Sunday, 2 January 2011

Brit shopping suggestions

Let's pretend Emma has hopped on a plane - despite the fact that they are one of the most germ ridden environments in the world and that she'd be breathing other people's air for eight hours. Okay so she's armed herself with enough Purel to fight a small army of alien bacteria and she's on the plane busily scrubbing away at every available surface with her little plastic gloves on, making her way to the UK, even though she can't bring her own food. But it's alright because she's up for new experiences, like marrying the Carl and eating her sandwiches without the crusts cut off. And what she's really going to want to know is what should she buy when she gets here, so I'm going to make some suggestions. First stop is one of my personal favourites Fever London. With their often vintage-inspired designs there's so much that's perfect for Emma.

In fact there are almost too many gorgeous tops to choose from but I've done my best. I adore the Marion lace blouse with bow detail, the ruffle-edged long sleeved Francesca top, the Salone blouse with its statement ruffled collar, covered buttons and neck tie and the over the top ruffles of the aubergine puff-sleeved Miki blouse. The Evita shirt with its tapered puff sleeves is a fabulous basic piece, as is the ruffle-fronted, cap sleeved Sidney top.

The navy Amapola blouse with pleated neckline, buttoned puff sleeves and corsage detail is definitely reminiscent of tops Emma has worn. And I always like black and white so I had to include the Toto cardigan with its contrast trim and buttons. I love the retro style of the Lulu sweater with bow neck detail, slight puff sleeves and gold buttons.

Now I can't say enough about the black and white polka-dotted pencil skirt with bow detail pockets and pearl buttons. I guess I'll just say that it's lovely and having tried it on, I really didn't want to take it off.

I also really do adore the Floriade print dress with its collar and ruffled placket. I do believe it might be in one of Emma's favourite colours - periwinkle. I feel sure she'd love it.


Kelsey said...

Love them all! Especially the blue blouse on the top.

Tea said...

Oh that's so pretty! I love them all too - my only problem is trying to choose! :)