Sunday, 28 November 2010

Owl I want for Christmas is you

Of course Emma should have been singing this song to Will in the Glee Christmas episode but Ryan Murphy, grinch that he is, wouldn't let us have that. But anyway Emma loves owls and well who doesn't? So here are some lovely owlish gift ideas.

So much to choose from! If you can afford them the Kate Spade ear muffs are a whimsical way to keep warm this winter. The lovely Kate Spade coin purse and bag can be found on ebay. We have sweet baby owl brooches, bracelets, belts, earrings, necklaces and rings. My favourite pieces of jewellery are the Hobbs cuff, Monsoon statement ring, Forever 21 filigree ring, ASOS filigree owl pendant, Miss Selfridge ring and Orelia necklace.

There are lots of ways to bring owls into your home too. Cozy up with a pretty owl cushion, keep warm with a cute owl hottie or drink your tea from an owl mug. Pour your non-dairy milk substitute from your owl pitcher and make your tea in an owl tea pot. Keep everything organized with a sweet owl notebook and neat and tidy with these oversized owl paperclips.

Happy Stir-up Sunday!


Mackensie Perry said...

i love all the owlie things! so adorable! owls are my favorite animals, they're just intelligent and pretty and cute! it's hard to pick which of these owl items i'd want the most! if only all would appear in my room! :)
lovely blog by the way! i love glee (almost as much as i love owls!)

Tea said...

Me too! I love them all! Thanks for following! :)