Monday, 22 November 2010

Because you might not have a Nana Pillsbury

And if you don't, you sadly won't be inheriting her gorgeous collection of vintage jewellery. So what's a girl to do? Well go antiquing yourself, haunt those flea markets and stalk your quarry on ebay, of course, until you've found your own treasured new family heirlooms, you know that. If you're lucky you'll have an awesome yard sale ninja companion like No Pants Kathleen's grandmother to help you on your quest. But say you don't have much time and need to assemble a respectable little horde asap? Nothing really beats vintage and I adore rummaging through jumble sales and charity shops, there's nothing better than discovering a fabulous one-off piece but sometimes new is ok too. You could always rub in some dirt to take off some of that newness and sparkle and age it instantly. Oh hold on a sec, I'm not sure how Emma would feel about that ... just be sure to use clean dirt ok?

Anyway there's a lot of jewellery with potential at Forever 21 this week and I've collected it together here for your consideration. Look on it as a virtual yard sale.

I'm crazy about all the multi-coloured gemstone bracelets and earrings. I love the teal and green flower brooch, the butterfly earrings, the set of gold bangles, with one covered in peachy, pale yellow and pearl flowers and the dangly gold leaves earrings. I adore all the pretty pearl and sparkly iridescent fairy tale princess-worthy accessories and the bold black beetle pendant and lacquered flower ring.

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