Tuesday, 2 November 2010

More covetable coats

I think Emma-philes can probably be split in to two categories - those who consider her green Juicy pea coat to be an outfit in its own right and those who don't. I'm definitely on the coat makes an outfit side - perhaps because I live somewhere that's cold enough for me to think that on the coldest days it would be nice to just put on an amazing coat over my pjs or maybe my thermals. But anyway it seems I just really love coats so here are some more for your consideration.

Scoring is based again on the Wemma kiss-worthiness scale from 1-4 see here for more

My most Wemma-worthy picks from this group are the Old Navy peacoat in the most perfect shade of green, the royal blue pleated skirt coat from JCPenney, the gorgeous green Old Navy long trench, the yellow pea coat with ruffled hem from JCPenney, the blue ruffled placket 3/4 length coat from Old Navy and the white belted ruffle front coat from Piperlime. The red and white tweed pea coat from Gap, the plaid pea coat and ruffle collared jacket in gold, both from Old Navy, and the purple delicately ruffle edged coat from Banana Republic all score highly too.

Most Wemma kiss-worthy coats from this next group are the sunshine-y yellow jacket from Buckle, the red rose petal ruffle necked coat, the purple ruffle placket belted jacket, the red Marc Jacobs pea coat with plaid frill and the white ruffle collar coat from Piperlime but my favourite, and a coat that could I think contend with Emma's green Juicy pea coat for kissability, is the 'apple of my eye' green trench coat with it's pleated and ruffled details and frilled cuffs. It is sadly out of stock right now but I've included it because it would be well worth hunting down.

Full marks go to the wondrous winter white ruffled placket coat from Target, which I think would look great on Emma with a coloured beret and gloves, and the short double ruffle edged military jacket also from Target. But I also like the blackberry coloured ruffle pea coat, the raspberry belted coat and blue coat with pleated skirt from Kohl's as well as the plaid frilled cuff jacket, purple double breasted coat, pink pea coat and long ruby coat from Target.

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