Sunday, 27 March 2011

More dresses for Miss Berry

Whether it's stripes, florals, polka dots, plaid or bows, I do like a Rachel Berry dress. So here's a little selection. Oh, plus some shoes. Who wouldn't want loafers with bows on? Or gold fringed driving shoes?

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Quinntessentially pretty

Quinn's style has definitely evolved since the start of Glee. It's just a shame that her character hasn't.

Her look now is a little tougher and a little less sweet with darker colours and boots instead of ballet flats. And though I do like what she's wearing still and I can see why the decision might have been made to make her less girlish, I can't help but wonder that since she's still the same manipulative, self-interested, deceitful, backstabbing bitch that perhaps it would have suited her just as well to remain a wolf in sheep's clothing.

Regardless I've picked out some pretty dresses for both her former and her current taste.

I do love the vintage Quinn dresses but then I would because I love polka dots, blue and white and broderie anglaise. The chick print fit and flare dress from Free People with its retro styling (love that piping) and subtle print would have been perfect for Quinn.

Nevertheless I'm still enjoying seeing Quinn in stronger colours and I think the dresses in the bottom row would suit her current look well.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

What Valentino shoes would Emma Pillsbury wear?

I wasn't kidding when I said this blog could so easily have been called 'What shoes would Emma Pillsbury wear?'. Okay, it could also easily have been called 'All the shoes I really want' or 'Mmmm, shoes'. Anyway, I digress, Emma's been buying new shoes recently and since there are lots of lovely Valentino shoes, and she's worn Valentino before, maybe she'd like to wear some of these. I know I would. There are  pretty pastels, shiny patents, polka dots, t bars and bows. Lots of bows. Mmmmm, bows :)

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Not Emma's watercolour floral pencil skirt

Blue floral pencil skirt £28 from Dorothy Perkins

I think this is a perfect floral pencil skirt for Emma. It's not her watercolour floral pencil skirt for sure but I do think it would be great with her IYB and that makes sense because it's kind of like her aqua bow pencil skirt mixed with her watercolour pencil skirt (thus proving clothing arithmetic works which is good because it's the most enjoyable kind).

And I think Emma would have a great outfit with this skirt, her IYB, yellow PMJs and ladybug bracelet.

For Tina

Because I haven't forgotten about you, even if Glee kinda has. I mean they seem to have forgotten that you have an amazing voice and really ought to get more solos. And, in fact, I don't remember the last time they even gave you an awesome line to deliver, which you do really well by the way. I can only conclude that these oversights are because they forgot about you, but I haven't and I've chosen some pretty things just for you.

Floral lace sleeveless collar dress £18
New-fang-led ring $9.99
Lace trimmed peter pan collar top $24.80

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Not Emma's Beeline Billie Cardi

Left: Louche Dorothy lace trim cardigan £35 Right: Kate Spade beeline billie $186
When I saw this yellow and white lace embellished cardi by Louche it reminded me of Emma's Kate Spade beeline billie cardi that she wore in Brittany/Britney.
And I think worn with a white bow blouse and pencil skirt as Emma did it makes a great affordable alternative.

Also I love how in the description they say that this is one of three go-with-everything colours. How many people, other than Emma perhaps, find yellow very wearable? See, it's meant for Pillsbury styling.

Monday, 14 March 2011

Glee and Me: It's complicated

Warning: this is long, somewhat messy and I don't even talk about clothes. If you don't want to hear about my feelings about Glee (and in particular Wemma), there's not much for you here.

It's complicated. Yeah, it really is. It used to be so simple. Way back in the front 13 it was just love. Glee made me laugh, it made my heart sing, it seemed so smart and funny and I hoped it would be like that forever. But then things changed. Glee started to make me mad, so mad that sometimes I just want to scream. I started noticing its flaws and I felt so frustrated and above all disappointed. It's not that there aren't still good times, times when it almost feels the way it used to, but there have been more testing times than I ever expected, times when Glee has tested my love to the limit. Let's just say, Emma, I get what you mean when you say you feel confused about how you feel because that's how I feel about Glee.

But, Emma, I think I've learnt from your mistakes and I know I need to work through these feelings. I need to give this thing between Glee and me a chance before I move on and replace it with another tv show. Because I might find myself regretting giving up on the show I love. Or I could find myself with two shows vying for that special place in my heart and that really doesn't work out well, does it?

Forever 21 Finds: Rachel

I only need a little encouragement to keep me checking out the new arrivals at Forever 21 and being able to id Rachel's bow print dress, striped skirt (still available) and even Quinn's ruffle dress at a glance is enough for me. It's how I get my cheap thrills.

So first up we have dresses suitable for Miss Rachel F. Berry.

My favourites are given the Rachel Berry seal of approval - a gold star. The blue and white floral print Flower Garden dress with the ruffled sleeves reminds me of Rachel's floral Marc Jacobs dress. The black Posy Print chiffon dress is a little like the long-sleeved confetti print dress from H&M that Rachel wore. I like the dress with the flap detail on the bodice and row of three buttons (again similar in design to one of Rachel's Marc Jacobs dresses) and the polka dotted chambray dress with piping is simply very sweet. But I do think Rachel would wear any of these. She'd surely have to have this star print dress though.
Belted stars dress $22.80

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Forever 21 Finds: Santana

It's been a tough week for Santana but I'm sure new clothes will cheer her up. 
Colorblock bandage dress $24.80

Forever 21 Finds: Emma

Rosette knit cardigan $19.80
This coral cardi with rosettes just needs a turtle brooch for 
that perfect Emma touch
Ditsy roses cardigan $22.80
A sweet floral crewneck cardi with 3/4 sleeves in
pretty spring colours
High seas cardigan $22.80
Love the gold buttons and it's not dissimilar to the Milly tab
cardi. I think Emma would like the navy and white.
Girlish charm blouse $18.80
An unusual print for Emma, but the bow and waterfall
ruffle makes it possible, plus it's yellow.
Knit reader cardigan $20
Out of stock online but with the cute eyeglasses print and
bow detail it's worth keeping an eye out
Silk-blend dotted button up $22.80
Polka dots and a peter pan collar. Enough said.
Polka dot knit skirt $9.80
Okay, maybe not quit long enough for Emma,
but still cute.
Tiered scallop edge skirt $22.80
I think Emma would really like this scallop
edged coral skirt.
Polka dot peeptoe pumps $22.80
Shoes and polka dots - I'm not sure there's
a better combination.
Bambi tee $14.80
Not for Emma, but as an alternative way to pay
tribute to the doe-eyed one.

For Mercedes

Right or wrong, Mercedes doesn't get much on Glee so ya know I got her some stuff to make up for it. Stuff always helps.

Mix tape necklace $1.50 from Forever21

Forever 21 Finds: Quinn

I'm going old school with this dress for Quinn. It's very much season one and would have been perfect for Halo/Walking on Sunshine - one of my all time fave Glee performances. In fact I think everyone should have a dress that lets them channel all that energy and optimism and I love this one.
stitched polka dot dress with eyelet border $27.80

Forever 21 Finds: Brittany

One area season 2 has delivered more than I expected is with respect to Brittany's, Santana's and Quinn's clothing. Yep, you gotta look for the positives. Anyway Brittany likes her cropped tees and so I've picked out some with her favourite motifs - hearts and birds it seems. Oh yes and there's a magic bunny t-shirt too.

Also we have shorts (with and without suspenders), a jumpsuit (the bamboo print is reminiscent of the H&M bird print one Brittany wore), floral print jeans (yes the blue and white pair look a little odd in the picture because they've been styled with Rachel's shoes but without they be just fine for Brittany).

Brittany would definitely wear the feather earrings. The zebra ring and panda tote are just there because I like them. And the tops, well Brittany likes owls (yay!) and while she may not know which flags these are I'm sure she'd wear either.

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Birds and the bees Betsey-style

Emma's really been working the symbolic jewellery well lately. I loved the bee brooch and owls are birds, so they're perfect for celibacy club, and her cherry earrings too of course. The flower brooch was also an appropriate choice.

It's spring and Betsey Johnson seems to have the birds and the bees on her mind too ... as well as ladybugs, dragonflies, frogs, flowers and all kinds of springtime delights ... and bows too. Bows are always good.

Emma definitely needs the bee drop earrings, I think she'd like the hummingbirds too and the yellow drop flowers with little gold bows would most surely appeal to her. Who wouldn't want those cute yellow ladybug earrings? The drop ladybug with bow that's part of the mismatched pair with the dragonfly is gorgeous too. Would Emma like the asymmetry? I don't know but one thing Emma's not afraid of is being adventurous with her jewellery ... I mean how many people would think to put a turtle brooch on the embellished flowers on their cardi? That's right, not many. I don't care what anyone says, Emma is fearless.

I'm loving the bracelets with their bright flowers and ladybugs. It would be like having a riot of spring dancing on your wrist.

And bows are always good. Always. The gold bow studs or hoops would work with so many outfits and the pearl drops are lovely. Of course yellow bows are awesome and the bangle is very pretty. I do hope Emma adds to her Betsey Johnson jewellery collection soon.

New shoes for Emma

It seems like Emma's been on a shoe shopping spree lately. And I do love shoes. I really do. In fact if there wasn't already a fabulous blog of a very similar name I could easily have called my blog 'What shoes would Emma Pillsbury wear?'. It would of course have been a shame to miss out on all the pretty clothes and the appeal would have been rather niche but I would have been able to devote an awful lot of posts to shoes like these.

I'm loving the abundance of brightly coloured shoes right now - the bright blue, yellow and orange mary janes, the green peep toes. I adore the coral crossover strap shoes and I think Emma would too. I'm sure she'd love some striped or polka dotted shoes also, I mean who wouldn't? There are so many shoes with bows - delicate little ribbon bows or more of a statement like the spotted bows on the Modcloth courts. I'm loving the LK Bennett patent pumps - so much that I've included them in every colour - the rolled bows give a rather modern feel to an otherwise classic design. And I had to include the gold Glee peep toes, if only for the name.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

What's Emma hiding in her closet? A Milly retrospective

I meant to organise this post by colour - that's how I think Emma would do it, you know for ease of putting together a monochromatic outfit - but I didn't. Never mind I still find the effect quite soothing, almost mesmeric.