Monday, 1 November 2010

Emma coats of many colours

If the early arrival of the snowy Siberian swans does foretell of a long and icy winter then we're going to need Emma worthy coats. Maybe that should be Wemma worthy ie. coats that are equal to 'The Kiss'. Could a coat as pretty as the ruffle cuffed green Juicy pea coat even be responsible for a moment like that? Could we put this to the test? It's worth a shot. Anyway that's how we're going to be rating them by their Wemma kiss-worthiness on a scale of 1-4.

Of course all coats should really have ruffled cuffs but I have allowed other coats to be considered, which is especially important at the budget end of the selection. Don't worry there's a way round all that but let's get on with the coat judging.

*disclaimer I can't actually vouch for the warmth of these coats or their ability to induce slow motion running or hallway kisses. Sorry!

In this category of double breasted and military inspired coats the high scorers are the coral Love Label coat with frilled placket and frilled cuffs, the red ruffled 1972 vintage collection coat and navy ruffled Winter Sun wool coat, both from French connection, and the red Loz ruffle detail military coat from These all combine bright Emma-worthy colour with kissable ruffle details - except for the navy one, which just gets full marks because I tried it on and fell in love.

The grey Yumi coat with fabulous bow detail only loses a mark for the lack of colour and similarly other coats in this category fall short as they don't have the pretty detail despite coming in a gorgeous colour. Still a colourful coat does make a great basis for an Emma-worthy winter outfit.

Next up we have a selection of retro and plaid outerwear. My favourite Emma-esque vintage-inspired coats are the fuschia Charming Taylor coat, for its fabulous colour and rosette embellishments on the cuffs, the teal Darling Isis coat, which not only has a charming polka dot print but lace detail at cuffs, collar and hem, the red Miss Selfridge coat with contrasting black bow details, both blue and coral coats from Love Label with bows on the sleeves and the Darling Lilly coat which has cute corsage buttons and delightful frilled cuffs, more than making up for the lack of colour.

Close runners up were polka dot coat from French Connection, the fabulously retro black belted coat from Very and the Darling Betsy coat with the single oversized beaded button - it's divine but so much more Mad Men than Emma Pillsbury.

Top of the plaid coats is the ruffle collared coat from New Look - in person it's reminiscent of Emma's plaid jacket from the PB&J scene in the pilot.

Here we have a selection of single breasted coats that I think Emma might consider wearing - plus a green double breasted one which I just had to include on account of its perfect colour. Full marks go to the red coats from boohoo for their ruffles and bows respectively but I also love the tulip coat with mandarin collar from River Island in cornflower blue and scarlet.

For this selection of jackets I've awarded three Wemma kisses to the Marc Jacobs pea coat with plaid frill, the green asymmetric scalloped edge jacket with corsage detail by Fever (also comes in blue and red) and the navy ruffled edged military jacket by DKNY with lovely shiny gold buttons. The navy South Molton frilled jacket from Very, red sixties swing coat and blue and green jackets from Matalan as well as the camel pleated collar Love Label coat all score two.

And the solution to coats without ruffled cuffs of their own? Why ruffled cuff gloves of course! Or maybe gloves with bows on. And then there are adorable berets, scarves, corsages and brooches - so many options to up the Wemma worthiness of a simple coat - and I'm going to be picking out my favourites very soon.

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