Sunday, 16 January 2011

More Emma-esque clothing from Jesire

I often think Jesire suits Emma's style so I'm extra pleased that the clothes are being modelled here by a redhead.

There are lots of tops I'd like for Emma - the black and white trompe l'oeil sweater, the navy and white striped sweater with tie neck (I'm annoyed by the model's pose in this one - it would look so much more Emma with good posture),  the black sweater with spotted pussybow and cuffs - the pattern is actually messy ink blots but I think that would be nicely ironic for Emma, the red sweater with lace shirt insert and the grey sweater with ruffled insert - this one would be perfect for adding a bow sweater clip to,  the striped cardi and the striped and spotted cardi - this might be a little more Rachel but it's pretty, the grey linen jacket with bows on the pockets and ruffle trim and a white shirt with pleated bib and ruffles.

The grey skirt with bow detail at the waistband and red pencil skirt with a sweet series of pleats at the back would both be great Emma skirts. I'm not sure how adventurous Emma is about world cuisines but she might still like this skirt with its pretty bowl and chopstick print and I like the double belt detail too.

On the left we have a white and navy combo dress - i love the pleated skirt and the red buttons. In the middle is the ink blot dress - I don't know if Emma could take this much of this print but I love it. And on the right is a navy and white combo dress with very Emma-esque bow top.

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