Thursday, 30 September 2010

Still desperately seeking Emma

... at Forever 21. Here's just a quick look at my picks for Emma-worthy clothes and accessories from this week's new arrivals.

I think all of these pieces have quite good Emma Pillsbury channeling potential but my favourites are the lilac cardigan with the chiffon ruffles and button detail, the camel cardi with ruffled neckline and bow-like ruffles down the front and the black lace cap sleeve top, which seems to me reminiscent in styling of the lovely Walter eyelet jacket. I can totally see Emma wearing any of these! The black lace trimmed cardi and floral sweater easily fit into Emma's wardrobe. The black sweater with geometric design is perhaps a slight departure but Emma likes a dramatic top and the beading detail is sweet. I think the green cardi with black ruffle trim would also suit Emma and could work well with this floral pencil skirt - a great inexpensive alternative to Emma's gorgeous J. Crew floral skirts. The choice of the metallic boucle skirt may be somewhat influenced by Emma's wearing her sparkly Precious Materials cardi in Britney/Brittany but now we now know Emma's not just happy to wear metallics on her feet I think it might be perfect for her.

More pretty things from Forever 21

More pretty things from Forever 21 by shinyprettythings featuring forever21 clutches

 There are lots more pretty bow earrings to choose from - you just have to decide between pearls or rhinestones, studs or drop earrings. My personal favourites are probably the pearl bow studs but it is so difficult to choose :) I adore the butterfly earrings and all the flowers!

While I was checking out clothes for Emma I couldn't resist picking some things that would be perfect for Rachel too. And something for Tina and Mercedes. And then I very nearly forgot to include them!!! Rachel items are marked with a gold star (of course!), my favourite pieces get two. And there are a couple more Emma-esque choices which are marked with a bow.

The black and white butterfly print top with an oversized bow on the shoulder is a perfect Rachel top. Pair it with a chambray skirt like this one and all you'll need is the crazy eyes to be mistaken for Rachel Berry's double. A duffle coat and a ruffled or plaid top are always great additions to a Rachel Berry wardrobe and the sailor skirt with waist tie is spot on for Rachel. The red military-style peacoat looks totally Emma-appropriate to me and the navy and red striped sweater marked with a bow seems like a great (and so much less expensive) version of Emma's Milly sweater worn for that scene in the teacher's lounge. The striped sweater marked with a gold star is so much more Rachel.

I just felt I should pick out some things  for the other cst members too - Tina would love the little victorian gothic top hat with veil and I thought Mercedes might like the letter sweater.

Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dear Glee gods, please let Emma wear these clothes this season (Part II)

Thank you so much for granting our wish for Emma to sing 'Touch-a touch-a'. May I just ask for one more thing? That Emma sings it to Will ... not Carl ... it mustn't be Carl ... or I think I'd prefer that she didn't sing it at all ok? But thank you and if you let this happen I won't ask for anything else ... much :D

I'd just reeeeally like for Emma to wear this one jacket ... aaand maybe one of these dresses ... and a sweater or two.

I love this Tibi jacket - you see it's blue and Emma likes blue and I like blue and the collar, the ruffles and the bow-like gathering on the sleeves all make it perfect for her in my opinion. She deserves to wear this jacket!
I think she'd love the red Kate Spade Bethany pumps because they're shiny and they have little bows and this adorable cut-out detail ... and did I mention that they're red? Red shoes are undeniably a good thing. I'm pretty sure she'd need the bow adorned Kate Spade gloves too - gloves + bows I don't think I need to say any more! I think she'd like them in every colour. It probably goes without saying too that Emma would like to add the J.Crew Charlie ruffled mary janes to her shoe collection - they come in one of her favourite shades of blue after all.

So I went virtual shopping with Emma today at Kate Spade ... ok so I went imaginary virtual shopping with Emma :D  Let's start with my favourite dress - the Galleria Bette dress in green. Seems to me this would be the perfect dress for Emma to wear to the WMHS staff Christmas party and hang around under the miseltoe waiting for Will to walk by. Or the other way round - I don't mind as long as Dr Carl isn't around. Could Emma please dump Carl by Christmas? Pretty please?

Anyway the pleated bodice and bow at the neckline would be perfect on Emma and she looks so good in green. She should definitely get to wear this dress! The yellow floral version of this dress would be pretty wonderful on Emma too - I guess she might choose the yellow ... or she could just have both, that would be fine too.

The sketchpad elyse dress seems like something Emma might wear too with its colourful florals, pleated bodice and bow sash at the waist. Or maybe I'm being influenced by a certain floral top Emma's been seen in recently?

And while I was virtual shopping at Kate Spade I though I'd look at coats since Emma loves a good coat. Here are a few for her consideration.

The gorgeous jewel-coloured jewelbox sonya coat with fabulous waterfal ruffles is my favourite. I love the studio mona coat and I think Emma would wear it well but it is more Mad Men than Emma Pillsbury. I think she is also slightly startled by the fact that she seems to have Rachel's tights on! The esentials ela coat has a beautifully stylish simplicity and I love the bow gathering at the waist but it's black so it loses points.

Here's another cardi I think Emma should add to her cardi collection. It's by Darling and I have several Darling dresses and tops which I love and I think Emma would really enjoy wearing this cardigan with its pearl trimmed neckline, lace bow and pearl buttons.

This is another darling Darling sweater which I'm convinced is perfectly Emma-worthy! I love the all-over contrasting pom poms, the bell sleeves and bow detail neckline. And I know Emma likes pom poms based on the fact that she looks super adorable in a pom pom hat and I seem to remember she wore a black cardi with white pom poms while overseeing the Cheerios and glee kids fundraising carwash. I am now officially obsessed with pom poms :)

This tartan skirt by Nyshe seems quite Emma-esque to me with its bright checks and bold black bow and ruffle details. I could definitely see her pairing it with a green bow-neck blouse and orange cardi even. Nobody can pull of unusual colour combos like Emma can.

This See by Chloe frill blouse seems to be calling Emma's name. With its ruffled peter pan collar and dramatic frilled sleeves I think it would perfectly suit Emma's sweet but bold style.

 Okay then that's probably enough Pillsbury styling for one post but there will be more because there's just so much delightful Emma-esque fashion around!

P.S. Thank you so much for giving us another Emma filled episode of Glee with lots of pretty clothes to swoon over. But could you please not make any more episodes without her? It's just not right. Thnx

Saturday, 18 September 2010

Emma dresses like Sue!

Back when I made this fashion therapy collection, I never imagined that Emma would try out Sue's addidas tracksuits for a new look but here she is in a Sue Sylvester tribute outfit!!! I feel like I should eat my hat or something but it is of course not actually Emma but Jayma so I guess I'm ok. And it's totally fabulous that Jayma and Jessalynn did this! Sue Sylvester rocks! So when I was checking out GleeHab recently it was great to see Jane Lynch giving a nod to Sue Sylvester when she went to the VMA awards in this coat that was so 'Sue on the red carpet' with the trademark stripes down the arms. I like to think that the polka dot lining is a little tribute to Emma's fashion fantabulousness too! Whatever the reason I think Jane Lynch made a great choice!

Jane Lynch at the VMAs source

Sunday, 12 September 2010

OMGlee! Only 8 days to go!!!

Only 8 days to go until we all start back at WMHS!!! I'm sure Emma is totally ready - outfits planned, pencil sharpeners disinfected and pamphlets alphabetised!! But as excited as I am and as much as I'm looking forward to season 2 starting I'm feeling a little apprehensive. It's like that feeling you get just before the start of the school year when you wonder if it's going to turn out to be a great year or not. And last year was just so very good, I want this one to be equally so!

I have to admit that part of the reason is I'm not good with change - I don't like it one bit! And there are going to be new kids in glee club! I'm going to have to get to know new people!!! And people change - should that really be allowed? I know it will be interesting and I want to see the characters grow and develop but at the same time I kind of want to keep them just as they are :)

Another reason is we will actually be seeing Emma with Carl - not just talking about this dentist boyfriend but actually with him. All season. That's going to be weird. I'm going to feel bad for Will. But then maybe he deserves it.

I'm even a little sad Kin is leaving. Emma and Kin were just the strangest pairing in the universe but there was just so much comedic potential there it was a wonderful relationship in its own special way.

Then there's the big one. The fear so great I'm not sure I should say it out loud ... but I'm going to anyway. This year they're all juniors yes? Which means next year they will be seniors and then ... then what happens to Glee? So I guess there are a few options - they can go the post high school route despite the warning examples of many a show before them, they could have some glee kids not graduate (hey it works well for Finn for a little while and for Brittany it would work forever) or they could just keep bringing in new glee kids (high school students are a renewable source after all). I kind of like the idea of moving to a different timescale like 24. I'm sure they wouldn't need to go that far but it would give us a few more seasons with the same cast - but the downside is fewer sectionals, regionals and nationals. Plus it could be totally confusing! The solution I like best is just make more shows - yay more Glee!

Anyway I'd like to conduct a little poll. How do you feel about this important issue? Choose as many answers as you like and/or make your own suggestions!

So this has been good. Talking through my feelings has really helped. I'm totally psyched to see what's going to happen next, to meet the new glee kids and to catch up with everyone. I can't wait! It's going to be an awesome year! Oh and the clothes - they will be pretty that's one thing I'm sure of!

Saturday, 11 September 2010

Desperately seeking Emma

... at Forever 21! It's a little game I like to play. Since I found out that Emma's lovely Eiffel tower cardi and silhouette sweater came from there I've been wondering could I pick an affordable top with a quirky print that Lou Eyrich will have Emma wear? This is just a game - I can't go into a Forever 21 and buy anything, I haven't ever been in one of their stores. But as Sue Sylvester said to Emma while watching the fundraising carwash in Acafellas 'You know the way you use your mental illness to help these kids is really inspiring.' And in that same spirit I feel that if my obsession with searching for Emma-worthy clothes can help even one person bring more Emma Pillsbury goodness into their closet and their life, then it will all be worth it.

Now don't get too excited because I haven't found any more quirky prints since the eyeglasses sweater that I used in my wwepw idol audition set. So I don't know that I'm going to come up with any winners for this season. It may just be that I haven't been playing long enough - my only excuse that Glee didn't start in the UK till January 2010 and we always stayed a little behind. And I'm not really sure what the timescales are for planning the costumes for the show but nevermind I live in hope and it's still a fun game to play.

So where was I? Oh yes no quirky prints but there are some very pretty Emma-esque tops on sale right now nevertheless.

We have dots, florals, corsages and ruffles aplenty. I really like all of these and think Emma would wear any of them. And there are lots more ruffled tops - you know for people like me who probably can't afford to buy their basics at J. Crew! These look really pretty though so what does it matter?

I had to include the satin big bow top because it's totally Emma-worthy and yet more wearable than the IYB because of the colour. I think almost all these tops would work well paired with a pencil skirt a la Emma, a mini to work the Pillsbury-Berry combo or even jeans of all things!!! However you wear these tops they will bring more Pillsbury style to the world, and that can only be a good thing!

And because I just couldn't resist checking out the accessories too, here are some of my top picks.

The bee earrings are a complete bargain at $1.50 and perhaps my favourite find. I was so delighted to see such bee-autiful earrings, my only sadness is that I can't buy them! I also adore the flower cluster ring with a ladybug perched on it! I love ladybugs and, oh yes, Emma does too! All the owl accessories are perfect for fall and they have the biggest selection I've ever seen in one store. I couldn't even include half of them so I just picked some of my favourites. The statement necklaces are great for adding to a simple top to transform an outfit to Emma-worthy in an instant! Bows need no explanation! More bows are better and bow jewellery is a great way to get more into your outfit! And bambi and bunnies - well they just help to make your outfit totally adorable! Who doesn't love bunnies?

Thursday, 9 September 2010

Rachel Berry-esque knitwear

Here are some Rachel pieces I've come across in my quest to find the best bow sweaters. We have owls, poodles, squirrels, hearts, cats and cherries. I think most of them would be pretty perfect for her and they're all fairly affordable so remember many a Rachel item of clothing can be redeemed by Pillsbury styling! Um, maybe.

And I've been wondering, is it just me or is Rachel starting to look more put together and groomed and just generally more Lea Michelle glamorous?? Maybe it's just a look they went with for some of the promo photoshoots (and I haven't been able to watch any of the promos so I hope I'm wrong) but I find it unsettling and I do hope they aren't changing Rachel's style. If they do I'm going to miss those kneesocks and argyle sweaters and all the other interesting fashion choices. Rachel please don't change! I like you just the way you are.

Wednesday, 8 September 2010

I think I need a bow sweater ...

Yes I definitely do! Since Emma loves bows and knitwear (and I do too), a bow sweater seems like the perfect way to channel Emma's style for autumn/winter. So I've been checking out what's on offer at the moment in the way of bow-bedecked knitwear.

1) Up first we have my four bow choice, to me this sapphire blue Hobbs bow sweater is absolutely perfect for Emma. The gorgeous colour, dramatic bow, edging detail around the neck and sleeves and cute cropped and fitted shape make it a handsdown winner. It seems so Pillsbury perfect that I can't help but think if Glee were UK based Emma would be absolutely wearing this. I almost want to post one to Lou Eyrich! And if it weren't a little out of my price range I would be buying one for me!

2) This black and white stripe sweater with its bright red bow is a bargain from forever 21. I'm tempted to give it four bows as well - for the combination of bows and stripes and for the lovely pop of red. While Emma does more often wear crew necks, she has been known to wear a v-neck so I'm not sure if I should deduct a bow for that - maybe I'll give it 3 1/2 bows! Regardless I think this could be a great, affordable way to channel your inner Pillsbury if v-necks are your thing.

3) This black and cream bow sweater from Dorothy Perkins also comes in the reverse colour way and paired with a bright pencil skirt would make a suitably Emma-esque outfit. I'm giving it three bows because I'm afraid Emma might find the slightly fluffy bow off-putting.

4) Since this forever 21 cardi is a v-neck boyfriend style it gets only one bow. But while it's not something Emma herself would wear the sweet all-over bow pattern could be a great way to include some Emma-style into your own individual look.

5) Firmly in splurge territory, this Sonia Rykiel sweater should score highly on the bow scale with its stripes, central bow and contrasting cuffs and neckline. But somehow for me it misses and I'm only giving it two bows. I think by Emma's standards the slightly wonky bow lets it down and the way the cuffs don't match the bow or the edging around the neck might bother her. Just goes to show more expensive is not always more stylish.

6) Another one bow item, this bow/beau sweater from Dorothy Perkins is more Rachel than Emma but is a fun and whimsical nod to Emma's style and perfect for wearing with jeans for a much more casual look.

Bow sweaters 2

Bow sweaters 2 by shinyprettythings featuring a pink sweater

7) This long bow sweater from Oli gets 3 1/2 bows because I love the large bow with its spectacular detail. To me that bow is a four bow bow ... um yes I now realise my rating system is a bit confusing when applied to bows, nevermind let's carry on. But the long length of the sweater requires a deduction because I think Emma would want to wear it with a high waisted pencil skirt and while I believe that she could and indeed has very successfully worn longer length sweaters tucked in to her pencil skirt, not everyone can get away with the extra material round their hips.

8) A fairly classic black and white stripe sweater with a twist in the form of a lime green bow 'sash'. I like the way the green stripes go round the arms of the top too and the touch of colour. I'm giving this sweater from Hobbs three bows because I'm not sure it has quite enough quirk for Emma but having said that I think it could be perfect for real life, you know for those of us who can't get away with an IYB.

9) A navy and white stripe cardigan from River Island with bow and bead detail and I think quite a lot of Emma potential. I'm giving it three bows because bows AND stripes are always good and the asymmetry and beading make it a little unsusual.

10) I really like this black and white bow sweater from Oasis but it's only getting two bows because it doesn't have anything that particularly screams Emma. I guess what I'm saying is it seems a little restrained for her but that exact quality also makes it very wearable. At that price though my inner crafter is saying get out some wool and add a bow detail to a plain sweater that needs some embellishment. I'm sure Martha could show me how.

11) This black bow print zip cardigan from River Island gets two bows because I think it would be quite suitable for Emma if it weren't for the zip. That seems just too modern and functional for Emma, I'm sure she much prefers decorative fasteners like buttons or ribbon ties. And it might be a little chunky for Emma but that all makes it perfect for Rachel.

12) Another knit from River Island, this pale pink sweater with black bows seems a little too sweet and pastel for Emma. I think it may well be another Rachel top. I'm giving it one bow.

13) The black and white bow tunic from could be perfect for Emma but it all depends on how it fits. I love the design but Emma would need it to be a little neater fitting than on the model in order to make it work with her pencil skirts. I'm going to sit on the fence and give it 2 1/2 bows.

14) This lace bow top from Oasis seems like the kind of thing Emma might wear for relaxing at home, that's if she does that sort of thing. I have trouble imagining her out of her pencil skirts and cardis! I'm giving it two bows because it's sweet but grey doesn't really seem like Emma's colour. Despite that it's another top that has me wanting to channel by inner Martha Stewart and stitch a lace bow to something.

Lastly we have a polka dot cardigan with bows on the pockets from Oli. I think it deserves a four bow rating for the polka dot and bow combination. It's my idea of perfection at least and somehow the black and white and details on the pockets makes me think of it as a combination of Emma's sihouette cardi and her green Nanette Lepore cardi.

But my winner in the 'bow sweaters Emma really should wear' category is the sapphire blue Hobbs sweater so here it is in an outfit I put together for Emma.

Coming soon - military sweaters!

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Dear Glee gods, please let Emma wear these clothes this season ...

So I'm very excited because this is my first EVER blog post but I am even more excited to know what Emma will be wearing in season 2 of Glee. And since we'll have to wait a whole two weeks to get a look at those first Emma outfits (excluding the tantalising sneak peeks I've seen in on set photos) I thought I would fill this agonising wait with some speculation about what Emma might wear. I have gone quite Milly heavy with my choices because Milly is my current designer crush. And I feel like I should apologise because the clothes aren't very affordable but I hope you'll enjoy them even if like me they are way out of your price range and I'll do my best to include less expensive options too! Because beautiful can be inexpensive, that's something I firmly believe.

First up we have an outfit with the Milly gold chain pencil skirt. I think this skirt would be perfect on Emma and Courtney very cleverly pointed out why - it's because the chain detail is like a cardi clip for a skirt!!! I like to think the designers had Emma in mind ;) I have awarded this skirt four bows - that's the rating system I'm using and needless to say more bows are better.

And since military is a big trend for a/w 2010 I'm hoping to see more military sweaters. This one is super affordable which is always nice.

While I do think Emma really needs to wear this pencil skirt, I might just be able to cope if she were to be seen wearing the Milly Marianna chain shift dress or Phoebe chain coat instead. Maybe. They both get three bows mainly because nothing is as perfect for Emma as a pencil skirt with its own sweater clip!

Emma in a selection of Milly clothing for a/w2010

The Milly Crosby check coat would be really sweet on Emma so I'm giving it three bows too. The Milly stripey sweater I'm giving four bows because it has stripes and a bow and comes in a lovely shade of grape that Emma wears oh so well. Plus the neckline is nice which all adds up to a sweater that Emma should absolutely get to wear. I hope the little Emma heads are extra persuasive, if say Lou Ehrich stumbled upon this - because how could you say no to Bambi? Impossible, I think.

Now I know Emma already has a lovely green coat but this Juicy Couture one would be perfect with its peter pan collar, cute buttons, belt, three quarter length bell sleeves and pretty frill. I think Emma could justify the purchase of such a coat because she looks gorgeous in green and good things happen when she wears green coats. I'm giving it four bows!

In the quirky print blouse category I'm nominating this red bird print blouse from Pepe. It gets four bows because Emma looks so good in red and it has a pussy bow, ruffles down the front and pretty puff sleeves. Paired with a pencil skirt it would make a perfect Emma outfit. And at £55 ($84) from I'm almost tempted to go out and buy it myself.

Along with the lovely Kate Spade bee cardi that has already been put forward as a must wear for Emma over on wwepw, I would like to suggest this bee print blouse also from Kate Spade which would look gorgeous with a navy and gold cardi/pencil skirt combo.  Bees + a double ruffle at the neckline =  four bows in my opinion!

And if Emma finds herself in need of a blue coat this season I would like to offer up this cornflower blue Tibi coat for her consideration. I'm giving it four bows because I love Emma in this colour especially when she wears it with yellow and I'm definitely hoping to see more blue and yellow outfits.

Here's a budget option from forever 21. For only $28 you can have this sweet blouse with contrasting peter pan collar and cap sleeves. Worn with a red pencil skirt and her red t-bars I think it would look very stylish on Emma.

I'm sure I'll need to make a part two to this post because there are so many fabulous Emma-esque clothes out there but in the meantime I think I'll leave you with a Rachel sweater. It would be perfect for her if she had $225 to spend on this Milly Sasha poodle sweater. The picture is a little small but we do get to see that they've styled it with Rachel F. Berry-esque yellow tights, proving just how well it would suit her! If you've read this far, thank you so much! I'd love to hear what you think about these choices and about any items of clothing you'd love to see Emma wear.