Thursday, 28 October 2010

Forever seeking Emma

Oh look it's that time of the week already, when I get to check out what's new and Emma-esque at Forever 21! It's like a constant source of Pillsbury goodness!

I'm especially excited about this red ruffled coat. I think it would be totally perfect for Emma herself or for channeling Emma's football watching adorableness. I also love the blue double-breasted coat for the gorgeous colour, the pale pink ruffled placket cardi and the rose pink cardigan with chiffon rosettes and pleated ruffle skirt. Both black cardis have decorative beading detail that I think would appeal to Emma - I particularly like the one with bronze metallic embroidery. And gloves with stripes and hearts are almost too good to be true.

I really like the pearl and bow necklace. It reminds me a little of the Kate Spade Moon River necklace, but of course a lot cheaper.

So far on Glee I think I've only ever seen Emma carry a plain black tote bag and if anyone should have a tote with a bow on it, it's Emma. This one would do nicely. Someone needs to get her some pretty bags asap.

And as always I couldn't resist picking out some things for Rachel too.

My favourite Rachel piece is the little scottie dog cardigan (I'm renaming it because there's no way these are cocker spaniel's as Forever 21 say). I think Rachel would wear it well. The nautical style button through mini is totally perfect for her and I think she might like the horse necklace and sequinned shoes. I imagine Rachel wearing plaid at all possible opportunities, so the plaid cami would be very useful as well as the plaid hair bow.

And I found these unicorn earrings for Brittany,

Monday, 25 October 2010

Dear Glee gods (Part III)

*If I sound naive and innocent and just generally clueless it's because there's been no TTTM for me yet, I'm saving myself for Tuesday night

Thank you so so much for having Emma sing Touch-a Touch-a with Will and not Carl ... at least I do hope Carl is not there too. But I don't think he can be because I doubt it would get past the censors ...

Glee gods you are the greatest and I am so happy that you are out there listening to these prayers I think you may even be greater and more powerful than Grilled Cheesus, so I am going to ask you for something monumentally big but I only do so because I know it is within your power to grant this wish! Please please could you give us the gift of some dear sweet Wemma babies? Or at least show us some sign that we are right to continue having faith in the power of Wemma and that one day the miracle of Wemma babies will become a reality.

Cool! And while you're at it could you make sure Emma wears these clothes? Awesome, thanks xx

So this was made with the greatest admiration and respect for the talent that is Lou Eyrich, I just think it never hurts to give the Universe a nudge and if it would be ok by Lou I would really really like it for Emma to wear this outfit!!! See how happy Emma looks in the Coco ruffle blouse - it just looks like it was made for her! And this pencil skirt with chain detail - she needs to wear it ok? Thank you that's all :)

Oh and this selection of Milly tops

Well the middle outfit for sure because the Olivia sweater is all kinds of fabulous. Maybe not the one on the right with the almost neon pink, I don't know if Emma would like that, unless she's ya know experimenting. And I'm not sure Emma likes my styling of the polka dot blouse - I probably should have gone with a yellow pencil skirt. Sorry Emma! It's just when I'm dressing paper doll you sometimes I have to go with what fits, not exactly what you'd choose okay? The blouse still looks awesome on you :)

But these ones, well I love them all and I think Emma should get to wear them.

Especially the black and white sweater, Emma should definitely get to wear that one.

Oh look it's Tuesday already here ;)

life lesson : never buy plane tickets when half asleep
oh and delayed gratification really sucks too

Stepping into Emma's shoes

Okay, not literally or, um, metaphorically either. Although I would of course love to because her PMJs are so pretty and also, given the chance, I could help her get rid of Carl sooner.

Really these are just shoes that Emma might wear in some other Universe where she wasn't wedded to her PMJs. Maybe some of them are also more likely to end up in your shoe closet (the real one, rather than the fantasy one), I don't know, but what I do know is that I'm amazed at Emma's restraint when it comes to buying shoes. At the last count I think Emma had only six pairs - yellow PMJs, blue PMJs, gold metallic crackle Spencer mary janes, silver crackle Spencer mary janes, red t bars and (new!) teal mary janes. Can that really be right? Whereas I'm daily faced with the conundrum of how I can't possibly have enough shoes, while already having too many to fit in my wardrobe.

Office always have an amazing selection of mary janes and t bars so I made this rainbow selection of Emma-esque shoes ranging from mustard brogues through gold peep toes and purple mary janes to cherry red patent shoes. Some of them are in the sale so they're very limited in the sizes available but if you're very lucky you might just get yourself gold mary janes with gold polka dot lining for a mere £10. Yay! I love the fuschia bow fronted suede shoes, the shiny yellow slingbacks, all the gold shoes, the black mary janes with gold heels, the teal triple strap mary janes with gold edging and the red frilled heel ankle strap shoes. My favourites are the cherry red asymetric strap mary janes secured with a bow but I'd take them all.

Out of this group my favourites are the nude patent Greta square toe mary janes from Top Shop (top row). They also come in black and I think they're simply perfect but they're a little more expensive. The irregular choice scottie dog shoes are so cute! I'm not sure if Emma would wear them but I love them. I think the silver three-straps are great because metallics are like neutrals and I love the poetic license t bars with their red bows. The red patent bow shoes are really quite high but I love patent shoes and bows so that makes them fabulous. I think the navy suedette shoes with red, white and blue striped bows would be perfect for patriotic occasions or nautical themed outfits and the peep toe platforms with contrast piping and bow are classically stylish. I love the five strap blue peep toe mary janes and the green t bars with cutout detail - I mean how often does one find green shoes?

I think the herringbone mary janes have a wonderful retro look. I adore the red court shoes with bow-adorned heels, the black patent peep toes with bows and the black patent courts with ruffles. Also the black patent town shoe. Have I mentioned that I have a thing for patent shoes? One of my first memories is of looking down at black patent shoes with little bits of green plasticine stuck in the cut out details and then back to my own pristine grey patent mary janes and age 3 wondering why anyone would let that happen to their pretty shoes ... hmmm, kinda sounds like someone else. Anyway shoes with one bow on are good, but two bows are better and I love the colour of the raspberry mary janes and the little row of flowers.

I adore both the Chie Mihara t bars but especially the red ruffled ones! They're seriously expensive though :( as are the Hobbs patent peep toes.  The LK Bennett crimson peep toes may be pricey too but I think they'd be perfect for fierce Emma. Less expensive options are the KG apple ankle strap shoes and the Hobbs red patent mary janes which are half price in the sale. Florence and Fred at Tesco have two affordable options in the form of the red suedette wedges and red patent mary janes.

Out of these I love the red rose peep toes, corsage detail court, gold glitter shoes, Ted Baker peep toes with gold bows, the black and gold vintage style peep toes and the red velvet courts with rhinestone bows.

Mmmmm ..... shoes :) 

life lesson: gold shoes go with everything

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Adventures of a glee-ful fashionista

There is a Grilled Cheesus! I know because he brought Kate Spade to London for me! Yay! Not only has he delivered a pop up shop in Covent Garden for one month but next spring we will receive the gift of a permanent Kate Spade shop! Hallelujah!
And it's so pretty! They've made an amazing job of setting up this temporary store to display all the clothes, bags, shoes and jewellery to perfection. It's dressed as a house with living rooms and a bedroom with adorable quirky and colourful reclaimed and vintage-inspired furniture and decor, just as you'd expect from Kate Spade. And, yes, I could quite easily have moved in if they'd let me :)

Instead I fell in love with some polka dot tights, barely managed to escape the lure of the gorgeous red essentials ela coat, seduced as I was by the polka dot lining, and became intoxicated by the scent of the Twirl perfume. I admired the jewellery providing encouragement (whilst not appearing too desperate) for my mama to buy the crystal confections necklace and matching earrings which I get to share! Yay!

We had a fabulous time looking around. And I loved all the things they brought - including but not limited to the gorgeous bright handbags, the birdcage necklace, the lady marmalade bracelet, the all wrapped up bangle, the sparkly gold carly shoes and silver cassie shoes, the broome street gloves, mercury erika dress and the must love dots robbie dress *sigh*. But they couldn't bring everything which I understand (I really don't) so I only have one very minor query for them - why no pretty peacock brooch for us in London lovely Kate Spade people?

And the rest of the day I was perfectly entertained by carrying around the pretty packages and admiring them :) So here are some gratuitous packaging pics

*it's late, the light's bad  but I couldn't wait till morning to take photos

The way I see it our purchases were a great economy drive as I'm saving on buying a handbag - I'll be using the Kate Spade bags for the rest of the season (not kidding).

We had such a fun time and I have the funny photobooth photos to prove it. Go and see the shop while it's in London if you can - and buy something! We need to make sure they come back.

p.s. Dear Grilled Cheesus, so you're like a genie right? I get three wishes, isn't that how it works? So for my second wish, I'd like a Milly NY store in London. Could you sort that? Awesome! My third wish, um, I need some time to think ok? Cool! It was good talking with you xxx

Today's motto: Life's short, buy stuff

So you want to dress like Rachel Berry?

Really, you wouldn't prefer to dress like Emma? Well, ok, maybe just give the knee socks a miss. No? Never mind I want to help anyway :)

So what are the essentials for a Rachel Berry wardrobe?

A plaid skirt is a really good place to start. Matalan seems like the shop du jour to find Rachel Berry-esque minis.

If you want a bargain Matalan provides several excellent choices as do Primark (of course) but I do love the River Island skirt with toggle detail because I really think that captures the essence of Rachel Berry.

And you're going to need an animal sweater.

Luckily there are many fine animal sweaters around this season. I think Rachel Berry is having a fashion moment!

My faves are marked with gold stars. I love the bright pink rabbit sweater from Next for the pop of colour, the blue horse print cardigan is pure Rachel Berry as is the horse emblazoned sweater and the dinky horse print jumper from New Look is quirky but very wearable and at £20 less expensive. And I adore penguins so I'd be tempted to choose that one myself. The bird sweater from French Connection is perfect for Rachel too and I love the buttons down the back but like the bird print cardi from Hobbs is a much pricier option.

I couldn't resist adding the adorable bear hats, scarf and hooded top although they may well be a little too on trend for Rachel. And that bunny hat just couldn't be any cuter! Plus they add the perfect touch of toddler chic ;)

Then you're going to need to add some more plaid because Rachel loves her plaid so much, she wears plaid blouses, dresses and capes too. I think she'd wear almost anything plaid and there's a lot to choose from, so here are some more options.

And here are some capes (another serendipitous Rachel/fashionista overlap this season!)
Rachel can also often been seen in knitwear with a cute print - be it hearts, florals or polka dots - so here are some sweaters to fill that gap.

The best Rachel match is probably the black heart print cardi from MaxC but my absolute favourite is the blue crew neck bow patterned cardigan from MaxC. It's one of those cardigans that could easily be worn by Emma too and I think that makes it great value for £20. The short sleeved pale pink cardi from New Look is very Rachel and I think she'd enjoy wearing the coral sweater covered in lucky horseshoes.

This is a great sweater for Rachel too - it has polka dots, puff sleeves, scalloped edging and bow detail front and back. It's £25 from Asos.

A memorable Rachel piece for me is her sailboat sweater and this balloon intarsia knit would be a great alternative.
Rachel also loves her bow adorned sweaters so here are a few to choose from. I think these have great crossover potential for Pillsbury styling too!

La Berry likes her cable knits and Fairisle sweaters too.
 Yet again Rachel seems to be in vogue this season so there's lots of lovely knitwear to choose from.

I kind of wanted to give all of these gold stars - I love the reindeer sweaters as would Rachel, clearly. I'm sure Rachel's worn a short sleeved red fairisle jumper at one point (but of course I can't find the picture when I need it) so I think the snowflake jumper from New Look would appeal to her. But I do love the heart fairisle cardi from Dorothy Perkins and I think Rachel would too.

And then there's Rachel's dresses - florals, stripes or twofers are all good. And yes they are quite short but that's how she wears them. I think this china blue floral patterned ruffle-skirted dress from Warehouse is a perfect substitute for Rachel's Marc Jacob's one pictured and at £10 (reduced from £45) it's a real bargain.

And here's an affordable alternative, from New Look, to Rachel's lilac floral dress. Just remember to wear a short sleeved tee under it for the full Rachel Berry effect.

Here are some more Berry-esque dress suggestions

Rachel's been spotted several times recently wearing polka dot dresses and I particularly like the Matalan dress with flutter sleeves. But I also love all the nautical inspired dresses - the New Look one with the giant bow especially.

So yes, you'll need some cute t-shirts for wearing under dresses, sweater vests and with minis - look for puff sleeves and bow or ruffle details or stripes.

Now I haven't forgotten Rachel's love of argyle but while it never really goes away I'm not coming across a lot to but in stores right now in the UK. There is this very Berry-esque cardi from Dorothy Perkins (£25) but otherwise I suggest visiting your local charity shop or raiding the wardrobe of any diminutive golfers you know. H&M have some perfect argyle knee socks with performance worthy gold thread - Rachel wannabes go buy them asap. If you're not in love with the whole argyle thing anyway, I'd just like to say I think polka dots might be the new argyle.

I'm leaving the whole sweater vest thing though I know Rachel loves them. And she also wears pussy bow and ruffled blouses and cardigans worthy of Emma but the essential difference is in the styling - with a mini skirt and loafers rather than a pencil skirt and mary janes. So yes you're going to need more mini skirts - pleated, florals, bow-lka dotted, denim and ultra minis. Yes, I do think that Rachel's mantra when shopping is the shorter the better but you should use your own discretion. And you'll need gold star jewellery or some other form of self-aggrandising adornment.

The bow-lka dotted button through cord skirt from Topshop (£32) is oh so Rachel I want to give it beacoup de gold stars. This denim skirt gets extra points for the addition of ruffles and the umbrella - well it's another nod to toddler chic. The scottie dog belt seems like a super cute and more affordable version of the marc jacobs dove belt Rachel wore. I think she'd gotta love those earrings too ... almost as much as she loves herself :D

Add knee socks, ankle socks or coloured tights to taste.*subliminal message* choose tights. don't go with socks. choose tights.

Ok and I saved this for last because it might be my favourite piece - it's the result of some Rachel Berry clothing arithmetic.
 The owl print twofer dress is £20 from Matalan

 Big gold stars for anyone who's read all the way through this post! ;)

Notes on this post:
So why this epic Rachel post anyway I thought this blog was meant to be about Emma?
Yeah, um, ok fair point but I kind of have a soft spot for Rachel and her whole look. Maybe it's the mini kilts - I have a deep affection for them which I attribute to my celtic blood and/or my love of Clueless. Either way they'll always have a place in my heart if not in my wardrobe. Also mini skirts - I admit I wear them. But in my defense so does Jayma.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

Confessions of a gleekie mind

If I bought clothes and sent them to Lou Eyrich is there any chance she'd use them in a million years even if she thought they were perfect for Emma? Or would she just wonder what on earth the little miss crazy pants sending them to her was even thinking? You know when she clearly has access to more clothes than God ... or Anna Wintour.

Could I even buy clothes small enough for Jayma in this country? She can't be any bigger than a size zero and we don't even get that many UK size 4 here. When I was like a UK 2 I couldn't even buy clothes to fit - do they only sell clothes that small in Hollywood?

I'm crazy pleased to have it confirmed that Emma sews. I've always liked to think of her doing neat little craft projects and needlework but it's so good to know it's true. I wanna go sew me some replica Milly clothes that I can't actually afford now.

So I hear there's going to be a new fragrance and I'm sure it'll sell well but what exactly does sad clown hooker smell like?

Um, yes , so last night I couldn't sleep, I was up making Wemma babies - ya like literally, ok well photos of Wemma babies. But how come they didn't come out so cute? We all know they would be off the scale cute right??? I need to go make some more.

So Cheyenne nearly was Will Schuester instead of MM?? I don't even wanna try and imagine that - I mean sure he's a hottie when he's not channeling evil show choir director but still without Matty there wouldn't be Wemma and without Wemma where would we be?? Oh Carma *?@$

Ok so since watching too much commonwealth games coverage I kinda maybe sorta have a little crush on Mark Foster - he has curly hair, amazing abs and wears cardigans .... hmmm?

So this last week has been kinda crappy ... for real reasons but still how can you expect to feel good if you don't wear good clothes? I think I'm gonna take up the no pants challenge ... uh-huh seriously I mean it, I think it's the perfect commitment to wearing clothes that make you feel good and have a positive effect on your life. Sadly I shan't be wearing Emma's clothes because 1) I don't own them and 2) they wouldn't suit me nearly so well as Kathleen on whom they look gorgeous ... yep if I'm choosing a tv character on whose wardrobe to base my own it's going to be Betty Draper because when I wear Mad Men-esque clothes I feel awesome* which is ironic because from the little I've seen of Mad Men she always seems to feel bad.

* yeah I wanted to misquote Brittany there and say 'I look awesome, I'm sure you look awesome too :)'

I know it may sound like I'm joking but I 100% seriously wanna convince Ryan Murphy to make The Emma Pillsbury Show. I think you've gotta dream big.

So I'm really pretty pleased with myself to have two Rachel matches with Lou Eyrich and one for Emma this season. But I'm slightly troubled that so far I'm better at picking Rachel clothes ... because Emma's my fashion icon.

Also I'd love to claim that picking the Milly poodle sweater took some great skill but the truth is if you look at the Milly collection this season and particularly the styling it's so Rachel that it was pretty obvious. Go watch the fashion show ... I have ... several times but then I'm obsessed. Plus I really want to know - how come no coloured tights with this outfit Miss Berry? Are they just too fashionable for you right now?

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Eternally seeking Emma

My most Emma-worthy item of clothing this week is the blue puff sleeve blouse with peter pan collar and beaded placket. So pretty and a great colour too - I think Emma needs this asap. Or she would if she couldn't afford to go out and buy Milly stuff instead. In the accessories I think she totally needs the yellow gloves with bows (yellow + bows = LOVE), the flower bouquet necklace, owl plate earrings, fairytale hand mirror earrings and citrine gem ring.

And here's what I picked for the Glee girls this week. Mercedes gets quite a haul of animal print - angora cardi, oxfords and sunnies - as well as jeans in one of her favourite brights and some rockin' jewellery. Rachel adds to her cardi collection with this striped number and the owl patch sweater. She also gets yet more plaid, metallic oxfords and some cute fluffy heart earmuffs. I thought Santana might wear this sequin animal print bodycon dress and I got her some booties with bows on too. For Brittany I chose a heart print playsuit, for Quinn some bow adorned flats and Tina gets another veiled mini hat/hair clip. The sparkly cardi is for New Directions - I don't think they've ever worn a cardigan for a performance outfit but clearly they should.