Thursday, 14 October 2010

To tweet or not to tweet?

I guess that is THE question of our times. Well there are a number of reasons I don't really tweet

1) because I find it difficult to keep things under 140 characters
2) because I don't want to bore anyone to tears
3) I can't remember but there was a third reason - oh yes I don't need any more addictions
and 4) because I have irrational fears like if we all tweet together at the same time will our heads all explode?

Anyway here are the Glee related things I would have tweeted if I did:

Matthew Morrison is so funny! I don't think he meant to be but I read in an interview that he thinks Will Schuester is such a nice guy but I'm thinking Matty how can you think that with all Will's man whoring ways and all that morally questionable behaviour in Funk and Audition?!? Aren't you paying attention?

So crazy excited to see Emma in her peppered and striped skirt from anthro!!! It's my first ever match with Lou Eyrich and it might just be one of my greatest achievements ... ever.

Passed an office today  and saw a real life sad Emma - same sort of clothing just all in beige. Seemed to me like something Emma would wear but only if she was very sad - like when she found out Will was having a fake baby and the only option left in life was to marry Kin the human tater tot. Those were bad times.

What's up with Lea Michelle and her posing in this photo from People? Doesn't she realise she's meant to be in character and Will is her TEACHER?!? I mean everyone else looks normal and she stands out as being totally inappropriate! Lea what are you thinking?

So excited to see that on X factor Cheryl was wearing a blouse with a pussy bow and pencil skirt. Like Emma minus the fabulous colour combos and quirky styling but still I feel it's a victory for Pillsbury style!

Oxfam had a totally Rachel outfit in their window display. Argyle sweater + plaid skirt and all slightly off and not quite fashionable. Seems like it could be the perfect place to shop for some Rachel Berry basics although I'm sure Rachel Berry (star in the making) would never buy clothes from a charity shop.

Watching The Inbetweeners I couldn't help but think of Emma when Simon and Tara were kissing and she paused only momentarily to be sick. Emma would have been horrified at the lack of mouth washing, tooth floss and decontaminating tooth brushing. I think this is the kind of tv that gets Emma hiding behind the sofa.

Just managed to restrain myself from chasing a girl down the street just to ask where her cardi came from because I thought it was THE most perfect shade of yellow for Emma ... because that would be crazy right?

I am unreasonably proud of myself for identifying Rachel's bow-tie top as something that might be worn on Glee a few months ago, way back when it was new in at Forever 21. Ok so I thought Emma might wear it but that's because I mainly think of Emma and ya know Rachel does wear a lot of tops that could be worn by Emma and vice versa - so it still counts right? I need it to because it's easily my biggest achievement of the day - maybe the week.

So anyway there you go that's what you've missed on my Glee tweets! But I do tweet about new posts and if you like you can follow me on twitter @CardiClipsAnon

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