Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Gorgeous girl gloves

I know I've said it before but it's true so I'll say it again - all coats should have ruffled cuffs. It would just be better that way. But since they don't and you might find yourself wearing such a coat, here's a selection of brightly coloured and beautiful bow-bedecked or ruffle cuffed gloves to choose from. They'll make it all better, I promise. And they're not just perfect for Miss Pillsbury, they're also perfectly on trend this season. Just a word of warning, try not to get too distracted admiring your pretty gloved hands, because you'll be in danger of bumping in to things and people - and that's only good when you plan it as carefully as Emma does.

I don't think I can choose between these pretty gloves. I love the ones with bows on in purple, red or teal. I love the gloves with pleats and ruffles - especially the yellow ones but I'd be happy to have the long DvF purple gloves with TRIPLE ruffles too.

And here's a selection of woolen gloves and mittens

I think Emma would look super sweet in mittens - the green merino mittens would match her Juicy pea coat perfectly and the ones with pom poms are almost too adorable. I'm crazy about the long red and white trompe l'oeil gloves and the yellow bow gloves too. In fact I think I need yellow gloves and I'd gladly wear the pretty pinwheel golden gloves from Urban Outfitters. I love the heather coloured ones with three little bows almost as much as I love the stripy gloves with a row of three little hearts. And the white gloves with brooch detail seem made for Emma.

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