Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Dear Glee gods, please let Emma wear these clothes this season (Part II)

Thank you so much for granting our wish for Emma to sing 'Touch-a touch-a'. May I just ask for one more thing? That Emma sings it to Will ... not Carl ... it mustn't be Carl ... or I think I'd prefer that she didn't sing it at all ok? But thank you and if you let this happen I won't ask for anything else ... much :D

I'd just reeeeally like for Emma to wear this one jacket ... aaand maybe one of these dresses ... and a sweater or two.

I love this Tibi jacket - you see it's blue and Emma likes blue and I like blue and the collar, the ruffles and the bow-like gathering on the sleeves all make it perfect for her in my opinion. She deserves to wear this jacket!
I think she'd love the red Kate Spade Bethany pumps because they're shiny and they have little bows and this adorable cut-out detail ... and did I mention that they're red? Red shoes are undeniably a good thing. I'm pretty sure she'd need the bow adorned Kate Spade gloves too - gloves + bows I don't think I need to say any more! I think she'd like them in every colour. It probably goes without saying too that Emma would like to add the J.Crew Charlie ruffled mary janes to her shoe collection - they come in one of her favourite shades of blue after all.

So I went virtual shopping with Emma today at Kate Spade ... ok so I went imaginary virtual shopping with Emma :D  Let's start with my favourite dress - the Galleria Bette dress in green. Seems to me this would be the perfect dress for Emma to wear to the WMHS staff Christmas party and hang around under the miseltoe waiting for Will to walk by. Or the other way round - I don't mind as long as Dr Carl isn't around. Could Emma please dump Carl by Christmas? Pretty please?

Anyway the pleated bodice and bow at the neckline would be perfect on Emma and she looks so good in green. She should definitely get to wear this dress! The yellow floral version of this dress would be pretty wonderful on Emma too - I guess she might choose the yellow ... or she could just have both, that would be fine too.

The sketchpad elyse dress seems like something Emma might wear too with its colourful florals, pleated bodice and bow sash at the waist. Or maybe I'm being influenced by a certain floral top Emma's been seen in recently?

And while I was virtual shopping at Kate Spade I though I'd look at coats since Emma loves a good coat. Here are a few for her consideration.

The gorgeous jewel-coloured jewelbox sonya coat with fabulous waterfal ruffles is my favourite. I love the studio mona coat and I think Emma would wear it well but it is more Mad Men than Emma Pillsbury. I think she is also slightly startled by the fact that she seems to have Rachel's tights on! The esentials ela coat has a beautifully stylish simplicity and I love the bow gathering at the waist but it's black so it loses points.

Here's another cardi I think Emma should add to her cardi collection. It's by Darling and I have several Darling dresses and tops which I love and I think Emma would really enjoy wearing this cardigan with its pearl trimmed neckline, lace bow and pearl buttons.

This is another darling Darling sweater which I'm convinced is perfectly Emma-worthy! I love the all-over contrasting pom poms, the bell sleeves and bow detail neckline. And I know Emma likes pom poms based on the fact that she looks super adorable in a pom pom hat and I seem to remember she wore a black cardi with white pom poms while overseeing the Cheerios and glee kids fundraising carwash. I am now officially obsessed with pom poms :)

This tartan skirt by Nyshe seems quite Emma-esque to me with its bright checks and bold black bow and ruffle details. I could definitely see her pairing it with a green bow-neck blouse and orange cardi even. Nobody can pull of unusual colour combos like Emma can.

This See by Chloe frill blouse seems to be calling Emma's name. With its ruffled peter pan collar and dramatic frilled sleeves I think it would perfectly suit Emma's sweet but bold style.

 Okay then that's probably enough Pillsbury styling for one post but there will be more because there's just so much delightful Emma-esque fashion around!

P.S. Thank you so much for giving us another Emma filled episode of Glee with lots of pretty clothes to swoon over. But could you please not make any more episodes without her? It's just not right. Thnx

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