Monday, 31 January 2011

So you still want to dress like Rachel Berry? (Part II: dresses)

Okay, well, it's actually a little easier to understand nowadays since she's been wearing pretty vintage-inspired (and in some cases actually vintage) dresses, giving her an all together more sophisticated and put-together look. I'm approving of her shift from argyle to polka dots too! Good move Miss Berry - I hope this isn't a passing thing.

Let's start by looking at the possibilities from Rachel's favourite non-designer/affordable shops - Forever 21, Urban  Outfitters and H&M.

Rachel wears lots of Forever 21 -  dresses, sweaters, coats and tops. And the most recent sighting of her at Breadsticks has her in the 'silky diamond print' dress with its delicate print and sweet row of bows down the front

It was available online up until about three weeks ago in the colour Rachel wears but unfortunately is no longer, though you may still find it in stores. But you can currently buy the same dress online in a grey/tan colourway for $23
Also available right now are these pretty dresses which would fit nicely into Miss Rachel Berry's wardrobe

Left is the 'falling bow' dress with bow print and bow adorned neckline ($19.90). Centre is the floral print 'afternoon date' dress (currently only at Forever 21 UK online). Right is the black and white strapless polka dot with ruffled placket ($18.90).
On the left is cap-sleeved 'falling blossom tie-up dress' $18.90. Centre is the colourful 'lattice burnout' dress $24.80. On the right is the 'modern plaid print' dress with waterfall ruffle $22.80.

Left to right: Red 'floral silk dress' $29.80 - love the blue buttons and pockets, blue 'silk bow dress' $26.90 - Rachel's been wearing lots of tiny bow prints like this, teal and magenta cap-sleeved silky printed dress' with covered buttons $28.90.

Left  to right: the contrast edged 'sailor girl' dress $22.80, 'coastal stripes' dress $19.80, 'falling flower' dress $14.90

And continuing the nautical theme we have these three dresses
Left to right: 'nautical knit dress' $19.80, 'beyond the sea' dress (online at Forever 21 UK), 'crinkle contrast' dress $12.90

And from Forever 21 UK
Left to right: 'ditsy dots' 3/4 sleeve dress £19.80, 'polka dot and ruffle shirtdress' £24.80, 'stripes and polka dot dress' £22.80 - see how they've done the mismatching for you?, 'abstract knit dress' £17.80 And see how the prices compare? Typical.

Rachel's also been seen in the 'Silly Love Songs' promo pics wearing this ruffled confetti print dress from H&M. Look at that seventies hair!
I can't find it online now - or a lot of other dresses that would suit Rachel either but there is this polka dot dress (£14.99) I think she would like.
Now for Urban Outfitters Berry-esque offerings
On the left we have the very sweet ditsy print Lucca Couture piped sundress, in the centre the more sophisticated 'yellow is gold' printed silk sundress  and on the right the black on white polka dots of the Lucca Couture open back sundress (remember Rachel is never shy about showing a little flesh). All are $69

On the left is the floral version of the open back sundress, in the centre is the Kimchi Blue silky strapless dress $59 (yes Rachel thinks strapless is suitable for school but then she is 24) and right is the Cooperative printed bow-tie back dress $59 (more points again for bare skin).

Left is a striped version of the bow-tie back dress - we know Rachel likes stripes and I think Rachel would like these colours. Right is the very vintage-inspired silk Cooperative bow dress $49.99 - with an open heart print, collar and bow-tie at the neck I think Rachel would give this one lots of gold stars.

On the left we have more stripes in the form of the 'pins and needles' knit stripe dress with open/crossover straps at the back $49. Centre is the Kimchi Blue sweetheart dress $69 - I think Rachel would like the florals and the bow-trimmed sweetheart neckline. On the right is the '90s blossom' fit and flare dress $49 - Rachel likes her button-through skirts so that makes me think she'd like this.

Okay, I'm taking a break here before this turns into an epic Rachel post but I will be back with more Rachel dresses - from stores she doesn't shop at but should and the ones you can't afford but she somehow can.

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