Monday, 8 November 2010

My Sue's Corner

I hate that this is true but I didn't love the Rocky Horror Glee Show. I mean I loved most of the songs, I loved Finn and I loved Finchel, the whole Sam storyline too, I adored Becky, the costumes and Sue but some parts made me very very angry. And since I'm feeling a level of rage I'm not accustomed to (yes still), I'm turning to someone who is, for an example of how to handle it. Yep that's right in this situation I have to ask what would Sue do? And having dismissed manhandling high school students (potentially actionable) and throwing protein shakes around (too messy!), I'm left with venting my anger by delivering a rant on my own segment of the local news. Only I'm not allowed on the local news so a blog rant is the way to go.

Unlike Sue I'm not purposefully trying to offend anyone, but just like Sue's corner there are likely to be insults thrown so anyone with delicate sensibilities with respect to Glee should look away now.

So what am I angry about? Well so many things right now. But let's start with Carma.

Yes I was probably always going to hate this relationship a little. The real problem is I just don't find it convincing despite the fact that after the way Will behaved I was prepared to be happy for Emma finding someone else, but when they cast the Stamos it made it a lot harder. And then when we first met Carl in Brittany/Britney it just got worse.

I don't really have anything personally against the Stamos - I mean I don't know him - but he seems to play arrogant and rather smarmy convincingly well. And the way he treated Will was just so patronising, and the way he treats Emma is so territorial and possessive and also SO patronising, and the way he hangs around a high school so much is just creepy. And most of all why is he in the show so much?

Is it some sort of over compensation for the whole 'more certainty than talent' remark? Sure his feelings were hurt but surely a simple apology would suffice.

I guess RM really believes in his talent - he must if he's serious about creating a show for him - and he must see an appeal that I really don't (anyone?), but that doesn't mean that Glee is the right show for the Stamos or that giving him such a large part works or even makes sense.

Sure Emma and Will both had their issues but to me that just meant that they didn't need to introduce a third party to add drama or conflict or even keep Will and Emma from being blissfully happy. I think they could have done that plenty well on their own.

And I certainly know that real relationships are messy. But does that mean our small screen relationships must be too? And it's not like RM has kept all the couples apart. Why was Finnchel allowed to be when Wemma wasn't? It's not like they didn't have their problems - teen pregnancy, love triangles, Brittana and Finn's V secret. But still these two teenagers navigated their way through when two adults couldn't?

Which brings me to the whole why have they made Will so immature and such a complete pathetic mess? I get that it gives us some fun storylines - plotting with or against Sue and all - but since the end of season one, when has Will actually acted like himself? And is Emma even acting true to character? Because I really didn't recognize her in this last episode and I didn't get the way she behaved in RHGS, when normally sensitive and considerate Emma appeared totally oblivious and unconcerned about Will's discomfort with the whole Carl auditioning and being in the school musical. And how is that even anywhere near appropriate or sensible anyway and would Emma really have forgotten telling Will that his performance with the kids only a couple of weeks before was unwise??? And then out of nowhere do an impromptu and completely pointless (in terms of Will rehearsing) performance of TTTM?

Don't get me wrong I'm pleased that Emma and Will got to perform TTTM, I just would have liked it better if it had a more realistic context. I hope they can reprise it soon with clearer intentions.

And I would just love to have seen the conversation Emma had with Carl when she explained exactly what had happened and how it had all come about.

Ok I'm sure no one really wants or needs to hear me complain anymore about Carl but I'll just say - full disclosure ... intimacy ... GRRRRR!!!!

And Emma listening to Will bare his feelings to her and not responding when she so clearly still has feelings for him ... and when she has been in his position.

I never thought it would be possible to find Emma anything other than adorable but I have to say in this episode I found myself getting a little annoyed with her. It's impossible to get annoyed with Jayma though - I tried whenever she gave interviews about how dreamy the Stamos was - but I just couldn't, she's too cute. Plus it's her job and all.

Also I'm very very angry about the idea that Emma, who is strong and smart and emotionally mature, needs any man to help her get better. I just hate that whole message and I get so annoyed when anyone says Carl is making her better when Emma is the only one who can be responsible for her own improvements. Give her some credit please.

And then there's the impact on Emma's hair and her clothes. I'm not taking that well at all. I miss her bang swoosh but the curls were ok. But now her hair has entirely lost its bounce and seems too flat. I take this to mean that Emma is really not happy with Carl whatever she says. Maybe she's in denial but her hair can't lie.

Also her clothes. In this last episode some of her outfits just seemed to be missing her distinctive quirky style. I don't think I'm reading too much in to it or that this was some sub-par styling by the great Lou Eyrich. No I believe that it was intentional and that the boxy grey jacket and grey cardi were outward signs that Emma is unhappy in this relationship with Carl and as much as she pretends things are going well she's really repressing her true feelings and her true self.

As much as anything it comes down to this: I think we've had more Carma screen time than Wemma. For me it certainly felt like Hot Patootie alone went on longer than the sum total of scenes when Will and Emma were actually in a relationship. And nothing lasts forever. So if we only have a limited number of seasons left and with Matthew Morrison expressing his intentions to not stay to the end anyway, then they better let Wemma happen soon and properly this time, ok?

Ryan Murphy, I am begging you from the bottom of my shippy little heart.

I know Sue would never apologise for her rants but by way of apology and a reward if you've read all of this here is this fan vid, which I watch to feel better. It shows Wemma just the way I want to remember them :)


Heather said...

Carl always being in the school OMG it makes me so mad. You can't just have random old pervy-looking men just wandering around the campus, without so much as a visitor badge. And did you not think the "I love your face when I try to change your routine" (or words to that effect) was just a little bit too much kidnapper and a little too little loving boyfriend?

So, um , yeah, you've got me started now. But it's nice to feel vindicated. And the reward was so lovely.

Tea said...

OMG yes!!! It just makes no sense that Carl's at school all the time and it makes me mad!!! And I know he's meant to be 'helping' Emma but I agree it just comes across creepy and controlling!

But I'm so glad you enjoyed the reward. Personally I think RM needs to reward us all (and make it up to us) by delivering a feature length vintage Wemma episode :)