Friday, 26 November 2010

I'm dreaming of a Kate Spade Christmas

So thank the Lord Cheesus Emma is going to be in the Christmas episode. And that means Emma will need a festive frock for hanging about under the mistletoe *hint hint RM are you listening to the people?*

Oh what am I saying, of course Emma needs dresses for the holidays, I mean they do have Christmas in Lima whether they're filming Glee or not *doh*. So Em will need a few outfits. There'll be Christmas carolling (with Will hopefully), parties (I guess with Carl grrr) and the big day itself (time to meet the Howells? :S) and New Year of course *please let it be Will Emma's standing next to at midnight, please let it be Will Emma's standing next to at midnight, please let it be Will Emma's standing next to at midnight *

So yes Emma will certainly have been pondering what to wear for these events and I can't wait to see what she's wearing when she finds herself under that mistletoe *please let it be the green Galleria Bette dress, please let it be the green Galleria Bette dress, please let it be the green Galleria Bette dress* Let's see what she might be considering.

Okay so I don't need to say it but the Galleria Bette dress in green with its pleats and bow is my favourite choice for Emma's festive frolicking. I do love the snowy white Get Ready Kathleen turtleneck with its oversized corsage detail and I think it would be perfect paired with a pencil skirt for a less formal occasion. Likewise for the Briella blouse. I love the combination of crisp white with berry reds or a fresh forest-y green for the holidays. And the Be Dazzled Deanna dress in metallic gold jacquard or the sequinned Be Dazzled Addie jacket would both add that special touch of holiday sparkle.

If Emma didn't already own a gorgeous red Valentino dress with a bow, I'm sure she'd buy this beautiful Cascading Bow dress from Anthropologie. I like to think Emma would style it with a green belt and jewellery for a traditionally festive colour combo or gold for a touch of glamour. The Finessed sweater dress may be black but with it pretty pleats, frilled cuffs and bow sash could be wonderful for keeping warm while carolling. The Stylist's Eye dress has a gorgeous ruffled top and skirt with metallic sheen. I adore the retro charm of the Spinning Lace dress and the shimmery sophistication of the Zibo Midnight sheath dress.

Emma would certainly be checking out the party dresses at J Crew and they have some very pretty offerings in an array of jeweltones. My favourite is the silk taffeta Blakely dress with its a-line skirt and stand up ruffles at the neckline which would suit Emma so well. It also comes in the divine spiced wine colourway and a holiday-appropriate alpine green.

Well I had to make a Milly Christmas set because I do love Milly so. I think the glittery gold Pailettes Brigitte dress with its pleated neckline and black bow belt would look lovely on Emma as would the gold shift dress with black lace overlay. The black and gold bow-embellished one shouldered dress might be slightly more daring for Emma but would look absolutely dazzling I'm sure. What the all black silk ruffle shift dress lacks in colour it more than makes up for in ruffles, while the gold metallic lace shift and red bow dress are both beautiful they might be slightly more Jayma-esque in length than Emma-propriate but I'd love to see Emma wear either.

I'm sure Emma would give a lot of thought to her accessories so I think that deserves another post but I would just like to say that I think she should consider some sort of mistletoe jewellery, earrings or brooch, just so its handy should the situation arise.

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