Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Forever seeking Emma

So this week's trawl through Forever 21's new arrivals has produced this pink bird print blouse with a bow for my top Emma pick of the week.

When shopping online at Forever 21 it seems to me that it's important to completely ignore the fact that many of the tops are paired with leather shorts and modelled by peroxided pixies. It just makes them seem so un-Emma so I like to replace them in my mind's eye with pencil skirts and bang swooshes to better judge their Pillsbury quotient. Here are the rest of my choices for Emma.

 We have some Emma wardrobe essentials here - bow skirts, frilled shirts, floral cardis, pencil skirts and striped sweaters (perfect for days when you need to channel fierce Emma).  I really like the taupe cardi with tiers of ruffles round the shoulders and ruffled placket. I definitely can see Emma wearing that - maybe in another taupe pencil skirt/coral belt combo! The blue cardi with assymetric ruffles also seems like something Emma might easily pick out - I think it may even be in her favourite periwinkle! The red pea coat would make a great Emma coat and I love the drama of a black and white top with a coloured pencil skirt.

Then we have Emma-esque accessories galore and as always I have a hard time choosing my favourites. I love the penguin necklace and the super cute (although slightly strange but totally in a good way) raccoon ring. The bow-adorned heart locket and the tree locket with the swallow charm are both sweet. And I personally do not believe that you can have too many bow earrings (or bow rings, bracelets or necklaces because bows are just good!) so I, um, don't really understand the need to choose but I might just go for the black bead drop bow earrings though I love the simple gold bows too. Hearts + bows is always a good combination so I think I need the little black heart earrings. The leaf earrings look so perfectly Emma to me and the reindeer necklace has got to be a must for the holiday season! Flower earrings, rings and bracelets are all great for coordinating your accessories with your floral top or pencil skirt which I think Emma would approve of! And the hair accessories - well they're not necessary when you have a bang swoosh but you can always attach a pin and use as a corsage to cheer up a cardi or coat.

And while I was shopping at Forever 21 I stumbled across these pieces that seem suitable for Miss Rachel F. Berry.

They're all pretty self-explanatory choices - plaid scarves, polka dot cardis, knee socks, argyle tights, tweed and floral minis, cute owl earrings, bow headbands. The love necklace is of course inspired by the Finn one Rachel wears and seems like a suitable alternative because even if you could find one, it might be a bit weird to actually wear it.

Of course having picked out some things for Rachel, I then felt a little guilty about not getting anything for the other glee kids so I chose a little something for them too.

The animal print accessories are of course for Mercedes. The fingerless gloves and kilt are for Tina - and the kilt can do double duty as a Rachel skirt too simply by removing the chain belt! Santana gets the slinky LBD and Quinn the bubble-hemmed military tunic - which I really like and think she would happily have worn with pants in season one although I don't know whether she would now post-baby bump. Brittany's always a little tricky to shop for because we rarely see her out of her Cheerio's uniform, so I don't think we've got a good handle on her style yet, but I chose her some sweet cupcake earrings, a playsuit (because that's kind of how I see her) and the floral oxfords just because they're pretty. The black sequinned dress is something the girls might consider when choosing outfits for a New Directions performance.

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