Saturday, 27 November 2010

Deck the halls with bees and ladybugs

Tomorrow we're going Christmas tree shopping, which as always I'm so excited about, and I've already been shopping for decorations and found some super cute red hearts with white polka dots and tiny toadstool decorations, both of which I think Emma would love. And that's got me thinking, what would Emma Pillsbury decorate her Christmas tree with?

Would she simply go with sparkling white? Snowflakes and snow bunnies? Or just lots of bows? Maybe a monochromatic look? Or a selection from Anthropolgie's jewelled menagerie? Would she choose a traditional yet (pepper)minty fresh theme? Perhaps she'd opt for owls? Or pretty peacocks, partridges, pheasants, red robins and doves too? Does she decorate with ladybugs, bumble bees and butterflies? Or does the doe-eyed one prefer to hang darling deer decorations? Perhaps she has miniatures of her PMJs and tiny glittery garments to hang on her tree? I would so love to know.

And the rest of Glee, how would they decorate? Mercedes might love these animal print baubles and Tina might choose some Night before Christmas decs. Quinn is a pretty traditional girl at heart and I think her decorations would reflect that. I have trouble envisioning Santana's Christmas celebrations but perhaps she'd like something a little more contemporary. Brittany's so sweet, I've chosen her cute cupcake ornaments as well as Hello Kitty. And Rachel - well I know she's Jewish but while she may not have a Christmas tree that's no reason to not decorate the house - so these argyle and plaid baubles seem perfect for her and I think she'd like these ballet shoes as well as the inevitable gold stars as a tribute to her talent.

Will loves his cookies so I thought these cookie ornaments would be fun for him - my favourite is the chocolate chip one from UO. Since the glee guys are all in the football team I've been a little lazy and got them all football themed decs. And for Sue? Well tiny megaphones and mini cheerleaders of course.

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