Thursday, 28 October 2010

Forever seeking Emma

Oh look it's that time of the week already, when I get to check out what's new and Emma-esque at Forever 21! It's like a constant source of Pillsbury goodness!

I'm especially excited about this red ruffled coat. I think it would be totally perfect for Emma herself or for channeling Emma's football watching adorableness. I also love the blue double-breasted coat for the gorgeous colour, the pale pink ruffled placket cardi and the rose pink cardigan with chiffon rosettes and pleated ruffle skirt. Both black cardis have decorative beading detail that I think would appeal to Emma - I particularly like the one with bronze metallic embroidery. And gloves with stripes and hearts are almost too good to be true.

I really like the pearl and bow necklace. It reminds me a little of the Kate Spade Moon River necklace, but of course a lot cheaper.

So far on Glee I think I've only ever seen Emma carry a plain black tote bag and if anyone should have a tote with a bow on it, it's Emma. This one would do nicely. Someone needs to get her some pretty bags asap.

And as always I couldn't resist picking out some things for Rachel too.

My favourite Rachel piece is the little scottie dog cardigan (I'm renaming it because there's no way these are cocker spaniel's as Forever 21 say). I think Rachel would wear it well. The nautical style button through mini is totally perfect for her and I think she might like the horse necklace and sequinned shoes. I imagine Rachel wearing plaid at all possible opportunities, so the plaid cami would be very useful as well as the plaid hair bow.

And I found these unicorn earrings for Brittany,

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