe too.

In fact I like this cardi so much I've put together this Rachel look - check skirt is from Topshop, ruffled tee from and loafers from Forever 21.

And for the 'present moment' sweater I suggest this polka dot denim skirt from Topshop. The shoes are from Oasis.
And if you need another animal sweater option what about this pet intarsia cardi from Urban Outfitters that comes in this grey bunny version
Or the navy colourway with, um, I'm not a hundred percent sure ... they don't quite look like cats, I think maybe they're possums (?)

Sunday, 6 February 2011

An Emma look a day: Day 28

Emma wears Kate Spade sunglasses print dress. I really think she should wear this dress - because of the ruffles and whimsical print and because sunglasses are cool and kinda sexy too, afterall. Emma knows about these things.

Friday, 4 February 2011

An Emma look a day: Day 27

Emma wears Kate Spade 'paper hearts iris' top. We'll probably never get to know what Emma wears on Valentine's Day but I like to think she might wear something like this sweet and colourful heart print top - even to school (I mean especially for school). And I'd like for her to wear jewellery that I can read some meaning into like the 'love notes' pendant necklace she has on here (the envelope even opens and there's a tiny engraved not inside). So yes, ya know either that or a broken heart brooch would be fine. Just not something indeterminable like a leaf and berries or a fishing lure ... although come to think of it there could be symbolism in both of those.

Thursday, 3 February 2011

So you still want to dress like Rachel Berry? Part IV: More dresses

The ones from the places Rachel doesn't shop but should

Okay, first up Topshop. Why Rachel doesn't shop here I just don't know because they have lots of suitable dresses.

 I love all three of these - the floral print belted tea dress, the incredibly sweet Annie Greenabelle dress with polka dot borders and bow belt and the twofer dress with polka dot skirt and paperbag waist (also Annie Greenabelle).

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

An Emma look a day: Day 26

Emma wears ruffle scoopneck belted dress (Kay Unger $370 I think Emma's realising how versatile dresses are - dressed up or down you can really wear them anywhere. I think the double ruffle round the neckline makes this dress very Emma. It has its own belt but I'm sure she'd prefer one in a contrasting colour. I was going to choose purple for her accessories but since she likes this colour combo that's what I went with for the belt, brooch and chunky bead bracelet.

Looking for Emma at Ann Taylor Loft

Emma shops at Ann Taylor Loft but I never have. That really seems incredibly remiss of me so I thought I'd put that right. There are some pretty print shells, ruffle and tie neck blouses and a watercolour-type pencil skirt. I really like this bright blue top with pleated half bow at the neck. Okay enough words - let's just look at the clothes.

Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Emma shops Etsy

Even though it's hard to imagine Emma putting on clothes that other people have previously worn (ick!) she must because we've seen her wear vintage pieces. Either she has great luck in finding unworn as new vintage items or she believes (as I do) that everything can at least be hand washed. I don't see her down at her neighbourhood thrift store or op shop trying on outfits though so she might as well buy online. And though I've previously barely noticed the clothes on Etsy getting sidetracked as I always have by jewellery and paper goods, it turns out it's just as much fun as hunting through any charity shop or flea market so I'm gonna share with you some of the finds that delighted me.

Vintage blouse with playing card suits $50
Emma would like the print, the colours, the pearl buttons, peter pan collar and the ribbon tie neck
1960s polka dot tie neck blouse $25
 I think I would love Emma would love this polka dot blouse. It's oh so perfect.