Thursday, 14 October 2010

It was an itsy bitsy teeny weeny yellow polka dot ...

Well I wasn't sure whether I should share this particular crazy with you all but I'm hoping this works the same way as with troubles and that a crazy shared is a crazy halved or something like that.

And I know I'm getting a little ahead of things here, I mean Emma's dating Carl but we all know that's not going to last don't we? And I have already planned a Wemma wedding and, ahem, the honeymoon ... well at least Emma's travel outfit ... so Wemma baby clothes just follow right? Plus they're reeaallly cute so I just couldn't resist!!

Of course Emma would shop for her child at J Crew and Anthropologie and I can see why because they have some super cute clothing for children!! So most of the clothing is from those stores but I had to include this sweet ladybug babygro I found and I almost went with an adorable onesie that said 'My daddy rocks' on the front - because Will would love that right? Boy or girl, I know Emma would enjoy finding fabulous cardis for her child to wear and the country club sweater is so perfect for a baby William Schuester Jr. And the gold baby booties, well they'd be good for a matching mini Emma outfit on the days Emma wears her gold mary janes!


Heather said...

Hohhhh the little red dress and orange belt mirroring mummy's in the Hell-O dinner preparation scene. Too. Cute.

Tea said...

When I found the red dress at J Crew I took it as a sign that Wemma babies are fated to be :)