Sunday, 21 November 2010

English Rose Emma

Jayma's certainly an Anglophile so maybe Emma is too. Who knows? But I'm sure she'd enjoy a weekend shopping trip and I thought I might suggest a few things for her to buy on her visit. We're starting with Jesire, because, well it's been a while since I bought anything by Jesire but they do have some beautifully Emma-esque pieces, I thought it was about time I had another good look with Emma in mind.

I love the pale pink folded bow top, the grey pleated collar blouse, the black and white jacket with contrast edging, tie neck and butterfly brooches. The blue ruffled mini skirt has a real Emma look to it, even if it's not something she'd actually wear to school, but I think the blue shift dress with bow shoulder and pleating detail would be perfect for an Emma date night. The herringbone skirt with black bow at the waist and blue cropped cardi with bow fastening are good basic Emma pieces and I adore the grey plaid puff sleeve jacket with its statement bow and the navy tank with oversized sequin bow. And just fyi everything in the lower half of the set is 50% or more off at until midnight!

And some more lovely coats that I think Emma could wear.
And a couple more bow adorned dresses because you can't have too many.

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