Sunday, 14 November 2010

Emma looks forward to spring 2011

We all know Emma loves to plan ahead and be super well prepared so I'm sure she's already looking over the new Kate Spade collection for spring 2011. And if Emma is, then I figure we should too.

And there are some pretty things that I just can't wait to see her wear (and, um, try on myself!)

I just love the way Emma's so excited about all the new Kate Spade pieces that she's forgotten to align all the items on her desk! Oh okay so I made the set like that ... but I'm sure she would be too excited to get out her tape measure.

I love all these bright and colourful pieces. Just looking at them cheers me up on these dark winter days and they'll be perfect for bringing spring into any wardrobe. I love the rainbow confection that is the Tutti Fruitti necklace and the sunny yellow Enchanted Garden Bib necklace would surely catch Emma's eye. As would the coral Cafe Kati jeweled cardigan and perhaps the cheerful Villa Valerie jacket with its contrast piping. I adore the red and white candy stripes and ruffles of the Metropolitan Bow tank and of course the polka dotted Madeline bag.

There are more rainbow brights in the form of the Cafe Jeanette dress and the Cafe Iris print top.
If Emma's looking for a new coat come spring, maybe she'll consider this Metropolitan Rose coat.
Or perhaps she'll want a light weight red trench.
 When spring comes around I do hope Emma's feeling happy and in the mood to use this cheery bag, though it goes without saying there's one person I don't want to be responsible for her happiness.
But I do so hope Emma has some special dates to dress up for, in which case she might get good use out of some more pretty bib necklaces. Like the gorgeous Sweet Spot necklace.
Or the divine Crystal Corsage necklace.
And maybe she'd like to wear the delightfully dotty Cafe Melody dress with bow detail shoulder and full pleated skirt.

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