Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Eternally seeking Emma

My most Emma-worthy item of clothing this week is the blue puff sleeve blouse with peter pan collar and beaded placket. So pretty and a great colour too - I think Emma needs this asap. Or she would if she couldn't afford to go out and buy Milly stuff instead. In the accessories I think she totally needs the yellow gloves with bows (yellow + bows = LOVE), the flower bouquet necklace, owl plate earrings, fairytale hand mirror earrings and citrine gem ring.

And here's what I picked for the Glee girls this week. Mercedes gets quite a haul of animal print - angora cardi, oxfords and sunnies - as well as jeans in one of her favourite brights and some rockin' jewellery. Rachel adds to her cardi collection with this striped number and the owl patch sweater. She also gets yet more plaid, metallic oxfords and some cute fluffy heart earmuffs. I thought Santana might wear this sequin animal print bodycon dress and I got her some booties with bows on too. For Brittany I chose a heart print playsuit, for Quinn some bow adorned flats and Tina gets another veiled mini hat/hair clip. The sparkly cardi is for New Directions - I don't think they've ever worn a cardigan for a performance outfit but clearly they should.


Kathleen said...

<3 all of it! especially the blue blouse. that may have to be mine. lol.

Tea said...

Oh you should!!! It's so pretty ... is it wrong to feel this good about enabling? :D

Tea said...

Not that it's exactly enabling when it's an Emma wardrobe essential as this blouse most definitely is ;)