Tuesday, 1 February 2011

So you still want to dress like Rachel Berry? Part III: Modcloth dresses

I don't think Rachel shops at Modcloth but I don't know why she wouldn't - they have lots of vintage-inspired dresses that I'm sure she'd love. I know why I rarely shop at Modcloth - because I always want to buy everything! But I've made an exception because this time I'm shopping for Rachel, not me. Yeah, that rationalisation made a lot more sense in my head and a whole lot less once I'd picked out these dresses.

We have some of Rachel's most favoured dress choices here - polka dots, stripes and prints. I've given my faves gold stars as Miss Rachel Berry herself would. I think Rachel would really like the 'true to informal' combo dress with notch waist and bow adorned pocket. I love the red and white polka dotted 'red garnet glamor' dress and the black and white 'my favorite spot' dress with bow accented waist. I think the ruffled neckline and varying blue and white stripes of the 'Nantucket clam bake' dress would be perfect on Rachel as would the simple silhouette of the striped 'serious shopper' dress. Amongst the prints we have the 'don't go astray' cat print dress, the heart print 'heart-y and hard-y' dress and the floral 'cool kat' with contrast trim and tie-waist.

There are still more polka dot dresses - and that's as it should be because Rachel loves them as any right thinking person should. I think she'd choose the 'can't stop smiling' dress - not just for the name but for the puff sleeved polka dot top and cheery red skirt. She'd surely choose the 'twinkling today' dress for the pretty print but also because the name reminds her that she is (of course) a star. The long sleeved black on white bow print 'moments to remember' dress couldn't be more perfect for Rachel. I personally adore the retro styling of the 'style with a smile' dress, the piped and polka dotted 'ready and rarin' to go' dress and the nautical charm of the navy and white trimmed 'seafaring stunner'. Rachel may love polka dots but she certainly has a deep affection for plaid too so I've picked out the 'pretty in plaid' dress and the 'casual comfort' dress. 'Night and the kitty' is another cat print dress while the red 'tweet on you' with its bird print would surely appeal to this songbird .

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