Friday, 31 December 2010

And a gleeful new year!

Want to dress like Glee to celebrate the new year? I've picked out some party dresses in the style of the Glee girls. For Quinn we have pretty pastels in vintage inspired designs, Brittany would choose sparkles or something sweet like the 'Play your cats right' dress I think and Tina likes her gothic lace whether in black or white.

More gleetastic fashion

For Santana, I've chosen modern metallics and dramatic, contempory one-shouldered silhouettes. Mercedes loves her animal prints so I've picked a variety of styles to suit all shapes - maxis, minis and prom dresses. And for Rachel, well the dresses are star prints, glittery gold flecked or her favourite polka dots.

More gleetastic fashion by shinyprettythings featuring pleated dresses


Mackensie Perry said...

So cute! i love Rachel's ruffly dress! wantwantwant! *sigh* tis only eye-candy for me. but beautiful eye candy at that! great job! the dresses really match the characters! :)

Tea said...

That dress is so pretty! I love the ruffles and the print. And thank you :)