Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Need a Betsey Johnson dress for sectionals tonight?

Yup, New Directions love Betsey Johnson and Vocal Adrenaline wore Betsey too. That makes her the go-to designer for show choirs.

You can of course get THE dress New Directions will be competing in at Sectionals this year or last years Regionals dress (in silver) but there are so many other show-stopping dresses to choose from.

I love the sequinned dresses - especially the appropriately named Eve Quinn dress (is that a nod to Glee Betsey?) - and the shimmery metallics - love love love the gold Jingle Bells, frosty Southern lights and Snow Queen dresses. I like the lace overlays too, particularly in black and white (top row third from left) and the full skirted prom dresses like the white organza dress with black flowers scattered over the skirt and bodice (third row, far right). There are so many performance-worthy dresses from Betsey Johnson I think we could easily be seeing many more on Glee. Just remember to add that halter neck if you're going to be dancing.

Some of these dresses would perfectly suit the individual characters style - prom dresses maybe or Christmas dance? The pale pearly pink dress with layered frill skirt and bow and the white tiered dress with duck egg blue sash would suit Quinn's sweet look. The metallic pewter leopard print prom dress might appeal to Mercedes too
How about some Betsey Johnson shoes too? I love these ones and they're wedges - perfect for dancing.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Owl I want for Christmas is you

Of course Emma should have been singing this song to Will in the Glee Christmas episode but Ryan Murphy, grinch that he is, wouldn't let us have that. But anyway Emma loves owls and well who doesn't? So here are some lovely owlish gift ideas.

So much to choose from! If you can afford them the Kate Spade ear muffs are a whimsical way to keep warm this winter. The lovely Kate Spade coin purse and bag can be found on ebay. We have sweet baby owl brooches, bracelets, belts, earrings, necklaces and rings. My favourite pieces of jewellery are the Hobbs cuff, Monsoon statement ring, Forever 21 filigree ring, ASOS filigree owl pendant, Miss Selfridge ring and Orelia necklace.

There are lots of ways to bring owls into your home too. Cozy up with a pretty owl cushion, keep warm with a cute owl hottie or drink your tea from an owl mug. Pour your non-dairy milk substitute from your owl pitcher and make your tea in an owl tea pot. Keep everything organized with a sweet owl notebook and neat and tidy with these oversized owl paperclips.

Happy Stir-up Sunday!

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Deck the halls with bees and ladybugs

Tomorrow we're going Christmas tree shopping, which as always I'm so excited about, and I've already been shopping for decorations and found some super cute red hearts with white polka dots and tiny toadstool decorations, both of which I think Emma would love. And that's got me thinking, what would Emma Pillsbury decorate her Christmas tree with?

Would she simply go with sparkling white? Snowflakes and snow bunnies? Or just lots of bows? Maybe a monochromatic look? Or a selection from Anthropolgie's jewelled menagerie? Would she choose a traditional yet (pepper)minty fresh theme? Perhaps she'd opt for owls? Or pretty peacocks, partridges, pheasants, red robins and doves too? Does she decorate with ladybugs, bumble bees and butterflies? Or does the doe-eyed one prefer to hang darling deer decorations? Perhaps she has miniatures of her PMJs and tiny glittery garments to hang on her tree? I would so love to know.

And the rest of Glee, how would they decorate? Mercedes might love these animal print baubles and Tina might choose some Night before Christmas decs. Quinn is a pretty traditional girl at heart and I think her decorations would reflect that. I have trouble envisioning Santana's Christmas celebrations but perhaps she'd like something a little more contemporary. Brittany's so sweet, I've chosen her cute cupcake ornaments as well as Hello Kitty. And Rachel - well I know she's Jewish but while she may not have a Christmas tree that's no reason to not decorate the house - so these argyle and plaid baubles seem perfect for her and I think she'd like these ballet shoes as well as the inevitable gold stars as a tribute to her talent.

Will loves his cookies so I thought these cookie ornaments would be fun for him - my favourite is the chocolate chip one from UO. Since the glee guys are all in the football team I've been a little lazy and got them all football themed decs. And for Sue? Well tiny megaphones and mini cheerleaders of course.

Friday, 26 November 2010

I'm dreaming of a Kate Spade Christmas

So thank the Lord Cheesus Emma is going to be in the Christmas episode. And that means Emma will need a festive frock for hanging about under the mistletoe *hint hint RM are you listening to the people?*

Oh what am I saying, of course Emma needs dresses for the holidays, I mean they do have Christmas in Lima whether they're filming Glee or not *doh*. So Em will need a few outfits. There'll be Christmas carolling (with Will hopefully), parties (I guess with Carl grrr) and the big day itself (time to meet the Howells? :S) and New Year of course *please let it be Will Emma's standing next to at midnight, please let it be Will Emma's standing next to at midnight, please let it be Will Emma's standing next to at midnight *

So yes Emma will certainly have been pondering what to wear for these events and I can't wait to see what she's wearing when she finds herself under that mistletoe *please let it be the green Galleria Bette dress, please let it be the green Galleria Bette dress, please let it be the green Galleria Bette dress* Let's see what she might be considering.

Okay so I don't need to say it but the Galleria Bette dress in green with its pleats and bow is my favourite choice for Emma's festive frolicking. I do love the snowy white Get Ready Kathleen turtleneck with its oversized corsage detail and I think it would be perfect paired with a pencil skirt for a less formal occasion. Likewise for the Briella blouse. I love the combination of crisp white with berry reds or a fresh forest-y green for the holidays. And the Be Dazzled Deanna dress in metallic gold jacquard or the sequinned Be Dazzled Addie jacket would both add that special touch of holiday sparkle.

If Emma didn't already own a gorgeous red Valentino dress with a bow, I'm sure she'd buy this beautiful Cascading Bow dress from Anthropologie. I like to think Emma would style it with a green belt and jewellery for a traditionally festive colour combo or gold for a touch of glamour. The Finessed sweater dress may be black but with it pretty pleats, frilled cuffs and bow sash could be wonderful for keeping warm while carolling. The Stylist's Eye dress has a gorgeous ruffled top and skirt with metallic sheen. I adore the retro charm of the Spinning Lace dress and the shimmery sophistication of the Zibo Midnight sheath dress.

Emma would certainly be checking out the party dresses at J Crew and they have some very pretty offerings in an array of jeweltones. My favourite is the silk taffeta Blakely dress with its a-line skirt and stand up ruffles at the neckline which would suit Emma so well. It also comes in the divine spiced wine colourway and a holiday-appropriate alpine green.

Well I had to make a Milly Christmas set because I do love Milly so. I think the glittery gold Pailettes Brigitte dress with its pleated neckline and black bow belt would look lovely on Emma as would the gold shift dress with black lace overlay. The black and gold bow-embellished one shouldered dress might be slightly more daring for Emma but would look absolutely dazzling I'm sure. What the all black silk ruffle shift dress lacks in colour it more than makes up for in ruffles, while the gold metallic lace shift and red bow dress are both beautiful they might be slightly more Jayma-esque in length than Emma-propriate but I'd love to see Emma wear either.

I'm sure Emma would give a lot of thought to her accessories so I think that deserves another post but I would just like to say that I think she should consider some sort of mistletoe jewellery, earrings or brooch, just so its handy should the situation arise.

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Bags of Pillsbury style

I've only ever seen Emma carrying a black tote bag and if anyone needs an array of pretty coloured bags to coordinate with her outfits it's Emma. I also think she'd find it hard to resist bow adorned and ruffled bags, I know I do.

It's even harder to understand Emma's lack of appropriate arm candy given her liking for (and ability to afford) Kate Spade clothes. She would surely be tempted by the gorgeous Kate Spade bags as well and I just can't believe she wouldn't have one or two. It's this kind of continuity mistake I find it hard to deal with.

How could Emma not succumb to the lure of the bright, shiny bags that look like they've just been given a fresh coat of paint? Or the polka dotted totes? Or the two tone bows? Or the gorgeous go with everything metallics? I have even included a baby bag - I'm ever the optimist :)

Musings on life, love and glee

Wemma babies have so much of my attention that I didn't see it coming ... the possibility of Werri babies! Aaargh!!!! There I was busily trying not to be dismayed by Will's behaviour once again (you love Emma, Will, what do you think you are doing???) when crawling in to the periphery of my mind came a crazy eyed, shrieking Werri baby!!! Oh poor Emma, you do not need this complication.

Clearly Miss Holiday's leggings were the least of anyone's worries. But I can't help but wonder how Will performing Toxic attracted so much criticism and then there's Holly sitting in a rather unladylike fashion on the piano in a very short mini skirt and doing a cartwheel wearing nothing more than a bit of fringing.

I really miss 'How would Glee wear it?' That's all. Anybody else?

Monday, 22 November 2010

Because you might not have a Nana Pillsbury

And if you don't, you sadly won't be inheriting her gorgeous collection of vintage jewellery. So what's a girl to do? Well go antiquing yourself, haunt those flea markets and stalk your quarry on ebay, of course, until you've found your own treasured new family heirlooms, you know that. If you're lucky you'll have an awesome yard sale ninja companion like No Pants Kathleen's grandmother to help you on your quest. But say you don't have much time and need to assemble a respectable little horde asap? Nothing really beats vintage and I adore rummaging through jumble sales and charity shops, there's nothing better than discovering a fabulous one-off piece but sometimes new is ok too. You could always rub in some dirt to take off some of that newness and sparkle and age it instantly. Oh hold on a sec, I'm not sure how Emma would feel about that ... just be sure to use clean dirt ok?

Anyway there's a lot of jewellery with potential at Forever 21 this week and I've collected it together here for your consideration. Look on it as a virtual yard sale.

I'm crazy about all the multi-coloured gemstone bracelets and earrings. I love the teal and green flower brooch, the butterfly earrings, the set of gold bangles, with one covered in peachy, pale yellow and pearl flowers and the dangly gold leaves earrings. I adore all the pretty pearl and sparkly iridescent fairy tale princess-worthy accessories and the bold black beetle pendant and lacquered flower ring.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

In Pursuit of Awesomeness

I've been inspired recently to formalise my commitment to wearing awesome clothes. The reasons? Well, I guess there are many but the main ones are the inspiring example of Kathleen's No Pants Challenge, the life enhancing effect of wearing fabulous clothes and my own personal experience of not having that opportunity. A year ago all I got to wear for nine weeks was pyjamas or hospital gowns, with scrubs reserved for dressy occasions. And as always in times such as those, one of the things I would regret (along with the possibility of never seeing the end of my favourite tv shows) was the clothes I hadn't worn. And I don't want to have such easily avoidable regrets so one year on it seems like a good time to reaffirm that commitment to myself.

I know this could seem like a superficial goal to some. But I honestly don't feel it is - or at least it doesn't have to be. If I had a mission statement or a motto I think it would be 'Better living through better dressing' or 'A life well dressed is a life well lived'. Because I truly feel that awesome clothes are life enhancing. I'm not talking about designer labels that will make people jealous or that are aspirationally expensive. I'm referring to the kind of clothes that make you feel awesome. Clothes that make you feel empowered when you look in the mirror. Clothes that make your day a happy one simply because you are wearing them, regardless of how mundane or tedious your day may otherwise be. Clothes that make you smile just by looking at them. These are the kind of clothes that make you feel more confident, more resilient, more cheerful, more positive. And when you feel like that, you really can achieve more, cope with more and enjoy more. I hesitate to say it in case it sounds completely ludicrous, but I even think it makes me a more generous, patient and tolerant person - and maybe it's not so silly and it's actually part of what makes Emma the kind and wonderful person that she is. My own personal philosophy is that I like things to be pretty but I don't think people should feel they have to be. Most importantly I don't think it's right to judge people on the way they look or even whether they seem to be making an effort with their appearance. This is something positive I'm choosing to do for myself not a measure by which to judge others.

So I've been following my own little challenge for the last few weeks and I'm really enjoying it so far and have definitely noticed the positive effect on my life. I've had to work out my own rules - I've even put in a loophole for truly awesome pants should I ever actually come across any, because awesomeness is the only meaningful goal here. I've had to rename it too because 1) there are some differences from the No Pants Challenge and 2) no pants means something quite different here. So I've simply entitled my challenge 'The Pursuit of Awesomeness'.

Here's a handy pictorial guide to the similarities and differences between my challenge and the No Pants Challenge

On Nopantskathleen's side we have all kinds of loveliness that Emma has actually worn *pauses for moment of hushed reverence*. On my side we sadly have nothing that Emma's ever worn but we do have some pretty Mad Men-esque dresses and some *gasp* Rachel Berry-worthy minis. And in the middle, the area of overlap, we have bows, cardis, ladybugs, berets, owls, brooches and mary janes which I hope you'll agree all adds up to a whole lot of awesomeness.

I think this is one of those times that what we have in common is oh so much more important than our differences and I like to think that we can consider ourselves, if you'll permit me the religious analogy, part of the same broad church. I personally feel that this church could even encompass awesome pant wearing.

And if this were a religion, then I think an excellent basis for our religious text would be this post by Kendra on 15 reasons to dress up everyday. It's inspiring and motivational. And two fabulous candidates for our religious leaders, people who embody these values and would practice what they preached, would of course be Emma Pillsbury and Kurt Hummel. This would definitely be a religion that Kurt would be comfortable with. I also think he would approve, probably even demand, that we have an anthem, a hymn to dressing well. We can just call it a theme song! I'd like to suggest 'Put on your Sunday clothes' from Hello Dolly because the lyrics really couldn't be more perfect.

Since Kurt really lives and breathes the spirit of this I felt I really should make him an outfit. I don't know if he'd wear it but I hope he'd appreciate the thought.

So really I'm just at the beginning of this journey but I think I like where I'm going and that I'm going to enjoy myself along the way. There'll be some adaptations made but so far they all seem good. One thing I've realised about being more dressy everyday is that formerly dressy occasions need to be stepped up a notch too. Fortunately I have a family who are 1) predominantly female and 2) need no persuading to get glammed up so from now on all family occasions are officially formal. And as someone who's always liked the idea of dressing for dinner that suits me fine.

Life is too short to not wear your best clothes

English Rose Emma

Jayma's certainly an Anglophile so maybe Emma is too. Who knows? But I'm sure she'd enjoy a weekend shopping trip and I thought I might suggest a few things for her to buy on her visit. We're starting with Jesire, because, well it's been a while since I bought anything by Jesire but they do have some beautifully Emma-esque pieces, I thought it was about time I had another good look with Emma in mind.

I love the pale pink folded bow top, the grey pleated collar blouse, the black and white jacket with contrast edging, tie neck and butterfly brooches. The blue ruffled mini skirt has a real Emma look to it, even if it's not something she'd actually wear to school, but I think the blue shift dress with bow shoulder and pleating detail would be perfect for an Emma date night. The herringbone skirt with black bow at the waist and blue cropped cardi with bow fastening are good basic Emma pieces and I adore the grey plaid puff sleeve jacket with its statement bow and the navy tank with oversized sequin bow. And just fyi everything in the lower half of the set is 50% or more off at brandalley.co.uk until midnight!

And some more lovely coats that I think Emma could wear.
And a couple more bow adorned dresses because you can't have too many.

Monday, 15 November 2010

Oh Deer!

Not only have I come across yet another deer sweater that would be perfect for Rachel but a whole line of knitwear that I NEED.

Nothing says holiday season like a red fairisle jumper with reindeer, hearts, snowflakes and polka dots and I think Rachel would love it, as well as the fairisle mittens. I'm sure she'd like the navy and white heart print cardi too. I adore the black and white swan print cardigan and I think Emma would because it has perfect details like the pleated ribbon around the neckline. Black cardis with bows or red with ruffles are always good and the black cardigan with pearl embellished bows is darling. I'm never sure how Emma would feel about sweater dresses but if she wore one I think this trompe l'oeil dress would be a good choice.

And there's always more Rachel knitwear so here's a few more offerings.
The poodle and snowflake cardis and the giraffe and squirrel sweaters are all from Dorothy Perkins, the sequinned bird from River Island and the owl sweater dress from joythestore.com

Sunday, 14 November 2010

Emma looks forward to spring 2011

We all know Emma loves to plan ahead and be super well prepared so I'm sure she's already looking over the new Kate Spade collection for spring 2011. And if Emma is, then I figure we should too.

And there are some pretty things that I just can't wait to see her wear (and, um, try on myself!)

I just love the way Emma's so excited about all the new Kate Spade pieces that she's forgotten to align all the items on her desk! Oh okay so I made the set like that ... but I'm sure she would be too excited to get out her tape measure.

I love all these bright and colourful pieces. Just looking at them cheers me up on these dark winter days and they'll be perfect for bringing spring into any wardrobe. I love the rainbow confection that is the Tutti Fruitti necklace and the sunny yellow Enchanted Garden Bib necklace would surely catch Emma's eye. As would the coral Cafe Kati jeweled cardigan and perhaps the cheerful Villa Valerie jacket with its contrast piping. I adore the red and white candy stripes and ruffles of the Metropolitan Bow tank and of course the polka dotted Madeline bag.

There are more rainbow brights in the form of the Cafe Jeanette dress and the Cafe Iris print top.
If Emma's looking for a new coat come spring, maybe she'll consider this Metropolitan Rose coat.
Or perhaps she'll want a light weight red trench.
 When spring comes around I do hope Emma's feeling happy and in the mood to use this cheery bag, though it goes without saying there's one person I don't want to be responsible for her happiness.
But I do so hope Emma has some special dates to dress up for, in which case she might get good use out of some more pretty bib necklaces. Like the gorgeous Sweet Spot necklace.
Or the divine Crystal Corsage necklace.
And maybe she'd like to wear the delightfully dotty Cafe Melody dress with bow detail shoulder and full pleated skirt.

You can't see where you're going if you're always looking back

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Ramblings of a gleekie mind

It really annoys me when people describe Emma style as 'dowdy' but it also makes me wonder if they've ever actually seen Glee. Because since when was bright and colourful, individual style, ruffles and quirky prints dowdy???? And how could anyone say Emma dresses like a little girl? I've never seen a little girl in a pencil skirt. Not that I would mind seeing mini Emma in a pencil skirt ...

Anyway I'm pleased Emma wore the pick a bunch cardi because it was my favourite look of RHGS, although it had a lot to do with the impossible to find ruffled blouse she wore underneath, and also because it was one of the four cardis I picked out from the Anthro knitwear this season. And that's good news because it means my Emma picks draw level with my Rachel picks for season 2. Yay!

I was also so happy to see Emma in the Kate Spade studio mona coat - although I'm a little sorry to say I only gave it 2 bows because I thought it looked a little too Mad Men for Emma. But I love it and she looks great in it so it's all good. I'm always happy to see Emma in Kate Spade. But even better, is that Emma wearing sunglasses for the trip to sectionals because she wants to look sexy!? I do hope so.

Recently I witnessed a ladybug massacre! Eight ladybugs flew in to the wet paint on our freshly painted window frames! I tried to rescue them by carefully lifting them off the paint but they're so delicate I couldn't really clean the paint off and some of them couldn't be saved!!! :( I hope Emma never has to see that but I think it must be a freak event - I'm sure I've never seen that many ladybugs in one place before.

Cleaning really is more fun when you channel Emma. Who knew dusting could be that entertaining?

I was given a mix cd this last week and it reminded me just how special they are. Maybe Will should just stick to the simple things to win Emma back, instead of expensive cars and controversial high school musicals.

Random thought, apropos of ... ooh I don't know ... but sunglasses really are kind of sexy aren't they? Or do I mean biceps?

Also continuity dammit!!! Let me get this straight in Brittany/Britney a teacher performing with the students was a real no no, but in RHGS it's okay to rope in any old random dentist and by the substitute they're basically giving a teacher all the songs and having her perform in wet look leggings as well??? WTF?!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Forever 21 Friday

This week Forever 21 has given us some lovely Emma-esque dresses, perfect for any up-coming parties. I love the magenta dress with pleats at the waist and neckline and the black and white dot print dress with perfectly Pillsburypropriate  bow at the neck. I've used Forever 21 accessories too - pretty peep-toes with bows and corsage adorned ankle strap shoes, multicoloured gemstone heart ring and bracelet and lots of floral jewellery - I especially love the necklace, the large lacquered flower ring and the dramatic black bursting bead hinged bracelet.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Do you need an insane bow blouse?

The answer is yes. And if you don't already have one and yellow isn't your colour, how about this one from ASOS (£32).

Sue would certainly find it insane but I think it would meet with Emma's approval, which is all I'm looking for.

My Sue's Corner

I hate that this is true but I didn't love the Rocky Horror Glee Show. I mean I loved most of the songs, I loved Finn and I loved Finchel, the whole Sam storyline too, I adored Becky, the costumes and Sue but some parts made me very very angry. And since I'm feeling a level of rage I'm not accustomed to (yes still), I'm turning to someone who is, for an example of how to handle it. Yep that's right in this situation I have to ask what would Sue do? And having dismissed manhandling high school students (potentially actionable) and throwing protein shakes around (too messy!), I'm left with venting my anger by delivering a rant on my own segment of the local news. Only I'm not allowed on the local news so a blog rant is the way to go.

Unlike Sue I'm not purposefully trying to offend anyone, but just like Sue's corner there are likely to be insults thrown so anyone with delicate sensibilities with respect to Glee should look away now.

Friday, 5 November 2010

How many coats is too many coats?

It's a serious question and one I'm forced to contemplate whenever I catch sight of a coat with even a hint of a ruffle. Emma has three coats now, yes? So maybe three is a sensible answer because she seems really sensible about this sort of thing - but I'm not so I'm still admiring all these pretty coats :)

I adore the green tiered Babylon coat, the red Big City Blues coat, the gorgeously retro houndstooth Park Avenue Party coat, the ruffle-edged Spiced Vanilla, Fresh Coat in Print and Out and About coats, the sweet Paddington Station coat with ruffles, rose buttons and bow pockets and the scallop detailed Ringspun Mime puff collar coat in teal. And if you're looking for something in winter white, I don't think you can get a coat prettier than the Charming Abby coat with its embroidered detail or the sweet Gumdrop Detective from Modcloth.

Okay I'm off to coat rehab now, I swear.

Endlessly seeking Emma

Yep, more Pillsbury-esque delights from Forever 21. We have lots more coats, some great black and white (that's monochromatic to the rest of the world) pieces, pretty flower necklaces and even some shoes.

The Emma wardrobe essential of the week is, I think, the pretty cream short sleeved sweater with pearl trimmed neckline. If you don't own one of Emma's cream knits with a peter pan collar or bow at the neckline, then this could be a suitable substitute. I really like the black and white striped cardi with asymmetric fastening and a bow and I think the black and white a-line skirt with the sash waist could be lovely on Emma too. I'm just crazy about coats so I had to include these red, teal and cobalt blue pea coats. We know how much Emma likes her statement necklaces and I think all three of these would work well for her, as well as the orange laquered flower ring. For a dressy occasion Emma might consider swapping her PMJs for these black lacy mary janes or the royal blue courts with jewelled bows.

Despite being black, I think this coat could be lovely for Emma-wannabes with a fabulous bow thanks to its generous sash.

And something I've been pondering recently is how would Emma feel about sweater dresses? Any thoughts? Because this one would look really sweet on her with its neat bow and bright colour.

I also like this dress but I'm not sure who I'm shopping for - maybe Jayma?

life lesson: it's called 'buy it now' for a reason *slaps forehead*

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Wemmalicious winter accessories

Ok tell me you can look at these adorable pics of Emma and not want a beret on your head stat. If you do I won't believe you so I've picked out the best of the berets instead.

Emma may only have two berets but that doesn't stop me wanting all of these. Yes there are some lovely simple white berets like this slouch one from Dorothy Perkins and the angora one from Debenhams but wouldn't it be even better to have one with a bow on too, like these berets from Monsoon and Forever 21. And while I love the rich reds of the chunky wavy beret from Monsoon, the Betmar arctic circle beret and the cranberry coloured one from Hobbs, the flower embellished versions from Anthropologie, Betmar, Monsoon and John Lewis are irresistible too. And how about the gorgeous green Ca-beret from Modcloth? Or the pink pom pom chunky cable knit beret from Monsoon? Or the pink and purple stripy beret from Joules? Maybe the lilac Faye beret from anthro with its corsage detail? And then there's the River Island beret with pom poms AND a bow!! But the ultimate berets have to be those by Helene Berman. They're pricey but exquisitely made with the most beautiful embellishments and the most perfect shape to them. I adore both the beret with pleated flowers from JulesB - seen here in red with black flowers though it comes in several other colour ways - and the bow beret from House of Fraser - here in beige with a black bow though again other colour combinations are available. I'm incredibly lucky to have been gifted both of these berets - I guess I have a fairy godmother after all - and in my navy beret with a black bow I feel almost impossibly chic and you really can't put a price on that.

And I'm sure Emma can't comfortably get through winter without a pretty umbrella tucked in her bag so that she can protect her beret or her bang swoosh (please come back!!) from the rain. Fortunately there are some really lovely bow print and polka dotted umbrellas - some even with sweet frilled edges - that would make even the greyest of days more cheerful. I love the ruffle edged candy striped umbrella from Bombay Duck with a handle like a candy cane and the pink handbag and shoe print one from Debenhams. And because I just can't stop with the berets, gloves and scarves I've added some more of those as well as a smattering of pretty Emma-esque accessories. I think Emma would love the matching glove, scarf and beret set in duck egg blue with the black ribbon and bow trim as well as the black and white corsage adorned scarf and beret set. It goes without saying that a yellow scarf or beret would be a good thing and I adore the pins and needles cozy bow beret from Urban Outfitters too with its oversized bow. The pom pom scarf from Hobbs is expensive but oh so sweet and I do think Emma would love the peacock ring, the fox and frog ones too and the key brooch and green bug hair comb. I think the little bow, shoe and love letter charms might appeal too.

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Uh oh I'm in trouble

Every day, with every animal sweater I find, I think I fall a little more in love with Rachel Berry's wardrobe. And now she's wearing polka dots so often too ... well I'm powerless to resist.

I adore the knitted deer valley sweater with lace trim from Topshop but I love the cream stag sweater, fairisle beret, bunny cardi, merci bow-coup cardi, trompe l'oeil sailor sweater and sweet homeroom sweetheart polka dot dress too.

And don't even get me started on toddler Rachel.

Thanks to her I'm now obsessed with scottie dogs - like this dress from Hobbs with its scottie dog print.

And this top also from Hobbs and belt from Topshop, which together would make a perfect Rachel outfit.