Saturday, 25 June 2011

Playing dress up with Emma

Making Emma outfits is one of my favourite things to do. And I love seeing other people create Emma outfits too. But it's kind of sad because I never see any Emma outfits on my Poly feed anymore and since it seems it can be pretty tricky to entice some people on to Polyvore, I've decided to bring Polyvore to you!

So I've put together a mini-editor that's custom made for Emma - there are lots of cardis, pencil skirts, mary janes and bows in a variety of colours. Some are from Emma's own closet, some are from the virtual closet I keep for Emma. You just have to scroll through the items and select. It's that easy!

And since it's that easy I really hope I get to see some Emma outfits from you... otherwise I will just make them all myself, okay? I have no shame.

Just one more point - there is only one non-cardigan top. It's the first item - the navy and white ruffled tank. You have to use it.

Get your own Mini Editor from Polyvore

If Emma ruled the world

Okay maybe not the world but the glee club costume cupboard. I mean she did an amazing job on the RHPS costumes didn't she? And who chooses the costumes for New Directions anyway? I mean based on the red t-shirts Mercedes picked out for Don't Stop Believing she seems a little unlikely and though Kurt seems a better choice based on his fashion expertise I rather think the knowledge he displayed of women's fashion in Prom rules him out too.

I wouldn't dare to say Emma would do a better job than the current wardrobe mistress and quite possibly she would choose a lot of Betsey too - I mean Betsey Johnson is practically synonymous with bows. But I do think there would likely be less black, leggings and DMs.

Anyway here are my non-Betsey (because that's almost like cheating and also pricey) picks for dresses Emma might have put New Directions in for one of their competitions.

Show choir dresses

Show choir dresses by shinyprettythings featuring h&m dresses

I think it's pretty clear why Emma would choose a turquoise or yellow dress with a giant bow on the front. The polka dots are quite the obvious choice for her too. Still how pretty are the ombre dots of the H&M prom dress and the ruffled navy and white F21 dress with touches of red ribbon? Perhaps my personal favourite is the Topshop prom dress with delicate dots and a dainty bow at the waist.

One dress that might not seem particularly Emma at first glance is the navy strapless broderie dress from River Island but I like to think that Emma might have been home in Lima in her sparklingly clean tidy tidy apartment watching the Emmy Awards last year and been inspired by the attire of a certain similar looking red-headed actress. I think you'll agree she looked very pretty.

Also I think Emma might like the colour blocking of the 2in1 blue and white prom dress plus it has a bow. And how could she not love the black, white and coral of the colour block dress from Charlotte Russe? At $35 I think that would have been a more realistic option for the fiscally challenged glee club and I like to think this is the dress Emma would have picked for Nationals. And maybe it could have made all the difference. I know I would have put this dress through to the next stage of the competition.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Emma in New York


Because she should have been. I mean she would have been the perfect teacher to accompany Will and the glee club on their trip to New York, after all she's a guidance counsellor and is there any other teacher who's supported the glee club like she has? No, Holly doesn't count. Emma was there from the very beginning. She deserved to go. And her clothes deserved to go too.

Yup, Emma has the perfect wardrobe for a visit to NYC. I think all her Kate Spade and Milly would be far more at home in NYC than in Lima, Ohio. So I didn't think there was any need to go shopping for new clothes for Emma for this trip and I've just picked my favourite outfits from the ones I made for Emma's closet. I feel it illustrates just how wrong Ryan Murphy et al were to make the silly silly decision to not include Emma in this episode.

Okay so first up we have the outfit above - a stylish yet sensible outfit for a chaperone. I really like the aqua and red colour combination and the divine detail on Emma's Leifsdottir faux pearl pointelle cardigan would be perfect with her peter pan blouse with the pleats and edging detail on the collar (you know the one she wore with her Tibi calligraphy skirt in Vitamin D - that's what this one is standing in for). And of course Emma wouldn't feel the outfit was complete without a brooch so I've chosen her dogwood brooch from Acafellas. Then of course it's possibly a bit chilly, I mean Rachel and Quinn and Tina had great coats so Emma shouldn't be left out in the coat style stakes. She should definitely take her Marc Jacob's trench to keep her warm, especially because her shoes won't. But she'd definitely wear her angie t-straps because they're, um, red.

Hmmm, so Emma has an outfit to keep her nice and warm but what about something for if the weather had turned spring-y? I'm thinking something in springtime colours, some pops of yellow and a touch of ladybug, like this.


I think both her PMJs and her Alice and Olivia IYB deserve a trip to New York.

Thinking along the same lines maybe she'd like to take her Kate Spade beeline cardi and Anna Sui trampoline skirt to wear together for a sweet springtime in New York look.


So that's the everyday pretty much covered and then Emma would just need a super-special outfit for the Nationals performance itself.


I'm thinking Emma would like to wear her super-special Valentino bow dress with her lucky sectionals win cardi. And gold shoes are always good. That's my belief.

So I think my point is proved. Emma had the clothes to go to New York, she's an excellent packer, she should have gone to Nationals. Ryan, Ian and Brad you were wrong.

Also I think there's no way that Emma would have let Will lead the glee club into their most important competition so under-prepared. No way.

Nope, if Emma had been there she'd never have let Will be so irresponsible as to leave New Directions song-less and unsupervised. And maybe with the right counselling Finn would never have kissed Rachel on stage and New Directions would have gone on to triumph at Nationals. Which means it would have been win-win.

That's win for us and win for Emma's clothes :)

Friday, 3 June 2011

Fruitful fashion

I don't think there's ever been a better time to be fruit obsessed. Or to be working on a fruit obsession for that matter. Because I'm thinking instead of all the fruit prints and accessories being an unhelpful reminder maybe Emma could reward herself for every unpolished grape she eats with one of these pretty purchases. I think I would. Anyway with her cherry earrings, citrus-y necklace and pineapple cardi I'm sure Emma approves of the current trend for all things deliciously fruity.