Tuesday, 25 January 2011

More Covetable Kate Spade

Okay, so technically I covet all things Kate Spade but I especially love all things bow-bedecked making these sweet bow earrings and bangles high on my list. And I'd need them in every colour ... surely Emma would agree?

And I need Emma needs these brushstroke bow 'anabel' tote bags too ... to match the cardis that she should certainly have

I love Kate Spade's book of the month clutches and for me this one is a must have. Now I know some of you are going to say it's just a coincidence that this one just happens to be the Jane Austen novel sharing the name of our favourite guidance counsellor ... but I don't agree, I think this one was made just for Emma.


vacantmuse said...

I completely agree, Emma need All Of These. and i can't beleive i had completely not realised you had a blog - love it!

Tea said...

Haha ... thank you! And yes, Emma NEEDS them all ... and I do too :)