Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Gleeful Anthropologist

The Gleeful anthropologist must study each item of clothing carefully looking for clues to suggest whether it may at some time be worn by the Rachel Berry, the Quinn Fabray or The Emma Pillsbury of the species.

Surprisingly while Anthropologie clothes are more often seen on the Quinn and the Emma, this batch of new arrivals is in large part better suited to the Rachel. The dresses can be classified in three ways
 1) the twofer, or two-in-one dress, which has been spotted on the Rachel Berry previously. Here we see two such examples: the striped pattern 'Under the rug' and the polka dotted 'Camera Obscura'. Both fit well the criteria required for a Rachel dress
2) the halter neck, also a well established Rachel style. The red and white 'Gull Wing' dress appears similar (in its vintage inspiration and slight nautical feel) to dresses already observed on the Rachel. The ruffled neckline is also consistent as is the ditsy floral print of the 'Shirt the issue' dress.
3) the strapless dress. Not normally seen on schoolgirls, this dress type has been recorded on the Rachel, thereby illustrating her precocious and atypical nature. It is believed that this particular dress would appeal to the Rachel due to its tiny songbird print and 'Sing sweetly' name.

There are two examples of Emma-type clothing in this data set. Both are a reasonably good, though not exceptional, fit. They are the ivory lace 'Back porch blouse' (which meets the retro-inspired criterion as well as being sweetly, delicately pretty with puff sleeves) and the 'On the agenda shell' (a good match in terms of its polka-dottedness and tie neck).

For the Quinn, we were able to extrapolate from her known fondness for sweet and pretty vintage-inspired dresses to predict a likely attraction to the decidedly retro 'Sun shades' dress.

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