Friday, 5 November 2010

Endlessly seeking Emma

Yep, more Pillsbury-esque delights from Forever 21. We have lots more coats, some great black and white (that's monochromatic to the rest of the world) pieces, pretty flower necklaces and even some shoes.

The Emma wardrobe essential of the week is, I think, the pretty cream short sleeved sweater with pearl trimmed neckline. If you don't own one of Emma's cream knits with a peter pan collar or bow at the neckline, then this could be a suitable substitute. I really like the black and white striped cardi with asymmetric fastening and a bow and I think the black and white a-line skirt with the sash waist could be lovely on Emma too. I'm just crazy about coats so I had to include these red, teal and cobalt blue pea coats. We know how much Emma likes her statement necklaces and I think all three of these would work well for her, as well as the orange laquered flower ring. For a dressy occasion Emma might consider swapping her PMJs for these black lacy mary janes or the royal blue courts with jewelled bows.

Despite being black, I think this coat could be lovely for Emma-wannabes with a fabulous bow thanks to its generous sash.

And something I've been pondering recently is how would Emma feel about sweater dresses? Any thoughts? Because this one would look really sweet on her with its neat bow and bright colour.

I also like this dress but I'm not sure who I'm shopping for - maybe Jayma?

life lesson: it's called 'buy it now' for a reason *slaps forehead*

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