Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bags of Pillsbury style

I've only ever seen Emma carrying a black tote bag and if anyone needs an array of pretty coloured bags to coordinate with her outfits it's Emma. I also think she'd find it hard to resist bow adorned and ruffled bags, I know I do.

It's even harder to understand Emma's lack of appropriate arm candy given her liking for (and ability to afford) Kate Spade clothes. She would surely be tempted by the gorgeous Kate Spade bags as well and I just can't believe she wouldn't have one or two. It's this kind of continuity mistake I find it hard to deal with.

How could Emma not succumb to the lure of the bright, shiny bags that look like they've just been given a fresh coat of paint? Or the polka dotted totes? Or the two tone bows? Or the gorgeous go with everything metallics? I have even included a baby bag - I'm ever the optimist :)

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