Thursday, 20 January 2011

More Milly

Oh look more Milly clothes! And there's even a ladybug print dress ... I do like to think that they are designing for Emma ... I just hope she gets to wear it.
And there's this colourful 'bethany' sheath dress

And a matching colourblock a-line 'tania' coat
There's this belted 'deni' dress which comes in red or green
This 'eden roc' combo pencil skirt in a bold print and great shade of green would surely appeal to Emma
The 'justene' dress with pleated skirt, ruffle hem, oversized border print and tipped neckline would look lovely on Emma (what doesn't?)
But she might prefer the 'justene' skirt
I think she'd like the striped 'lausanne' sweater jacket too
And this red and blue print 'hilarie' blouse
I like this colorblock 'dena' dress but I can't help but think it looks like a (really nice) cardi and skirt and when you wear a cardi and skirt as well as Emma why would you need a dress that does it for you?
There's another rose print skirt - the rose garden pleat date skirt in fact, which of course makes me wonder who will Emma be going on a date with this spring?
Or there's the 'colette' sheath dress
I like the beaded neckline on the 'maxine' sheath dress but perhaps Emma prefers beading on her cardis?
And here's something Rachel might like - the 'ramona' mini dress. Old Rachel would put a turtleneck underneath. I miss old Rachel.

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