Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Milly NY Spring 2011

Emma loves Milly. I love Milly. I love that Emma loves Milly ... and really there's nothing I enjoy more than shopping for Milly clothes for Emma. So let's take a look at what she might be pre-ordering from the Milly NY Spring 2011 collection.

There's a strong nautical theme and, well, I love nautical (have I mentioned that before?) so I'm starting with this sailboat print blouse. In blue and white and with a boatneck and this fun print, I think the Amia blouse would be perfect for Emma.

Continuing the nautical theme, we have this sailor knot pencil skirt.

If Emma needs a new striped sweater we have this sailor top
And if Emma would like some nautical jewellery to go with it, if she wanted to go all out on the theme (and why wouldn't she?) there's this nautical charm bracelet
 And there's a nautical charm necklace too
Although I happen to think Emma might prefer this navy and red ribbon teardrop statement necklace
 There's a coordinating tote bag that Emma should consider (because I really don't understand why Emma doesn't want to match her bag to her outfit)
And for Rachel there's this boathouse stripe intarsia sweater, if she wants to add to her sailboat sweater collection that is

And there's a matching bag, although I don't think Rachel feels the need to coordinate
Somewhat in the nautical theme despite being named the gondolier polo dress, is this striped combo dress, but is it too casual for Emma?
 There's also this yellow and blue striped bianca belted dress. Emma would certainly like the colour combination and I think she could wear it for a day at McKinley.
There's a navy and white tab cardigan with a slight nautical/military feel
And there's also this piped trench with contrast trim and buttons and epaulets

If Emma wants a shorter jacket there's this very sweet cropped ruffled trench
I'm trying to organise this post by colour (as well as theme) because I think Emma would like that so here are the blue and white (non-nautical) clothes
I adore the print of this beaded laurina sheath dress. The question is should Emma have this silhouette or the a-line version that is the biana inverted pleat dress.
With the pleated bodice and box pleat skirt, I think this should probably be Emma's choice, unless she'd rather have the belle tucked skirt
 I'd be happy for her to have them all. She could even have the coat too.
 And I'd really love for her to wear this combo mackenzie dress. I love the colours, the retro feel and especially the button detail at the waist.
Emma might also like the perfect pleated skirt with its painted design of Venice
And the valentina combo dress makes me think of Emma with its yellow bow belt, although the neckline could be better for Emma ... perhaps she could add a ruffle.
Moving on to a selection of coral clothing we have the danielle ruffle dress, which would be good for a date night or watching a show choir competition
 And the annalise combo dress with black lace, pleated neckline, tweed skirt and coral sash

So much prettiness. I just hope Emma gets to wear some of it ... and those scenes don't get deleted. And this is what I like about Milly - another great season, no disappointment.

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