Monday, 4 October 2010

Sousa Regalia-mania

aka military sweater obsession.

As a fashion trend, I've always loved military so when I saw Emma in her gorgeous gold braid embellished Sousa Regalia military cardi, I, of course, fell head over heels in love with it. And with military being a big trend for autumn/winter 2010, I thought I'd see if there were any suitably Emma-esque military cardis around this season.

I'm going to start with with this navy and cream striped military sweater with gorgeous red frogging from Miss Selfridge. Doesn't it look like it could form the basis for a perfectly Emma-esque outfit? Sort of Emma's striped Milly sweater crossed with her Sousa Regalia cardi? So I like to think it will shock you when I say this sweater gets no bows!!! Yes that's right none at all. You see in reality this sweater is totally inappropriate for Emma because there are little bits of neon orange and green in the cream wool!!! I can't imagine why anyone would have decided to do that but they did and I can't see Emma ever wearing neon.  You can probably imagine my surprise and disappointment when I opened the parcel to find such a garment inside! I guess it's useful to remember that you can think you really want something, only to find when you get it you don't really want it after all. And that things are not always what they seem. Or maybe there's no need to look for any deep philosophical meaning in this beyond the illustration that what looks pretty in a polyvore set may not be pretty in real life and that one needs more detailed pictures and descriptions for a satisfying online shopping experience.

So what are the other options?

My choices for most Emma-worthy (marked with bows) are the Asos cardi for it's generous amount of frogging and brass buttons and the high crew neck, an important detail which always gives that super neat buttoned up Emma P look.I also really like the open bountifully gold-buttoned navy cardi from Topshop. I think I like the way it gives the same lines as when Emma wears an unbuttoned cardi held only at the neck with a cardi clip. I see this cardi as a way to channel Emma striding down the hallway at WMHS in her green Nanette Lepore cardi and gold sweater clip without wearing green or a cardi clip, in case for some strange reason those things don't appeal :) My third pick is this inexpensive navy and white jumper from Peacocks but I love the frogging, gold buttons and the epaulette detail on the shoulders. Plus I used it in a polyvore set and that worked out nicely - I just hope it's as nice in real life!

I do like the way the pale pink H&M cardi combines the feminine colour with military styling and in the same way the blue cardigan from Peacocks has both delicate lace insets balanced by military hardware. The striped cardigans are undeniably appealing to me for their nautical as well as military influences and, well, I just love stripes! Any of these cardis paired with a pencil skirt and mary janes would make a great Emma-influenced and fashionably up to the minute outfit.

I don't know that I've found my perfect military cardi yet, and I may just have to buy some gold braid instead and try to replicate Emma's instead (look how brilliantly Little Nashua did with the Kate Spade Beeline cardi). If that's not inspiring I don't know what is! But nevermind if you can't find the right cardi for you, military is still a great Emma-propriate trend and there are coats and dresses as well to contemplate. And there's always Gleebay!! So I'm going to finish with my tribute to the ultimate military cardi!


Anonymous said...

J'adore Emma's military sweater! That set is so beautiful! I think the Asos one would be a good substitute - while I wait for the Sousa Regalia cardigan to find me :D

Tea said...

Haha ... and if you find two can you send one my way?