Sunday, 25 September 2011

Emma needs more Kate Spade

No, I mean it. I know that she has a lot of Kate Spade already. And I'm not for one minute suggesting that she stop shopping for clothes anywhere else. Not at all. I mean I even think she could be a little more adventurous these days. I'd really like to see the kind of eclectic mix of designers she wore in season one. But I do think there are a few more Kate Spade pieces that really belong in Emma's wardrobe.

Like this white sweater which comes with its own bow necklace.
Ellis bow-necklace top $245 from Neiman Marcus 

And I also think Emma should have this floral print jillian dress because it makes me think of her Tory Burch cardi and it has a gorgeous bow.
Jillian floral-print dress $425 from Neiman Marcus
I do love to see Emma in a simple sheath dress and I think she'd look beautiful in this shade of african violet. Oh yes, as well as some very pretty pleat details, it also has a bow.
mademoiselle silk-cotton bow dress $395 from Neiman Marcus

And because you can't have too many dresses and I think that's something Emma's begun to realise, and because I find this one instinctively appealing - I think it looks like floral josie and brodie and a dress we haven't met yet with a bow all had a baby.
barbara bow dress $395 (note not leopard print) Neiman Marcus
Also I hope Emma snapped up this betsy bow-jacquard skirt for $120 when it was in the sale this summer. I think it would be perfect to wear with her Betsey bow cardigan, or the ellis bow-necklace top or almost any of her numerous Kate Spade cardis.
betsy bow-jacquard skirt originally $345 from Neiman Marcus
That probably is enough for now at least.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

A late night purple piano project review

 *warning: this review may well cause offence if you're a die-hard Wemma shipper, can't bear to hear a critical word said about Glee or you know if you're Ryan Murphy. I only mention clothes once and it's in passing*

Well, I rewatched season 2 of Glee this week to celebrate its return although given how season 2 went even I thought that was a slightly strange way to mark the occasion. But it turns out that it was quite a fitting 'celebration' after all. If the first episode is anything to go by season 3 is going to make season 2 look really good.

I mean I knew consistent characterisation wasn't RIB's strong suit and perhaps the new writers haven't watched any of the previous episodes of Glee (I mean it's understandable if they skipped season 2 but surely they should have watched season one?) but I still thought perhaps they could come up with a slightly more convincing context for Emma's 'so this is what' line. I'm pretty damn sure that whoever wrote that hadn't seen oh, the kiss, say, or Acafellas, LAV, TTTM or probably any Wemma scene in fact.

And I know most Wemma shippers probably think we should just be happy that they are at long last a couple again but to be honest the Wemma in this episode left me pretty near speechless and not in a good way. One thing I really do want to say to Ryan Murphy though is this - 'I'm in a relationship and thinking of starting a family' that what you think character development is? Regardless of the fact that I'm wondering what Emma would have to say about that (something like "Ah, Will, I know I'm a little inexperienced and I may have a rather shaky grasp of what's actually involved here but I'm pretty sure we haven't yet managed to do the, ah, the, um, the necessary, ah, *waves hands* for that to happen") I want to say this - Ryan Murphy I thought you knew it was about the journey! Isn't that what you wrote in the season one finale which was, oh look yes, an episode of the same name?

I really feel that Ryan should have Miley Cyrus singing 'The Climb' right into his ear until he gets it. I think that would be  a punishment befitting them both.

If and when Miley is ever finished with that, it should be followed by a never ending chorus of 'You're never gonna get it' by En Vogue. Yes I'm referring to Ryan's chances of getting an Emmy for Glee.

Quite honestly all 'The purple piano project' made me want to do is this

1)find all Emma's nighties and buy them

2)berate Ryan Murphy for keeping from us all the development of Will and Emma's relationship and giving us no explanation for how they came to live together

In fact most of all what it made me want to write was this list:

All the Wemma Things Ryan Murphy Ever Stole From Us
  • the fake baby scene
  • a confrontation about the whole 'you're a slut' teachers' lounge conversation
  • (which would then lead to) a conversation about Shelby and April
  • a kiss under the miseltoe (it doesn't naturally follow I know but it mattered dammit)
  • Emma at sectionals
  • Emma at regionals
  • Emma at nationals
  • Emma and Will properly discussing what happened while 'rehearsing' *cough cough* for TTTM
  • Emma seeing Will for the first time after the drunk dial (i needed to hear that conversation)
  • Emma being jealous of Holly
  • Emma finding out Will had come home to Lima instead of staying in New York to star in Crossrhodes
  • the Pillsbury bang swoosh (okay not technically Wemma but it was there in the beginning and it should be there still and yes I am angry)
  • probably a thousand other feel free to add

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Milly Party

Well, I said I'd celebrate this blog's first birthday today and though, through a lack of internet and a combination of other things, I am way behind with the posts I'd planned, I thought I'd go ahead with this Milly themed post as the most appropriate way to celebrate.

Of course it coincides nicely with the Milly NYFW show and that is of course something worth celebrating too. But before we get ahead of ourselves with spring clothes, let's look at the autumn winter collection which I'm hoping, if we are very lucky may at least in part appear on Emma*.

*unlike the recent Kate Spade collection which Emma looks set to wear in it's entirety
margot ruffle blouse
ooh ruffles!! Maybe Emma needs to add to her bow blouse collection.
tucked sheath dress
mmm lovely print and it's a sheath dress so totally Emma :)
valentina dress
oh ric rac trim and a bow!!
fiona cocktail dress
 Would be perfect for Emma if only it weren't black :( I love it though ;)

lady puff dress
gorgeous sleevs and the most perfect belt! utterly elegant
halter market dress
This one's for summery dates and ya know strolling around the Lima farmers' market picking out locally grown (pesticide free) fruit.
perfect pleat date skirt

 Funny because I was thinking less date-wear and more schoolwear for this one, but wherever she wears it I think Emma would delight in that bold print and colour combination.

Another very Emma mix of colours and a demure length.
marion bow blouse
dominique lace dress
So pretty that I like to think Emma would wear it - surely she would if only for the magnificent bow?
jackie puff sleeve top
 Just because it's so pretty... look at that scalloped edging!!
aztec pleated blouse
 Mmmm pleats!!
marzia bow jacket
Lovely in black and white but Emma might well choose the coral version.
dara sweater jacket
 Pretty trim! :)
calista knee skirt
A print that's not for the faint of heart but Emma surely isn't.

I'm restraining myself's so hard for me not to choose more and more pretty clothes for Emma...okay maybe I'll have to a part II....

And since both Quinn and Rachel are now most unreasonably (I think) encroaching on Emma's territory by wearing Milly clothes, I thought it wise to let them know which ones they are permitted to choose from. This one's for Rachel of course.

raleigh combo dress
For Quinn to add to her eyelet dress collection
emalina strapless dress
And she can have this one too
ribbon trim dance dress

As well as being one of those days that needed to be reassigned happier associations, it's also a day I've designated as a thanksgiving of sorts and so it seems fitting that I say here how thankful I am to have been blogging here for over a year now. This blog is perhaps a little niche and I know that a lot of people pass through looking for Rachel's clothes, but it has provided me with the most wonderful distraction and diversion over the last year. And I've learnt that I could write a blog (that was news to me :)) and perhaps most of all that I'm happy to do it just for me. I know people say that nobody blogs for themselves (because what's the point right?) but I do and I think there are plenty of good reasons. Not that I want anyone to think I'm not pleased if they enjoy my blog, it's just not my main motivation. Mostly I view my posts to be like writing to a pen pal who doesn't speak the same language and in all likelihood doesn't understand the letters I write. I think my pen pal lives in Denmark.

But on the occasions that someone leaves a comment or tells me they like my blog that makes it mean all the more. And I'm grateful for that.

out of love, not for love

Saturday, 10 September 2011

Emma's summer wardrobe

I've long wondered what Emma wears at weekends and on her vacations. Away from McKinley does she still wear a pencil skirt? Or is her off-duty uniform strictly a-line? Maybe she even...could she, i really don't know if I should even say this, wear pants? Or oh my gosh in the heat of summer even venture out in shorts?

I suspect we might now have at least in part an answer to this question. In that I'm pretty sure sweet floral dresses feature in her free-time wardrobe...or at least on those occasions when she's on a date with Will and walking hand in hand with her sweetie to drop off new year school supplies at McKinley only to find herself subjected to a vicious dodgeball attack from one Sue Sylvester.

And that dress is undeniably super pretty but probably not so great for grocery shopping. And in a way that intrigues me even more because even if Emma does relax her strict sartorial regulations out of school hours, I can't believe any of her outfits are anything less than prim and pretty. I'd definitely like to see them.

So in the meantime I've been imagining. :)

Perhaps Emma has an out of school blue and yellow outfit?

Untitled #826

Or something pretty in pink? With plenty of bows and scalloped edging of course

Untitled #827

Maybe a navy and coral ensemble mixing polka dots and stripes?

Untitled #828

And of course I'm sure she has a summery taupe and coral combination

Untitled #829

Well, in all likelihood, lots of taupe and coral
A colour study in taupe and coral

All these outfits and I haven't even included any owls or ladybugs! Maybe Em has some ladybug print capris from J Crew tucked away in her closet... hmmm....

Friday, 9 September 2011

Emma & Sonia: why aren't they friends yet?

I could so easily have followed up my Emma & Kate post with a celebration of the beautiful friendship that is Emma & Milly and I very nearly did (okay and I probably will). But instead I'm going to go somewhere less obvious... although it seems like an obvious pairing to me. I mean Sonia Rykiel loves bows, and bows and stripes, bows and polka dots, prints and bows, nautical and did I mention the bows? Yes, Sonia loves everything Emma loves. I really can't imagine a more perfect match. Maybe Emma will read this and realise the potential here. I hope she does because there's lots.
Sonia Rykiel tops

I could add some words to this but really they'd just be along the lines of oooh pretty stripes...oh oh giant purple bow...gah heart print pussybow blouse be mine...stripes and polka dots i think I love you...and ruffles AND polka dots AND a leave me speechless....

So I won't I'm just going to let the pretty clothes and these outfits do the talking.

Emma in a Sonia Rykiel bow sweater

Emma goes nautical

Untitled #821

Untitled #822

Untitled #823

Untitled #824

Thursday, 8 September 2011

September Kate Spade Picks

My little blog had a birthday yesterday...and I didn't I just decided to celebrate it's one year and one week anniversary instead. Curious, perhaps, but it does allow me to do a whole week's posts in celebration. I'm thinking a series of posts on Emma's favourite designers? I haven't really decided but spontaneous is good. I mean I'd never have even started this blog if I hadn't written the first post on a whim one day while waiting for our boiler to be installed. Surprising really to think my blog owes its existence not to a love of clothes or shoes or jewellery but something far more mundane. And perhaps even more surprising to think that I'm still here blogging one year later.
Anyway I thought I'd start right back at the beginning, or at least with the basis of so many Emma outfits...Kate Spade.

Kate Spade color of September

I'm very happy with all the shades of ruby this month. I'm loving the bags adorned with giant bows and pretty buttons and the pink and red combos in particular. The bardot sweater dress and the ruffled antoinette dot top don't seem particularly Emma to me (the latter because of the neckline) but if Emma's trying new things who knows? But I could easily see Emma in the poppy tweed delphine skirt or the tweed malerie jacket. And I see every reason why Emma would want the cammie cardi in red as well as white...every reason being the super sweet bows at the cuffs and an insatiable love of cardigans.

Now I know there's inevitably a lot of speculation about season 3 but I like to think that I'm considering the most important of these questions. In season 3 will Emma get a new coat? And if so which coat will it be?

For this reason I've included cherie and patrice for consideration although I don't particularly see them having a place in Emma's wardrobe. But then I did say mona wasn't for Emma so....

Black and white with a pop of red

Confusingly there are quite a lot of black and white new arrivals in this month of ruby but I can forgive that since I adore black and white and it works so well with a pop of colour. My favourite pieces are the dotted did jacket and dotted delphine skirt. Both these pieces would work wonderfully well with Emma's existing wardrobe and easily deserve a place in her closet. I think she should have the bags too...because you can't have too many polka dotted bags with bows.

Emma does have quite a fondness for beaded sweaters so I can easily imagine her picking up the beaded darielle but magdalena and gail both seem more likely to end up on Miss Berry. If Emma doesn't think she already owns enough corsage adorned cardigans maybe she'd like to add rosie to their number and either the bow-cuffed matingale and pretty pink and red on the ave bracelet would add a pop of colour to an otherwise black and white outfit.

Monday, 5 September 2011

Not Emma's Marc Jacobs kristi bow blouse

But it has a really similar irregular two-tone dot print and a bow and it's yellow...which I'm pretty sure makes it better!

Also it has the advantage of being considerably cheaper.

Dark yellow spotted blouse by Red Herring at Debenhams £28