Monday, 10 January 2011

Emma-inspired Forever 21 Fashion

It's been a while since I've checked out Forever 21's gleetastic offerings so this post is a round-up of everything potentially Emma-esque - I'm saving the Rachel Berry clothes for their own post. And I'm very excited because I may soon actually get to shop in a Forever 21 store! I know they've been in the UK for a little bit but I've been determined that my first trip to Forever 21 should be at the South Towne store where I'm convinced Margie still sneakily shops despite Nicki's intense disapproval. Okay, back to Glee and my favourite potential Emma tops.

Falling blossom top $24.90
This pretty print top with pleated cap sleeves 
and a bow at the neck would suit Emma well.
Flying butterflies top $15.80
With its all over butterfly print and pleated neckline
I think this top is very Emma

Bow tie blouse $16.90
The mint and lavender colour combination would work well 
on Emma and of course she'd like the bows.
Cameo lace cardigan $19.80
With a printed lace collar and cameo buttons, this cardi 
combines whimsy with vintage charm just as Emma does.

Pleated ribbed cardigan $22.80
With the unusual pleat detail and colour, this cardi definitely
qualifies as Emma-esque. It's perhaps even a teensy bit reminiscent of
her Moth leaf embellished cardi.
Polka dot 3/4 sleeve cardigan $9.99
 Contrasting polka dots, edging and a lace trimmed placket
mean this cardi would surely catch Emma's eye
Embellished sweater cardigan $22.80
The slight puff sleeves and embellished neckline of this cardi make it 
perfect for Emma worn over a pretty blouse.

Ruffle tier cardigan $19.80
It's purple, it's a cardigan and it has tiered ruffles - need I say more?

Chiffon contrast sweater $22.80
Puff sleeves and a contrasting pleated and ruffled yoke with a bow 
detail make this a great choice for Emma.
Lovely ruffled scoop neck top $19.80
With pleats, a ruffled neckline, an (over)abundance of corsages and
in a colour she's fond of there's lots that would appeal to Emma.
Chiffon petal trimmed knit $22.80
 Even though it's sheer, the lace edged ruffle collar is so pretty that I
had to include it and with Emma's new-found enthusiasm for
trying new things, well, who knows?
Ditsy polka dot bow handbag $20.80
With its polka dotted bows, this is the bag Emma needs to 
replace her boring black tote.
Mixed bow sweater top $22.80
Not exactly the same as the short sleeved grey bow print cardi 
Emma wore in RHGS but close enough if you want 
to recreate that look.
Ruffle bib dress $27.80
Just because the ruffles are so pretty

Here's more Emma-inspired clothing currently available at Forever 21

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