Saturday, 1 January 2011

May 2011 be full of glee

Oh wow so it's 2011! A whole new decade! I don't normally make new year's resolutions but a new decade seems like a good reason to.

Here are my resolutions:
1) Keep up with my pursuit of fashion awesomeness because it's paying off - in particular with respects to #4 and #7, reason number 4 is really important though.

Also the last time I took a flight I was upgraded to business class which, okay, might have had more to do with status and air miles than what I was wearing but I like to think my polka dot skirt and cute cardi might have had something to do with it. It certainly couldn't have hurt. And of course the bonus was that I didn't feel out of place in business (um, not like the last time when I was wearing cut offs and a t-shirt ... I'd just come from the beach, not that that's really an excuse). Of course most people don't dress up to fly - other than the female flight attendants, it was just me and the Amish women wearing skirts, but hey that's okay.

2) Keep the faith with glee. It's good practice.

3) Be more like Emma in terms of being organised. Preparation is a good thing. It's never too early to be early. These will be my new mottos.

4) Be less like Emma in terms of being a perfectionist. There is no such thing as perfect.

5) Take as good care of my teeth as Emma does of hers, but without visiting the dentists so often. No, not because of the Carl factor - just because I don't like giving dentists money. Do you know how many cardigans it costs every time you visit a dentist? (Yes, that's my unit of currency) I dread to think how many cardis it would cost to have some real work done. I find it hard to understand how Emma could sacrifice so many pretty clothes for her frequent dental appointments ... oh maybe that's why she married him?

6) I was going to resolve to make less Emma paperdolls and then I just thought no, I'm going to embrace the crazy instead and try to make one a day ... just until Glee comes back, to stop me getting Emma withdrawals you know.

I've taken the liberty of making some resolutions for other people too!

For Emma:
1) Get more quirks. I like your quirks Emma and I'm going to miss them. And if you're fixing all your OCD things and we won't be seeing you getting your tape measure and set square out anymore to align the items on your desk, and you won't be scrubbing pencils or polishing grapes then I think you need to acquire some new strange okay?

2) Also I think you need to start being funny again. Do you remember how you used to be funny Em? When you said things to Rachel like "One day when you're older, that'll turn out to be a gift" and "And I'm pretty sure it's not a fake ID because he looks like an eleven year old milkmaid" about Kurt? I can't remember the last time you really made me laugh - perhaps when you described the sheer madness of mixing red and white grapes. You need to do that more often because recently it's been all giving serious (and to be honest not terribly good) advice as well as shock revelations and I'd like you to get back to being funny please.

3) dump Carl  okay i can see that's not really fair of me to ask

For Ryan Murphy:
I think you all know what I would ask. I'm sure you'd ask the same just as we all know it's almost certainly hopeless so let's just say - continuity, character development, story development etc. Wemma, Wemma, Wemma, songs that are in context blah blah blah waste of breath ....

For Lou and Jayma:
Now I know it's probably controversial of me to suggest that either of these two need to change  in any way to be perfect but I'm going to. What issue could I have with either? Well, it's this Emma clothes bashing that's been happening recently. I'm not 100% sure when it started but the first thing I heard that made me sit up and take notice was Jayma at the September season 2 premiere party saying that Emma's clothes were 'OCD' and then at the Hollywood Style Awards in December Lou saying Emma's clothes were less 'fun, trendy and stylish' than Jayma's and more 'uptight and matchy-matchy'. What's wrong with matchy-matchy? And who can call the IYB or ladybug necklaces or owl sweater clips not fun? And I'm not offended because I have OCD, no I'm just offended on behalf of Emma's pretty clothes! So Lou and Jayma, please stop it now! I'm sure Emma's clothes have brought you only good things!

When I look back on 2010, I realise that what I lost this year is far outweighed by what I still have and in 2011 I want to remember to appreciate what I've already got. But at the same time I hope to acquire lots of lovely new things ;) I wish you a bright and shiny new year, full of bows, ruffles, prettiness and fabulous shoes!

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