Friday, 12 November 2010

Forever 21 Friday

This week Forever 21 has given us some lovely Emma-esque dresses, perfect for any up-coming parties. I love the magenta dress with pleats at the waist and neckline and the black and white dot print dress with perfectly Pillsburypropriate  bow at the neck. I've used Forever 21 accessories too - pretty peep-toes with bows and corsage adorned ankle strap shoes, multicoloured gemstone heart ring and bracelet and lots of floral jewellery - I especially love the necklace, the large lacquered flower ring and the dramatic black bursting bead hinged bracelet.

And we also have a couple of Emma-esque a-line pleated skirts - one paisley, the other herringbone, as well as a flower embellished tank top and black and silver embroidered evening jacket. Oh yes and yet another red pea coat, a coral beret, more bow earrings, bird earrings, insect jewellery and still more flowers.

And what did I get for Rachel? Well another plaid cape
an argyle cardi
and these sweet owl socks

For Quinn, this ruffled cardi because it reminds me of her one from Anthro

For Mercedes this leopard print top

and this tote with detachable purse - so sweet!

Brittany gets this t-shirt. I hope she likes it though I know she won't know where any of these places are. Still maybe she'll learn that they're cities ... and not countries, that would be something. Ah, don't worry Brittany - I like you just the way you are.

Some fingerless gloves for Tina - I like that they have bows :)
For Santana this black with gold lace one shouldered dress

And this shiny silver skirt might do for a New Directions performance

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