Friday, 1 October 2010

Autumn/Winter 2010 Fashion Trends from a Pillsbury Perspective

I thought it might be useful to take a look at this season's fashion trends with Emma in mind to see which trends have the most potential for channeling Emma. Plus it's quite fun to imagine what Emma might think of some of them - and the undoubtedly adorable and hilarious expressions she'd be making if she found herself in the front row at a fashion show!

So to help us see which a/w 2010 fashion trends fit Emma Pillsbury's style (and those that don't) I've made this handy Venn diagram.

I, um, am reeeally bad with ms paint so I made this on polyvore using bangles for circles. I think Emma might kind of like that but it may not be the clearest way to present the information, something I remember being told at school when I insisted on colouring my bar charts in with pretty patterns!

Let's review! In the trends Emma would shop from we have:
bright colours -  especially the trend for tone on tone outfits and coloured shoes!!! It's soooo Emma it's like the designers have been copying her!
military - the trench coats and military cardis are perfect for Emma
ladylike/fifties - whatever you want to call it, this trend will provide some great Emma-esque pieces - cardis, twinsets, blouses with bows, brooches, kitten heels and ladylike bags. While Emma won't be wearing a full on Mad Men look, there are definitely some common elements.
gloves - a mini-trend but I had to include them since gloves are a mysophobic's best friend and this season they're worn in a rainbow of colours, what could be better?
leopard - a bit of a surprise addition to this category maybe but I think Emma might wear just a touch, a belt, a scarf or leopard print mary janes! Some of my favourite polyvorers have me convinced!
camel - yes to the colour but almost certainly no to a monochromatic camel look

And in the trends Emma won't be working we have:
minimalism - that means no embellishment, no bows, no brooches. Enough said.
maxi hems - we're talking floor sweeping skirts, Emma wouldn't like that. It's not hygienic.
gothic glamour - can't see Emma going there
underwear as outerwear/sheer - I know there's no need to explain that Emma would not consider this trend for a moment
country casual - Emma doesn't do casual
aviator jackets - um, no, just no
fur - so much more Terri than Emma
leather - see above
mannish shoes - leave those to Rachel, Emma is strictly a mary jane or t-bar kind of girl
trousers - this may be the season of the trouser for some but whether they're cigarette pants, kick flares or peg legs, Emma says no to pants, it's that simple! However I'm not Emma and neither are you (sorry) and I happen to think that if we ever visit an alternative universe in which Emma does wear trousers she might just choose cigarette pants! I really do!

Well I think that's helped me focus my shopping for my new season wardrobe! Any additions welcome!


Kate said...

This is so cute! Love it! <3

Tea said...

Thank you :)

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