Sunday, 23 January 2011

Me and Tracy Reese

From the first time I met Emma I knew we liked a lot of the same things - bows, shoes, colour, cardigans. Really it looked like a match made in tv heaven and I've certainly tried to keep it that way. It's mostly not difficult ... Emma likes Marc Jacobs, I like Marc Jacobs, Emma loves Kate Spade, I love (love love love) Kate Spade. I've even started shopping at J Crew and I love their footwear with the zeal of any convert. Yes, if Emma likes something, I try to like it too - new-to-me designers even the Carl (I've tried I swear). Fortunately, Tracy Reese has been a lot easier to like. In fact it's the complete opposite to the Carl. Whereas I hated the Carl before I'd even met him or knew anything about him (like he's really the Stamos) with Tracy Reese, I loved her before I'd even heard the name (from the moment I saw Emma in the sweater with the bow chain to be precise). And since I love her, I thought I should get to know Tracy Reese a little better ... well the clothes at least.

So let's start with some Emma-worthy dresses
Left and centre: Tracy Reese pre--spring 2011 collection, Right: frock! spring 2011
I'd love to see Emma in the 'crimson dots prim shirt dress' because, let's see, it's red, it has polka dots, a bow at the waist and it's casual enough, yet smart enough and prim and I think would be well suited to a day at McKinley. Emma could wear the navy floral version - I like navy and white and I like florals but I like polka dots more. I like the 'edith' dress from the frock spring 2011 collection. I think the colours would work well on Emma, even more so because the blue and green combination is slightly unusual, and I think the retro styling would suit her too. It would be even better if the bang swoosh would return (please let the bang swoosh return, please).
Tracy Reese frock spring 2011 collection
I like the orange and white print 'madison' dress. The solid edging details, the neat buttons and, again, the retro styling are all things that I think would work for Emma. The green 'thea' dress with the ruffled neckline, belt and central panel of embellishments has definite elements of Emma. I like the neckline of the button-through 'myrtle' dress in poppy and the full skirt. It also comes in a vibrant shade of blue that I think Emma would really like.
Tracy Reese Plenty spring and pre-spring 2011 collections
The 'basketweave' shift dress uses a particularly Pillsbury combination of colours and the silhouette would work well for Emma though I'm not so sure about the v-neck. The 'black with butter' border print skirt would look great on Emma with a yellow top as seen on the model. Emma would substitute a cardi or sweater or buttoned-up blouse I'm sure. I really like the 'sapphire' lace empire dress but it's possibly the great colour that appeals to me most for Emma.

Left: Tracy Reese pre-spring 2011 Centre and right: Plenty spring 2011
The 'maine interrupted' blouse seems Emma-propriate with its print and tie-neck and the vibrant floral print of the 'harvest floral' shirt might be something Emma would consider but the one I love is the blue and white open cardigan with contrast edging and a bow. Oh my goodness I need to see Emma wear this.

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