Thursday, 7 October 2010

Leopard worn the Emma Pillsbury Way

While the front rows at fashion week are peopled with fashionistas in leopard print, this may well at first seem like a trend that Emma and indeed Emma-wannabes should go nowhere near! But I think with some careful choices this trend can be made totally Emma-propriate! And I have to say that I was a little skeptical at first myself - until that is I saw these fabulous sets by the lovely and talented Courtney - and I was totally won over!

So let's take a look at this first outfit she has created for Emma with leopard print t-bars

By adding just one accessory in leopard print, Courtney keeps this well within Emma's comfort zone and whilst they may be leopard print shoes, they are also t-bars, an Emma favourite and therefore a choice she would be totally at ease with. The colours from the shoes are picked up in the skirt, top and belt and with the addition of colourful turquoise accessories, we have a perfectly colour coordinated and Emma-esque outfit! Fabulous work!

Working on this same basis I have attempted to create some more outfits with just a touch of leopard print that might appeal to Emma. I think of these as gateway leopard print outfits.

Next we have a demonstration of how Emma can wear a statement leopard piece while retaining her own personal style as long as she sticks to her signature crew neck cardigans, pencil skirts and trench coats.

And here are the outfits I created based on the same principle. This goes to show that as long as you base an outfit firmly on the holy Pillsbury trinity of cardi, pencil skirt and mary janes you can't go wrong.

And here are some examples of how I don't think Emma would wear it - but how other Glee characters just might! Or in some cases maybe not! Mercedes certainly owns this look and Santana would wear it well I'm sure!

A big thank you to Courtney for letting me feature her stylish sets!

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