Friday, 15 October 2010

Where's Emma shopping this weekend?

Well at the Kate Spade sale of course! You don't think she gets to wear Kate Spade on a guidance counsellor's salary by being anything but sensible with her money now do you? So I'm sure she'd be taking advantage of the 25% off currently available - that's if she's not using her ebay ninja skills which I'm sure she's possessed of.

So here's a selection of things that she might be considering (although top of her list should be the Galleria Bette dress in green from this earlier post).

I definitely think Emma should have the Essentials Ela coat in red. And the Olivetti Sasha blouse with the pink polka dot print on red and ruffles down the front shouts Emma. The Essentials Michaeline cardi with its bow detail at the neckline in this fabulous shade of purple is I think an Emma essential. The sketchpad printed paulina cardi with it's yellow and purple paisley print seems like something Emma would consider and the jeweled neckline of the jewelbox  embellished paulina cardi might well catch her eye. The must love dots robbie dress combines Emma's firm favourites polka dots and ruffles and the jewelbox lucy dress is certainly pretty but probably far too similar to Emma's Cloey dress - also Emma would be a savvy enough shopper to know that even with the discount she could buy it cheaper on ebay :)

 Jewellery-wise I think she'd be tempted by this beautiful Palace of Mirrors bib necklace or the fabulously dramatic jeweled bird of paradise brooch.

That's if she isn't mesmerized by the amazing crystal confection collar necklace

If Emma's already looking forward to the holidays she might be thinking about purchasing this festive jingle bells ring, although on second thoughts she'd probably find it a little noisy.

Never mind she could make a seasonal purchase of these whimsical peppermint earmuffs instead to keep her ears nice and toasty (and protected from loud noises).

And here's a dress (Kate Spade Callista currently on ebay) that I'm hoping we might be seeing on Emma because it has a perfect combination of spots and stripes in gorgeous Emma-esque brights - maybe Lou Eyrich has impressive ebay skillz too?

Or maybe Emma is currently stalking some of these other Kate Spade dresses like this one with it's perfect bow encircled neckline

or this Kate Spade Jacquard Josie dress in marigold

Or this Kate Spade Joelynn dress

Or perhaps this Kate Spade Kiki dress in green

Or then again maybe Emma's smitten (as I am!) by the Kate Spade Pass the Shades dress with it's adorably quirky sunglasses print

Who knows? What's certain is I prefer to think of Emma spending her weekend shopping than any other activities she might get up to with Carl!!!

 Happy weekend shopping people! Virtual or otherwise!

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