Friday, 28 January 2011

Alice + Olivia + Emma

Now Alice + Olivia gave us Emma's Insane Yellow Blouse - an item of clothing that I can't now imagine Emma without. For me I think it might be the ultimate Emma item of clothing representing as it does her love of colour and bows and demonstrating her fearlessness in the face of bold fashion statements. Seeing as Alice + Olivia came up with this piece that embodies Emma's style so perfectly, you might think that their whole collection would be entirely suitable for her. But unlike Milly and Kate Spade, where the clothes that wouldn't suit Emma are much more the exception rather than the rule, an Emma-esque Alice + Olivia piece is not easy to find.

From the current collection these are the items that I think Emma could wear.
But nothing here screams Emma and there's certainly nothing I've seen to rival the IYB. Nevertheless there are some beautiful clothes and I will always be thankful for Alice + Olivia and the magnificence that is Emma's IYB.

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