Thursday, 29 November 2012

Back to school bows

I don't know if you can tell but I wrote this post a while ago. Never mind because with all the time Emma has off school the title seems just as appropriate*. Not that I think she's wrong to take time off work. There is a lot of shopping to be done, after all. In fact, I think it's the only way to explain her perfectly put together outfits. It's not really feasible to do that with a full time work schedule.

*Except for the fact that Emma doesn't seem to have worn a single bow tonight. Whatever. She should have.

Here goes with the bows!

My first choice is admittedly a little pricey but since Emma got tenure I'm imagining that came with a pay rise. And since the fictional Lima school district already paid well enough for Emma to buy RED Valentino I think she can now afford the big sister label and this wavy stripe and dot bow blouse would be a great first piece to start off her collection.

Valentino Ricamo-Weave Stripe and Dot Bow Blouse
Not that I'm suggesting RED Valentino pieces are not worth having. This dress is a must buy as far as I'm concerned.

RED Valentino Bow-print Faille Dress

Moving in to the more affordable realms for those with real paychecks I think this two tone blouse is lovely and could actually be worn in a real school too.
Whistles Gigi Crepe Blouse with Bow from ASOS
I always adore the combination of navy and white. Add a bow and you have something entirely irresistable to me. I think this crepe top by Whistles would look amazing on Emma.

Because you can't go wrong with a dress with a bow and the colour of this one is amazing, I think Emma should add this Nanette Lepore Waterfall Dress to her closet. It's on sale too!
Nanette Lepore Waterfall Dress
Talking of fabulous colours,  I came across Emma's Marc by Marc Jacobs bow skirt in pink. I definitely think it would be worth having in multiple colours.
Marc by Marc Jacobs Bow Skirt
And I really like the purple of this Ralph Lauren Blue striped bow blouse.
Ralph Lauren Blue Striped Pussy Bow Blouse

 This bow back blouse comes in a great colour for autumn. (Ooops autumn has kind of passed! Oh well i still like it!).

Paper Crown by Lauren Conrad Barlow top in Henna
Now I love that Emma's been returning to her J.Crew roots and I think there can't be a better way to continue that than with their Giant Bow Sweater. Giant. I think she should have it in the black/cream for sure but probably the black/burgundy too. It's kind of perfect.
J.Crew Giant Bow Sweater $98

Finally Kate Spade is admittedly an obvious choice for Emma but I am hoping she'll wear the Kate Spade Jolie bow print skirt. I don't actually know how she hasn't already. Either the red or yellow colourway would be good, they're both lovely.

Kate Spade Jolie Bow Print Skirt $156

Thursday, 17 May 2012

There are things I'd like to change

If I had just one wish for Emma I think I'd be really torn on how to use it. I mean on the one hand I think I'd wish for her to not be marrying a guy who she thought was a loser until he won a show choir championship. Okay there's actually a whole mess of things there I'd like to change, like the fact that I'm actually having trouble liking and respecting Emma right now. Let's not go there. But on the other hand I would still really really like for her to start a fashion blog. So she could share such things as...ooh, I don't know maybe her best dresses from this year's Met Gala!

Sure there were those two beautiful girls who look astonishingly similar to a couple of girls in the glee club but I think Emma would only have eyes for Christina Ricci's Thakoon dress and that giant bow.

The pretty guipure lace in black looked dramatic over the delicate peach underlayer and that's before you even look at the oversized ruffle at the bodice and the statement bow and train. A dress with a huge ruffle and one of the biggest bows I've ever seen was a winner for me and i'm goint to assert that it would be for Emma too. I could mention that this is actually a bandeau top and high-waisted lace skirt and that I could do without the exposed midriff, but I really don't want to fault it at all. And I love that this look is such a work of art that it even seems to have won over many a non-bow-lover too!

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Anthropologie Sale Shopping for Emma

I'm always excited to see the fresh cuts in the Anthro sale, even more so when there are things I think would suit Emma! I mean she must be a dedicated sale's the only explanation for her fabulously expensive wardrobe. Here's what I think she might be picking up this week.

My favourite piece and I feel a definite yes for Emma is the dice notation skirt by Leifsdottir. I love buttons, Emma loves buttons, really who doesn't love buttons? Buttons make a whole lot of things better and they've definitely been put to good use decorating this white pencil skirt. It'd be easy to pair it with a black and white print blouse or cardigan (of course Emma has her amazing Moschino Cheap & Chic one) for a monochromatic look or almost any colour for a look that's colourful and stylish and slightly quirky.
Dice Notation Skirt $99.95 (was $168) 
With it's modest cut, pleated ruffle neckline and Pillsbury-friendly coral and mustard colour combination I think Emma would love the pink lemonade swimsuit. I'm thinking honeymoon. Maybe Emma is too. I mean I know she's not a beach person but perhaps she'd just read a book and enjoy the view.
Pink Lemonade Maillot $99.95 (was $208)
The edged bow belt in natural leather might be a touch more Quinn than Emma it's true but I think Emma would find it a useful to add to her collection of predominantly shiny patent belts.

Edged bow belt $19.95 (was $38)
The pointelle diamond sweater tee is such a beautiful springtime shade of blue and that and the delicate design would suit Emma, well, to a tee. It would be perfect with any number of her pencil skirts but I'm thinking it would especially suit the coral shades!
Pointelle diamond sweater tee $49.95 (was $88)
The zagged stripes skirt is another Anthro offering with a very wearable full a-line shape and the blue and white print certainly looks crisp and cool for hot summer days. The unusual print conjures up the thought of the patterns light makes refracted by the ripples in shallow water. Whatever it is there's a feel of the nautical about it and I think Emma (and I) would enjoy styling it that way :) It's certainly another one that Emma should snap up quickly though before she loses out to Quinn again  as she did with the mountain time a-line and nubby stripes skirt!!!

Zagged stripes skirt $59.95 (was $98)
In fact now that it's had a second cut the nubby stripes skirt is a complete bargain and with Quinn leaving next year anyway I think Emma should scoop this one up too (safe in the knowledge she won't pass its twin in the halls of McKinley). I've always loved the directional use of stripes (and no the pockets don't stick out like they do in the photo!)
Nubby stripes skirt $39.95 (was $69.95)

Also since I've not been keeping up to date with the Anthro sale here are a couple more things I think might make their way into Emma's wardrobe. The blushing flounce blouse by Moulinette Soueurs certainly has some potential for Emma with the ruffled neckline and I could see her wearing either the white or delicate pink under a v-neck cardi to give the look that Pillsbury signature style.

Blushing flounced blouse $49.95 (was $98)
Emma may not have worn a skirt as short as this since her Tibi calligraphy mini but I think the dramatic print and unusual colour combination of the brimming borders mini might persuade her.

Brimming borders mini $99.95 (was $198)

Tuesday, 14 February 2012

An Anthropologie Review

It's really been the longest time since I checked out the Anthro offerings for Emma and the consequences of that are well I might not recognise the next Anthro sweater or blouse Emma wears. I know. Just terrible.

Okay, perhaps that's not so bad. But I do think it's really important that we lay claim to some pieces on Emma's behalf  because otherwise Quinn and Rachel will probably steal them.

So sweater-wise I'm liking the ruffled horizons pullover for Emma since I'm a fan of stripes and ruffles and the red and navy colour combination. I think she might like the ribboned rocket and highlighted frequencies cardis too.

Ruffled horizons pullover $88, ribboned rocket cardigan $128, highlighted frequencies cardigan $118
For blouses the new mixed print version of the wrap around blouse is perfect for her
wrap around blouse $98
Of course the ping-pong tank would be fun and the entwined dots blouse is pretty. And I love the embroidery on the crisp white vandermeer blouse.
Vandermeer blouse $118
Most of the dresses at Anthro right now seem to be for Quinn and Rachel but I think Emma might like the watercolor gems shift, conspicuous shells dress and the goji (blast!) plaid dress - although with that she might need a cardi because of the cut-out back, hopefully cropped to show off the lovely bow.
Watercolor gems shift dress $168, conspicuous shells dress $188 and goji plaid dress $89.95
With skirts Emma needs to be really careful these days that Quinn won't steal them before she has a chance to wear them (I mean she's already done that with the nubby stripes skirt, which by the way is on sale, as well as of course the lovely Trina Turk skirt that rightfully should have been Emma's).

So here are all the skirts I'd like to see Emma wear.

I love the inked flora skirt in both colours, although I possibly favour the definition of the grey the sunny yellow is so pretty for spring. I think Emma should have both.
Inked flora skirt $118
I also think she'd like the print of the zagged stripes, the coloured feathers of the yarn plumes skirt and possibly the appliqued pleats of the hatch mark skirt but she'll have to fight Quinn for all of them.

Zagged stripes skirt $98, yarn plumes skirt $118 and hatch mark skirt $148
I absolutely adore the paused movements skirt though. I can see Emma wearing this in so many great colourful cardi combinations.
Paused movements skirt $128
In fact, wait just a minute while I polyvore a few looks, I think it would be great to pick out those colours in a statement necklace or of course a bow blouse.
Now that Emma's experimanting with peplums she might like the Plenty by Tracy Reese broken levels skirt. And she'd surely like the more classic but nonetheless lovely Tracy Reese celeste striped pencil skirt in such a pretty shade of cornflower blue and be delighted by the dramatic embroidery of Leifsdottir stoke's aster skirt.
Broken levels skirt $138, celeste striped pencil skirt $98  and stoke's aster skirt $288
Then there's the cast chroma skirt, the Maeve paned & pocketed a-line and the bird's of paradise skirt (which should be safe from Quinn I think although the other two wouldn't be).
Cast chroma skirt $158, paned & pocketed a-line $178 and bird's of paradise skirt $128
There really are quite a few skirts for Quinn to keep her grabby little hands off though. Here are two more I think might be in danger!
Kudzu skirt $148 and hanging wisteria skirt $178
And here are some that although pretty and on sale that I think Emma would be happy to scarfifice in order to appease her - the Moulinette Souers beaufort gale skirt, the buttered tweed skirt and the inlaid sweater skirt.
Beaufort gale skirt $129.95, buttered tweed skirt $69.95 and inlaid sweater skirt $49.95
Okay that's it for now. Quinn's and Rachel's dresses need a post of their own.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Dear Emma

You know how we were talking about mixing it up a bit and having fun with your know not just putting on a Kate Spade dress and a cardi. Well, I put this outfit together for you. It has bows and polka dots which I know are two of your favourite things. And it's a bit different. Also it would mean adding a new designer to your repertoire, which could only be a good thing, no?

Sonia by Sonia Rykiel bow-embellished polka dot cotton-blend top $150
 The top is the piece I'm particularly in love with. It's Sonia by Sonia Rykiel. Yes, I know we've talked about her before. And I really think this is the time to seize the moment. After all the top is on sale - $150 instead of $375.
Sonia by Sonia Rykiel polka dot cotton and silk blend dress $198
Also I don't know if you actually go shopping with Rachel, or talk about clothes, but I know you shop at some of the same places and you even have the same dress, so I thought I'd just mention it but I'm sure Rachel would love the dress version. It would perfectly suit her current sixties style.

Saturday, 11 February 2012

We need to talk

Until last Tuesday, Emma, I thought we needed to have a talk. It would have been a bit uncomfortable. I would have had to challenge your strong attachment to Kate Spade clothing and I know that would have been hard for you to hear. And it's not that the clothes aren't pretty. They're lovely, really they are. It's just that there are lots of lovely clothes out there and sometimes, just sometimes, they'll even be prettier but you won't see them if you don't look. And then you went and wore an amazing (probably vintage dress) and a skirt and blouse that don't seem to be from Kate Spade...okay the necklace was Kate Spade but still I was less worried.

Problem is I'm now a little worried about something else. You see I went and resurrected my little Wemma shipping heart to watch 'Yes/No' and it felt good, it did.

And then Will goes and acts like an ass and well I just don't feel the same. I know I'm probably interfering here, Em, and it may be that I don't know enough about this sort of thing but you see it seems to me that when a guy proposes and then the very next episode is a complete jerk to you and criticizes something so very central to who you are...well I think that's probably too soon in a marriage for him to be acting like that.

So now I'm thinking that maybe you're having the same problem with men, Em. And that you've fallen in love with the first Spanish teacher you see in front of you. You know one who can't even speak Spanish, or spell. Or, um, multiply. More importantly one who didn't recognize the genius of your pamphlets until someone else pointed it out to him.

I'm just going to ask you to think about this, okay? That there might be someone out there who is better suited to you. Just like you can find that prettier cardigan or dress or skirt. You know if you really look hard.

I'll illustrate this point with some clothes you may not have seen.
Nanette Lepore forever ruffle dress $198 (on sale!)
Oh Emma, look at the pleats and ruffles down the front of this dress. Look at the scalloped edging. Look at the colour! It's worth looking around isn't it?
DSquared2 bow-neck blouse $345
I know ignore the icky logo (maybe put a brooch over it) because regardless this is a fabulous bow blouse with a tiny check print and a gorgeous lavender colour.
Nanette Lepore young lover cardigan
Tory Burch silk pussy bow blouse $235 
 I know it has frayed edges but I think you'll agree the look is pretty rather than messy. And it's good to be open-minded. That's the message here.

Please don't think that because I've included some Nanette Lepore and Tory Burch that there is any message about reconsidering the men from your past, Emma, they really weren't good enough for you either.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Love and regrets

A new post is long overdue (well for my bank balance at least since there seems to be an inverse correlation between how much I blog and how much I spend) but since it's well into the new year I won't even pretend that I'm keeping my new year's resolution to blog more. And I won't tell you about my other resolutions. You know the usual - drink more water, never love again.

So I'll just say I'll do my best even if starts with this one little post sharing this one love (and regret). Now I love Milly, I love sundresses, I love Milly sundresses and I love sailboats so needless to say I love the Milly sailboats lily sundress.

Milly sailboats lily sundress
Now for the regret. It's sold out. And then I see that this one sold on ebay last week for a song *sigh*

Well, I guess I should just resolve to check my ebay updates regularly. Or perhaps not check them at all.

Still perhaps Rachel will add this to her collection of Milly dresses and wear it for me. I think it would be perfect for her new sophisticated vintage style and her undoubted enduring love of sailboats.